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Christina May 2018
goddess rising
awake and alive
**** me under pure starlight
i want to bask
in the opalescence
of your eyes,
fill me
with yourself
love at first sight
Christina Apr 2018
I am a love addict.

In this harsh climate
I'll take what I can get

But don't forget I am not proud of this, no.

Sometimes I pluck the leaves off dead trees
and string a garland around my neck
because I want to be reminded of your sweet scent.

Musky, full-mooned nights,
the frosted soil in the garden where in summer we laid,
the last days of autumn.

I haven't been without a lover in ten years.
My mother tells me I need to slow down
that I need to find myself and find God.

The only type of slowing down
that works for me is when I want to make love
and there is no need to find "myself"
by cosmic law, that is fluctuating everyday
and as the Hindus say,

I took a long hiatus from writing, breaking the silence with a poem longer than 50 words feels good. When the Muse runs through...
Christina Feb 2018
For a moment, ours souls brushed passed in our sleep
laying down together, I asked you

“When we wake, will you remember me?
This feels so real, what constitutes for reality?”
Christina Aug 2016
I come from the sky
a sacred bloodline of over a trillion star systems
all that which have died

stars that have collided, collapsed, ignited
chemically bound into a force reunited

my sentience is not a mere coincidence
this cellular body is not an accident,
and yet by oppression I continue to be silenced

this body, this vessel
is a result of a cosmic flow
because the stars came together
to self destruct for my existence

this is why I must be


never double cross a soul that knows they come the sky
because when we look back up to the stars at night
and think about the billions of other lives that have been caged,
left with no voice, with no ability to fight,
we can’t help but take offense

we are destined for more than this mundane, make believe system
we are destined for more than this material, economical strife

place me into a toxic routine,
allow big business to trample my land
my food and my water supply,
and I will not comply

believe me, I will fight
Christina Oct 2015
When the cards are drawn from a deck
you have no choice in the matter, it is left up to chance.
And if you're so willing interpret them, to rely on your intuition,
tuning into the primordial hum of cosmos, it becomes divination:
A direct pathway of communication with the divine.


we all have storms that torment us,
it is the natural order of things.

these winds answer to no one
blowing relentlessly
thrashing waves and high waters
rarely in touch with the earthly ground
i am either cast up or sunken down
highly preoccupied in my books and towers
a self constructed world
of bittersweet sea-vines and flowers

blinded from staring into the sun
intoxicated under pure starlight
emotions considerably magnified
all my good reasoning has come undone

these quantum particles are forcibly contained
mistakenly welded into a carbon composed body
an entire being is restrained,
wanting, wishing, craving
trapped inside a shell so limiting

strapped down by a dual personality

–– there is a reason storms are named after me ––

and so i responded to the fire in your heart
by drowning it in muddy waters, but don’t take this personally
because this is what happens when a great deal is asked of me
i only ask for an attempt to understand

if i let myself evaporate into the sky
bearing messages of apology
how soon would you wait to forgive?

my earth, rocks, and trees,
would you be able to forgive the sea?
Christina Feb 2015
our physical bodies are trapped
inside an ever-fluxing cosmos
in this dear hairline crack of time
and yet still our existence is stressed

operate quicker
get there sooner
figure life out faster

that we never stop to think
how shameful we are to rush
in a delicate presence
that is a momentary blush
s l o w  d o w n  f o r  m e  p l e a s e
we are a blush in time,
i know this for certain.
and i don't want to walk so fast
any longer.

Christina Dec 2014
There is a cacophony of verbal combustion;
Self esteem destruction,
Religions, opinions, forced down left and right,
Leaves one with such distress,
That sometimes we forget to breathe.


So breathe with me.
Breathe with me.
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