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I am too!
You're not alone.
life is crazy but Keep on keeping on! Surely better days are coming.
Isaac May 10
Today restarts every morning,
But relationships forever develop.
Published 11 May 2020
M Jan 16
My heartache develops like film
I have to send it in
I don't own a darkroom
or a place to process whats been

The jury's still out
on if the pictures will hold
I mailed them off
I sent them in
hoping you'll be enrolled;
waiting for me in the negatives
Anora Emporium Oct 2019
When did we go

    from short "hello"s sitting at gym tables,
        to carved initials in date night tables?

    from formal handshakes,
        to slipping your hand into mine every time we wake throughout the night?

    from nonchalant nods and casual smiles,
        to melodramatic sulking on the couch
            and cuddles that test just how much
                of you I can hold all at once
                    curled up in a ball?

When did we go

    from stilted conversation
        to discussing the entirely vast pitfalls of the Australian education system
            watching a Ted talk that-- SHH be quiet or we will miss this part!


When did we depart from the logical and begin navigating the magical?

    from stubbornness
to "sorry"s

    from minimal communication
to domestic allocation

    from "your house"
to "Let's go home. "


When did we cross the line of inhibitions?


it feels almost as if
we are slowly, gently,
teasing love out of each other

softly coaxing
the footfalls of a timid deer
leaves crackle underfoot
but it doesn't *****
only ever moving closer

we lift each other higher
as if where we once were
is a devastating flood
both unwittingly escaping

I'm afraid to return to the water
I don't want to loosen my grip
    for fear of falling
        for fear of losing contact
I've only just learnt how to look you
    in the eye...

Now we hold onto each other,
striving to reach new altitudes,


I choose you.
Vulnerable moments.
Carl D'Souza Aug 2019
In an ideal
would every person in society
including women
fulfil their potential
to experience optimal joy and happiness?
Would women be given
the freedom and encouragement
to express their unique authentic self
in an optimally joyful and happy way?
Would women be given
the freedom, encouragement, support and resources
to develop and exercise to the full
their talents
to experience optimal joy and happiness?
m h John Jul 2019
sometimes we have to soak
in the negatives
of our celluloid scenes
in order to develop
and see the color
with in the world
Emily Nov 2018
Due to what will never be:
Dishes that wash and put themselves away,
Lessons that squirrel themselves away into my brain,
Relationships that begin and mature through no effort of my own.

Character is developing within me:
Perseverance, and
Patience with a dose of selflessness.

So even if I grumble audibly,
I am grateful to what will never be,
For the character it is forcing into me.
Simple Aug 2018
in between the roots of my soul,
I've come to understand perspectives
of those who are woken,
and those..
Who are buried.

I've realised,
Pain can be endured
accepted into those who
have taken in it and
became friends with it.

Some people don't want to
be helped from the Pain,
and that's completely okay.

Respecting one choices to
suffer or love about it,
I think,
is truly
does this make sense?
Isaac Aug 2018
Are you alive
To develop poetry?
Or is poetry alive
To develop you?
When I look at
Those questions closely
I see that
Both could be true.

What about you?
Written 8 August 2018
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