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Chloe LeBoeuf Nov 2020
Each day seems longer, and
I don’t know what I’m doing here.
I fill our world with things
and I still feel empty.
The cat has a sweater,
the living room has two couches,
and the backyard has a fence lined with decorative lights.
I am overworked,
you are unhappy,
the bigot is still in the white house, and
there are fifteen assignments due within the next week.
Each day seems longer, and
I don’t know what I’m doing here.

Life is a series of choices,
but why must those choices be so constrained?
I long for a time of tranquility,
a landscape illuminated by only the moon.
People who move slowly,
and, well, don’t have to wear masks.
Sandy streets, chilly evenings, the uninterrupted sound
of amphibians singing by the water.
Let’s pack up my guitar, the tent, a notebook, a pencil, a soccer ball,
a blanket, the pillows, and the camping bin.
We can drive until we reach Maine,
or head south to the Texas coastline.
We will find a way to survive within these
constrained choices.
Our bodies will warm each other,
the crickets will sing us to sleep,
and we will fill our world -
you, me, our cat, and his sweater.
Anya Sep 2018
When I'm on a field
I can be free

When I'm with my family
I can be free

When I'm with little children
I can be free

When I'm with animals
I can be free

When I write
I can be free


But when I'm anywhere else
I'm constrained by
a cage known as-
self consciousness
social anxiety
She comes by many names

By any chance,
are you familiar with her?
I understand that my free situations may not apply to everyone so when you're reading feel free to replace them with any place you feel free in.
Jordan F Jul 2015
Constrained, I feel
Insane, everything
in Vain, my mind
being Trained,
just want to
escape the Pain.
The riplets of Time,
an everflowing Game,
nothing different,
always the Same,
a constant repetition,
Sweet Nothing is her Name.
Sourodeep Jun 2015
Even when the sun rises from east and sets in west daily
                       for a narrow minded brat,
                         the world is always flat.
O my love
Look into my eyes; what do you see?
I see only us in our eyes
There is no boundary to keep us constrained
We are eternally free
We are free birds and we serve only the heavens
As I listen to you and you listen to my beats
Our voices echo across the oceans
For eons to come, such passion will be remembered
So is our love, my sweetheart

This love
You have seen within yourself
You have felt its power
You have dreamed of the future
You have written secret songs
#boundary #constrained #eternally #free #serve #heavens #beats #voices #across #eons #echo #power #future #secret #prayers

— The End —