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I have a gated community
but I don't have a community

I only have company

I can't be alone in my bed
then I'll be left alone in my head

and this is why my "friends" run from me
There they were…
Lying on the bed, with her head resting below his shoulder. Listening to his heart beat, and praying it never stops. One leg draped over him, almost as if she was afraid he’d free from her embrace and leave. As though her leg were a seat belt holding him in place, keeping him from leaving, and bracing them for the ride of their lives. Her arm resting on his body with her hand on his chest.
There they were…
The safest place she think of.
The most comfortable place for her to lay.
Her favorite place to be.
Their love, shielding them from the chaos of the outside world, but she didn't know that the most destructive chaos would come from him.
When he rips it all away.
This is not about me and my boyfriend, just felt like writing something that might relate to others and express their suppressed emotions. My boyfriend and I are doing well. However, I know the pain I would feel if that was taken from me, so I wrote from fear not from fact.
something's there
i felt its tingle
it felt freeing
it hasn't a name
but its something
truly beautiful
it's different
rather sensational
magical perhaps
pure adrenaline
unlike anything else
truly the highest high
what it is
or was
i know not
i simply know
i want more
I'm a total wuss but I'm also ADHD af and as a result, I love the idea of adventure. I'm sort of a thrill-seeker I guess.
something empty
in my life
feels less empty
when i write
It’s always a battle with you
I try to stand up, and you’re always there to kick me down again
You beat me down and I just lie there and take it
A right swing to my body image, an uppercut to my confidence

I’m never allowed to be happy
And God forbid I feel beautiful for once
You make me out to be this obnoxious person that nobody can stand
But I don’t see you with any friends, and no one’s coming to your defense

You tell me that I annoy all my friends and they’ll all betray me
Yet you never fail to be first in line for taking a swing at me
Always whispering in my ear and telling me that nobody has ever really liked me
But you have always been the first to bash me for being who I am

Maybe I’m really not all that bad
Maybe I’m really ******* fantastic
And maybe you’re just scared that I’ll figure it out and you’ll be forgotten
Because you’re nothing but an irrelevant voice constantly fighting to keep itself heard

You are the voice of my anxiety
You exist because I do
And without me, you are nothing
But without you, I can be happy

I am all you have
I give your voice life and I give it meaning
You are nothing but what I allow you to be
You say I’m nothing, but you are nothing without me
Darker than a starless sky,
Soft like raindrops on roses,
Sensing my silent cry,
Your love imposes,

Black cat in the night,
A shadow of the love I long to feel,
A shadow for a light,
An immoral appeal,

My obsidian soul,
Comforted by your dark affection,
Beauty black like coal,
My soul’s chance for resurrection,

My knight in silk smooth black,
My only protection,
My life, so far off-track,
An empty reflection,

Black ink,
In the pen of night,
Give forth light,

Green glowing eyes so glorious,
Gregariously guide me through the dark,
The journey ever so laborious,
But joy we shall embark
my friend says this is about her kitties, but it's not

this is about how some see our inner darkness as evil and bad, but we can embrace it and allow it to guide us much like light does
The wind whistling, through the trees,
Your face tingling, in the sun beams,
The glimmer of raindrops, on wildflowers,
Beautiful clouds, filling the empty hours,
Grains of sand, trickling down,
to the bottom of the glass,
The scratch of the lighter, as you light your smoke,
and prepare to pass,
The longing desire, for the next inhale,
Keep the lighter ready, if the joint is stale,
Simple pleasures, fulfilling empty desire,
Twinkling eyes, gaze at the fire,
The weight has lifted,
it’s never been so light,
Another deep breath,
watch the joint glow bright,
The air has never, smelled so sweet,
This pine forest, is your new retreat,
Steady yourself, at the base of a tree,
For the first time, you are free.
"Grains of sand trickling down, to the bottom of the glass" the "glass" is an hourglass referencing to time which is mentioned more than one in this poem. It is a play on how we all are so worried about time and it going by too fast or too slow, but with one cloudy inhale we can stop worrying about it all together, and truly appreciate the little things. Little things like the sound of wind, the smell of trees, the glimmer of raindrops on flower petals.
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