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Isaac Nov 2018
Compared to most creatures,
Our life on Earth is long.
The question is will we
Live full and finish strong?
Written 12 November 2018
Stella Aug 2018
I’ve got problems
I know I do
But I ignore them
Constantly thinking others have it worse
They have it worse
Than the occasional yelling
They have it worse
Than the feeling of being isolated
They have it worse
Than the occasional self-loathing.
I feel like I can’t get help,
Why should I waste anyone's time
With problems that don’t even matter
Compared to others?
Others have abusive parents,
Others are constantly yelled at,
Others are going through so much worse
Than I have ever gone through.
But then why do I feel this way?
Like I have things not resolved,
Like I’m not enough?
Like I feel bad for wanting help?
I can’t help but compare myself to others,
And I can’t help but think I’m insignificant
Compared to everyone
Who has it way worse than I do.
I hate that I feel this way, but I can't help that it's true.
I hope you liked it, thanks for reading.
Phoenix Jan 2018
You always point out every flaw
Always reminding me of everything I do wrong
You never cared how I felt
Always comparing me to someone else
I already know how stupid I am
Believe me I’ve been told enough times
That’s why I want to move away from you
You’ve made me feel alone
While still saying you’re my friend
I cared that you didn’t
That was my problem
The hardest part about letting go is that
I’ll never hear you running after me
Long into the snow
Danielle L Cook May 2017
what does any of it matter
   this pain I feel
compared to the ordeal
   you're facing?

not a pinch, an inch, no
   -- so don't ask me
Nessa dieR Aug 2016
For I'm just a sigh and deep breath
From other's pain,
The beginning of a new day,
And the hope that makes
a scream from  agonizing pain
stand out.

It hurts to be compared
For she has you by her side,
And while I was never able to forget you,
**I got used to missing you
stop comparing yourself to other people. please? you are just fine, you're beautiful and i accept you. you've got to stop calling each other names and labeling each other based on the things that have been said to you. let the past lie. you're perforating your dreams. they'll die and you'll have nothing left to go after. i don't care how long it takes to assure you that your worth isn't ever going to be defined by what's been said to you. you animate the wildest sides of me. you should believe in you because i believe in you and you should too. stay you, but be happy and trust in the One who loves you every single day. even though you are in the condition that you are in. you'll be perfectly okay.

© Melissa Carlson 2015
chuckae May 2015
Last time I saw his face
It was a beautiful mess.
Even the moon shining
Through the curtains
Couldn't be compared.
Darren Jan 2015
If I was to compare, my life with another,
Born the same, I'm led to discover,
Lives in a world, that is just like mine,
A mirror image, echoes the time,
The same job, and vocation,
Set within, the same location.

I reflect on the image, of my weary self,
No illness resides, an aurora of health,
Whereas I struggle, with duress upon me,
They are relaxed, as they ever could be.
A wide smile returns, no grey skin,
No walls around, keeping it in,

Why you ask, are they so calm?
Is it because, they live without harm?
Are not judged, or working to a rule,
That was made, by a government mule,
They have not suffered, mental pain,
Or lived a life, clouded by rain,

They live in a world, and they all get along,
United in harmony, like a beautiful song,
I can only dream, of their peaceful land,
Where instead of suffering...

They hold each other’s hand.
amber Oct 2014
compare me to the sun
compare me to the sea
tell me how i should act
tell me how i should be

the sun will still shine
the waves will still move
I will still be living
whether i win or lose

but your world is darkened
by the lack of sun
and forever it will stay that way
whether you've lost or won

so compare me to her heart
compare me to gold in her core
tell me how to love you
but I won't play that role anymore
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