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Dr K S Bhardwaj Aug 2022
Industry In Private Hands,

Leads To Extreme Slavery,

Cause of Mental Stresses,

Nothing more than Worry,

God Gives Us Liberty

Said He Follow Swadharam,

The Key Formula To Success

Making Society Sundram.
Dr K S Bhardwaj Apr 2022
If You Are Longing For Love, You Will Never Get.

If You Love Yourself, Love You Will Never Forget,

Look How Beautiful You Are; Hence Love Thyself.

Then See How The Life Becomes The Prettiest.

Life Becomes Hell When We Long For Others' Love,

That Longing For Love Becomes Very Soon Love,

All Looks Vacuum All The World Looks Deserted,

Despair And Depression Make The Life Real Love,
Dr K S Bhardwaj Sep 2021
I Am Just A Zero
Wish I Merge In Zero,
Only Then Shall I
Survive As Zero.

Otherwise I Shall Be Lost,
My Self Will Be Just Nil,
Merging Yields Happiness
Wish To Get It At Any Cost.
Dr K S Bhardwaj Jul 2021
Race Of The Life Never Ends
Till The People Reach Their Goal,
People Face All The Race Boldly
As They Are No Less Bold,

Not Only They Complete The Race
They Enjoy Life's Ups And Downs
Oscillation Right To Extreme Left
And Left To Extreme Right
Brings On Their Faces
Not A Single Frown.

Life Is Not Less Than Rainbow,
Has No Less Than Seven Colors,
That Gives Us Moments Of Joys
And Disappear Like Sweet Odors.

People Who Aren't Overjoyed
Nor Are Saddened Too Much,
Make Their Lives Pleasurable,
Rest Feel Life Is Sans happiness.

Life Is Like A Rainbow,
Has Its Two Ends Down,
But Notice Its Central Verge
That Touches Heavens.
Even In Normal Times, Life Is Full Of Ups And Downs. If #Covid Type Situations Arise, The People Are Highly Disturbed. But The Wise Always Remember That All Days Are Not Alike. So They Keep Their Cool And Face The Realities Of Life In A Pragmatic Manner.
Dr K S Bhardwaj May 2021
As I Move Out,
Butterflies Welcome Me,
Seeing Their Punctuality,
I Bow To Thee,
Further I Keep Moving
To The District Park
The Aroma Of Golden Flowers
Fully Fills Within Of Me.  
That miraculous Gift
I Get From Cassia Fistula
That Are In Full Glory
Because Of Its Flowers,
The Cuckoos Coo
And The Peacocks Dance
Fully Drenched I Am
In The Coolest Showers.
Walks before sunrise not only refresh us but also enrich us with new experiences. The experience may differ from person to person; but they sure add some extra in their store of experienced.
Dr K S Bhardwaj Apr 2021
The God Made Beautiful Universe
After That He Felt Greatly Relieved,
He Himself Was So Unsure
Of He Made It, So Never Believed.

Sitting With His Ministers Said He,
“I Am Happy At My Creation,
See How Much Peace Prevails Therein.”

Satan Listened The Talk Stealthily,
He Smiled And Sent His Emissary Quietly,
Do You Know Who Was That Messenger?
It Was The First Politician On Land
To Put The World In Danger.
Politicians Are The Cause Of All Chaos In The World. For Power, They Will Do Anything.
Dr K S Bhardwaj Apr 2021
Aggrieved By The Ecological Loss
Worried About The Nature They Say,
"Vultures Are Now Extinct,"

Amused I Said,
"No Friend, No.
They Are Still There,
The Difference Is Only This,
They Have Grown Arms
Instead Of Wings."
Today People Are Worse Than Vultures. Vultures Waited For The Dead, But The People Prey Upon Alive.
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