The  only reason
my  heart beats
is  ‘cause
you showed it how

  Sep 21 Nessa dieR
briannah rae

i can't stop
craving the feeling
of your lips on mine.
our tongues
passionately dancing
to an erotic melody.
i want to feel you
between my thighs,
a painful pleasure
that can't be replaced.
i want you
i want you
i want you
and yet i can't have you
because we can never
get alone.
i just want
to rest my head
on your chest
and listen to
your heartbreat
keeping time with mine.
i want to leave
a trail of kisses
from your jaw
to your stomach.
i want you to
want me.
i want you
to satisfy
the deepest desires
of my heart.
i want you
to whisper in my ear
all the things
i've been dying to hear.
i want you
i want you
i want you.
i need you.

Nessa dieR Mar 15

Time has passed—painful, long years
My words have ceased to flow,
And I am drowned by all these tears,
since you left long ago.

This river—my own torture— flowed passionately in and out.
Rains of my own sentiments poured into a hollow beach.
Helpless cries of restless doubts.
It was you they failed to reach.

Finally, after everything I had seen
Red skies and starless nights
I became aware of what it means
Having you once again on my sight.

I found you in the shadows of the moon—the brightest of all stars
And now that you returned, I can heal the stitching of love’s scars.

Dedicated to someone I have never stopped loving, just forced to stop showing it.  Please *still* love me too. Give me a second chance.
  Jan 6 Nessa dieR

written January 3rd, 2017

"Hypocracies flood my mind, time after time

I'm not fine, I'm lying when I say these things in my mind are just all composed of rhymes and lullabies

To get me by

Time flies, yet compositions on white boards and ideas of how I want to be are at an intertwine

Inside - it's one thing

On the outside - I can't compromise"

  Dec 2016 Nessa dieR

My heart and brain are at war and they are both slowly destroying me

  Dec 2016 Nessa dieR

I used to look into her eyes and see
someone beautiful and intelligent and magnificent.
I'd look at her face, smooth pale skin
and red-gold hair, and see a spark within her.
She never thought her fire would go out,
being because she was such a fiery young girl.

But then she got older.

I used to look into her eyes and see
a flicker of the flame that used to be.
I looked into her face,
fierce and hard with years of emotional abuse
and I thought to myself that the fire was still there,
though it was just a flicker.

But then, one day, it went out.

I'm staring into her eyes now,
wondering who the hell she is;
Wondering what happened to the flame of a girl.
She is unrecognizable to me.
But I think.... I think somewhere
underneath this stone cold face..
I think this stranger....

Is me.

I don't even know who I am anymore.
  Dec 2016 Nessa dieR
A Santos

and now
i'm stuck
i'm stuck
i'm stuck
i'm stuck
i'm stuck

in the cycle of you -
doomed to repeat
until i find the strength
to let you go.

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