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Where have they gone
Wherever could they be
The Children of the Forest
Have become lost in the city

Their laughs no longer echo through treetops
Children now draped in tee tops
Tuned in listening to that beat drop
Never stopping to wonder why they can't stop

So the trees remain quiet
Day after day the same
Waiting for a dreamer to awake
And the Forest to reclaim
What needs have I
In the face of yours
My father cares for me
As I tend my chores

By spreading his blessings
And sharing his love
Someday we may live below
As he does above

Extend a hand
To someone in need
Take the stand
I promise you'll see

So give of your time
Be of cheerful heart
Remember this rhyme
Remember where it starts
I want to disappear
To sink into obscurity
Drown beneath the waves
Of all my insecurities

I'm riding high
I'm crashing low
This raging ocean
Outta control

Wake me up
I hate this nightmare
Wake me up
Is anyone out there

Can't escape this apathy
It's swallowed me complete
Can't go on much longer
Stranded at sea

Pull me from these dark tides
Rescue me from myself
I'm staring from inside
Slowly losing to this hell

Wake me up
Keep me from despair
Wake me up
Please make me care
Show me how to live
To die another day
Living in this sickness
Thanks for the band aid

Don't push me your pills
My problems not your solution
My problem is you
Your whole evil evolution

Thanks for showing me how to live
To die a slower way
Please torture me with sickness
May I have another band aid

You've warped my perception
Made another slave
Medicated to complacency
I can never expect to be brave
I'm not dead
Just screaming inside
I'm not dead
Just stuck in my mind

I'm sinking beneath the waves
The voices crashing round and round
Every time I come gasping up
I push me right back down

Gotta hold on
Remember the light
Gotta hold on and remember
The day divides the night
I've grown so numb
To pain, to love
Trying to find a way
From below to above

Detached from the world
Detached from myself
Is there anything of worth
In my little slice of hell

When I try to look up
It seems the same as down
My smile feels empty
Worse than a frown

This hole in me
I can't seem to fill
I can't see the way
I can find no will

The days keep passing
Darkness continues to fall
It seems like nothing
Will clear this dismal pall

There's a hole in me
That I can't seem to fill
Leaving me empty
Except for this bitter little pill
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