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Kabelo Maverick Dec 2018
Using my arms as my legs
across this bottomless pit
Came too far to beg,
coz’ they’ve forgotten this spit
The old hag, great fall and
rat scratches on the sole of my feet

Oh, what the heck, I’ll recreate all
the bad sketches on the wall of my feat
Lost tooth, the devil loathes across my smile
It costs truth, but level roads
are not my style
Jesse stillwater May 2018
A breathe of words ― 
a gust of thought scattered;
welling silence ruptures
bulging vault chambers
with the patience
of tongue-tied hearts

In a long deep breath
pith of soul manifests;
rich with the breathing spirit
of life that's passed

A timeworn lid spinning
on a blue glass jar
Indigenous roots
and memories tender,  
perpetuity gleaned
and garnered
on fruit cellar shelves

Segues of ancient culture ―
evolution derives
from many roots
trying to catch
time in a bottle;
a travelogue
of saved beginnings;
magic beans
in a mason jar

    Life’s native seeds gathered ―
organic building blocks
the immemorial soul
of the earth sown
and reaped;
sprouting unstilted
for which
ever fleeting time
cannot hold

Jesse e Stillwater
09  May  2018
saving native seeds
sowing continuum
fostering one love
reaping the fruits
of perpetuity
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
A dream of a continuum

Continuous is the continuum.
The never ending story.
Oblivious to oblivion's din,
Because I cannot believe in fables about former glories.
A lack of faith in myself, has caused this Hell
And all the daisies are so far away.
Chrysanthemums smell of the earth I am told.
I would not know, I am wrapped in my box,
For living life day to day.
Locks upon my lid because there is nothing inside worth stealing.
Words are all I have…except for the dreaming.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Timmy Shanti Dec 2016
When I smile at the Sun,
That shining golden medal,
I feel something stir inside,
And blissfully go mental.

Days may pass, I’d still rejoice
At this foolish mem’ry,
Gleaming right through my essence,
Generously merry…

When I twinkle at the Moon,
That pale silver pendant,
I’m beside myself: the boon,
Gracefully resplendent.

Dusks will go and dawns will come,
Timeless, formless spirit
Will tell me that we are one:
Wholeness and no limit…

When I humbly hug the Sea,
That precious sapphire platter,
There is nothing I can’t see:
All flows back, de-scattered…

Waves may crash and birds may sing,
Thunderous in their beauty,
Lastly, will I find my peace
In this senseless duty.

Movember - Beardcember '16
yeah whatever
ji Mar 2016
Your breath is my nicotine,
your perfume, my smoke;
it warms my within--
a little nudge, a gentle poke

sends my sober mind ecstatic
and my drunken soul awake,
my thumping heart, erratic
and my rickety bones break

to the sound of your voice--
is my alcohol and wine
topples me out of poise,
stumbling never felt so fine

is your stare; i'm defenseless
as i stand before you
are my vice and addiction,
my downfall and destruction.
Sydney Queen Jun 2015
Both time and I are frozen
in between your hands.
A pair of green eyes--
I am coming unstuck in time.
I grow young again,
I go back and fix the yesterdays.
We go back to March 15th,
and this time you say
Yes, I love you.
Yes, I'm happy.
We make it simple this time around.
A hand grazes breezily up my spine--
We stand in front of each other again.
We are laughing like wind chimes in a dust devil.
and back,
and back.
I open my eyes
and find myself facing a
slightly younger version of you.
"You're here"
you say.
I pause--
Sixteen year old you is in love with me.
Fifteen year old you doesn't know it yet.
I wonder what age I have found you in.
I place the scab on your wrist,
I know it on sight.
I remember tumbling over the handlebars
of your red Schwinn bike
and taking you with me.
I smile.
This you is old enough to at least know when I am going.
"Take me with you,"
you say.
I've been trying.
this doesnt make any sense and its making me vaguely sorry
Unknown Sailor Mar 2015
Yearning for your touch, hoping that you approach me,
Praying for the second you look at me.
Call me crazy but if I was even an inch close to you,
I would show you how much I love you .
Love, lust, infatuation,
Call it what you want but I prefer the term “Deadly Attraction”,
My love for you will be the death of me,
I love you too much to have you away from me,
I want to hold you tight enough-
to feel your very last breath escape your lips.
I love you to the point where
I could **** you.
I want to wrap my hands around your neck,
and tighten my grip as I remind you of what you mean to me.
I would tie you up and stare at your flawless features,
I would lock you away from all humanity,
Drive you to insanity until you feel the same.
You will get used to my face and only my face.
I would slit the throat of anyone,
Who dares to set there eyes on you,
I would run a knife through their heart,
Just a warning to anyone,
If they think of stealing you away from me.
Don’t you see how much trouble I endure,
Just to keep you safe from those who intend to steal you?
Your love is my will-power,
Believe me when I say that,” Honey I will Love you Till Death Do Us Part”.
Christina Feb 2015
our physical bodies are trapped
inside an ever-fluxing cosmos
in this dear hairline crack of time
and yet still our existence is stressed

operate quicker
get there sooner
figure life out faster

that we never stop to think
how shameful we are to rush
in a delicate presence
that is a momentary blush
s l o w  d o w n  f o r  m e  p l e a s e
we are a blush in time,
i know this for certain.
and i don't want to walk so fast
any longer.

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