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Unknown Sailor Mar 2015
Like fire to my soul
You ignite a spark that
was better left in solitary
Burn the script and show your skills
Jump higher and hurt more
See if she cares
she's standing there
Carve your initials in the devils core
Unknown Sailor Mar 2015
Yearning for your touch, hoping that you approach me,
Praying for the second you look at me.
Call me crazy but if I was even an inch close to you,
I would show you how much I love you .
Love, lust, infatuation,
Call it what you want but I prefer the term “Deadly Attraction”,
My love for you will be the death of me,
I love you too much to have you away from me,
I want to hold you tight enough-
to feel your very last breath escape your lips.
I love you to the point where
I could **** you.
I want to wrap my hands around your neck,
and tighten my grip as I remind you of what you mean to me.
I would tie you up and stare at your flawless features,
I would lock you away from all humanity,
Drive you to insanity until you feel the same.
You will get used to my face and only my face.
I would slit the throat of anyone,
Who dares to set there eyes on you,
I would run a knife through their heart,
Just a warning to anyone,
If they think of stealing you away from me.
Don’t you see how much trouble I endure,
Just to keep you safe from those who intend to steal you?
Your love is my will-power,
Believe me when I say that,” Honey I will Love you Till Death Do Us Part”.
Unknown Sailor Nov 2014
Sun over the hills
barely there but
you still spark.
Wickedly mocking my every move
state your motive or give it up.

I can tell by that look in your eyes
that you mean trouble
but the aura in the moon
is hazey.
Can't read my mind but
neither can Houdini.

I search for nirvana
and attain immortality
don't waste his time or
blood and wine ye shall dine..

Sweat and Wastelands...
Unknown Sailor Oct 2014
Just leave her,
like you always do.
Isolation is the key
to her recovery.
Humanities Theory for self-discovery.
When veins are slit
is when your theory is questioned...
Unknown Sailor Oct 2014
Is it hope you seek
or redemption you avoid
either way I know your joy
but enjoy your sorrow...
  Oct 2014 Unknown Sailor
you share my table. Silent.
with love breathing. Gentle.
I have no reply. For this.
Unknown Sailor Oct 2014
Refuse to follow  
give in to your constant torture
cause more harm than intended
seek leverage and comfort in loneliness,
seek joy + pleasure in the rich's failure
I'm not weird I'm just trying to cope with my problems.

Seek pleassure from seeing my enemies guts shredded
hear them beg and plea
Do I bother you?
Yes, then it's working.

Happiness is the reason I despise Humanity
denying to conform to your mainstream ways  
shut-up, shut-up, SHUT-UP!
There isn't that better
silence was always a friend of mine.

Hand me the knife now
I need to educate this inhuman
by making a few incisions
How else  does one learn about emotion.

You need to shed to gain......
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