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O Rose! Why Are You So Egoistic?
More Charming Is Face Of My Beloved,
Her Lips Are Redder Than Your Petals,
Her Heart Is Softer Than Your Kernel,

She Gyrates On Her Two Nimble Feet In The Air,
Which You Cannot Do Without Feet Be Aware,
If You See Her You Will Blush On Your Pride,
She Is Such A Fine, Gentle And Lovely Bride.
The Poem Is Self-Expressive. It Is A Tribute To My Lost Beloved Who Had Died Decades Ago. But Her Memories Are Still Fresh.
Fight Between Rulers And People
For Latter’s Democratic Rights,
Is Just Like A Tiny Lamp Who
Faces A Storm To Safeguard Its Light.

And Fight Goes On And On
To Become The First World War,.
Few Objectives Achieved
Rest Are Left For Second World War.

Who Cares For The Poor?
So The Struggle Goes On,
May Be Waiting For The Third
To Stop The Unjust System Go On.
There Goes On A Struggle Between Rulers And The People. The Latter Are Generally Exploited. So The Struggle Goes On.
She Was My Always Best Friend,
Till Corona Became The Trend,
Now Self-Survival Is My Goal,
Rest May Go To Place Of Torment.

Don't Think I Am Feeling Happy,
As She Still Keeps Pricking Within Me,
Inhuman And Dead I Am, Not She;
She Will Still Keep Standing By Me.
A Time Comes When A Person Thinks Only Of Himself. Corona Is Such Situation. Everyone Is Scared Of The Other.
As Anyone Says "Thank You,"
I Feel, "I Am Made Unknown."
I Too Shrink At Such Formal Ways
Making Me Myself To Me Unknown.

Is It Necessary To Say "Thanks"
Or "Sorry" Between The Closest,
IΒ Β Feel Such Formalities
Throw Us Apart The Farthest.

Informal Ways Bring Us The Closest
Make Our Lives Simpler And Easier,
Remove The Pomp And Shows,
Bring Us To The Closest To Nature.
I Quite Often Listen "Thank You" And "Sorry" Which Look Very Odd. At Least I Feel As I Am Being Made A Stranger. Excess Of Everything Is Said To Be Bad. So Shun Excesses...
Scholars Have Been Busy
To Know What Is Religion?
Each one of them Differs
Could Not Give A Definition.

For Simple-Hearted People
Religion Is To Respect Mankind,
If One Cannot Do Good To Anyone
Then Not To Be At Least Unkind.
What Is Religion? Religious Scholars Keep Debating. But Is There Any Religion Than Humanity?
Better If You Give Poison
But Never Give False Promise,
Better Kick Me With Disdain
But Never Give False Love.

Better Not To Hurry To See
Eye Into My Eye Dear Mate,
But Once We Are In Liaison
Better To Make Common Fate.
It Is Often See That The People Fall In Love But Separate Sooner Than Expected. Love Has Neither Beginning Nor Ending.
Said One Of My Curious Comrades,
"Please Define Love In Lines Four,
Lines Should Not Be More Than Four."

Said I, "Dear! If Love Could Be Defined In Words,
Then It Might Have Been Understood By Everyone,
As Love Is That Sweetest Confectionery Of A Dumb,
Which He Eats His Bellyful, Knows but Can Tell Nothing.
Everyone Talks Of Love. New Gen Is Fond Of This Phrase, "I Love You." Funny It Looks To Me As Nothing Is Left After These Three Words Whereas Love Has No Limits. Knows No Boundaries.
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