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Lela 52m
You see
that’s the problem with me being myself
I don’t want to
Because if I already annoy myself so much
How selfish of me to torture others?
Lela 3d
A year went by
In what feels like a day

My hands are still cold
Soul I don’t know where

You’re still by my side
In What feels like nowhere

I’m glad you’re alright
I still have to get there
I’m really happy to see you smile but please wait for me I’ll get to you in a moment
Lela Apr 3
I’m sorry
I can’t help you
I tried
Can’t get through
Lela Apr 2
I have so many things I want to do
So many things I want to get through

I want to travel around the world
Do what I want and what I love

So many wants so many needs
I really want to be someone big

But yet still I’m laying in my bed
incapable of getting up and starting a new day
My mental health is holding me back and I hate it
Lela Mar 31
My heart’s so empty
My life’s so dull
My head’s still hurting
My soul’s been through

I don’t feel a thing
Even the pain
Is it a good or a bad thing?

Don’t know what to do
Lost in my own world
Can someone save me?
I’m about to drown
I don't know anymore
Lela Mar 29
I hate you
But you're a part of me and I don't know what to do

I love you
But you don't make me feel good

I want to leave you behind
And stay strong by myself for once

It's been 6 years
Please give me a chance
Don't know if I would be happy to see you go
Lela Mar 29
With tears in my eyes I begged you to stay
stay by my side for how long it will take

take me to get on my own feet
and hold my head high

but all you did was walk away without a goodbye
I wish I was mad at you but I just can't
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