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Robin Lemmen Jul 2018
Your eyes tell stories
Of hopes and dreams
They do so scare me
I am your fantasy come to life
But that doesn't make me real
No guarantee that I am right
I will disappoint the image
You have painted of me
When compared to the scarred canvas
The real me
Cardboard-Jones Jul 2018
I put a dream catcher above my bed
Just to get you out of my dreams tonight.
I know it won’t help,
I’m always reaching out for you.

The words we left unsaid,
All the words we never shared.
They're hanging in the air,
All the feelings we never spared.

Am I out of line
For reaching for what’s never there?
Do you still think there’s nothing left?

Cuz this time we’re out of time.
dubious churning benevolent altruism

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preachiness spar!
E A Spain Feb 2018
All my loves leave
Without a kiss or goodbye
Set focused on their own things
Leaving me struck, dumb wondering why

All my clovers die
And fade away lifeless
There's no luck in love, it's a lie
And I remain still, the catcher in the rye
I’ll stay to myself, humble and glowing
No need to get too close, no need to know me

All my records break
I’ll get stuck on your every word, big mistake
It’s exactly the same love song playing
But I always seem to get it wrong
All my loves leave
Girls just wanna trick and boys thieve
Always had a thing for someone in need
Girls always gravitate to the ***** with the ****
And I think I may have outgrown the ability to make believe

We play pretend with love all the time
Thought it would get better with age like wine
But no, you all just leave me with that bitter taste
And now I realise after how you were merely a waste, love

All my lovers go
Far and away like the birds migrate for the snow
Don’t get too hype, they’ll leave 'yanno
Not today, but you know what they say about tomorrow
written 7/12/17
Debanjana Saha Oct 2017
I got a dream catcher
As a gift
To dream the dream
While asleep
And make the dream
come true
While awake.

The irony of dream catcher
Turned out to be black
I see nightmares
Crawling back every night
I feel restless
How the dream catcher
Became a nightmare catcher?
Questioning the dream catcher!
A mood hasten the dew
here that could beat sadness
with a line in its circumference
that joins like a tangent yet
might appear like an axis
but profane as new moon
that sometimes was shone there
discreetly above the equator
and dIrectly by supreme
known its horizon forever now
when blue skies are subterfuge
if only irony doubt here
this dissonant antipathy reign
today jive in rhyme again.
The Dybbuk Mar 2017
Wrists made out of pencils,
A will made out of steel.
Blood and teeth amongst the tiles,
Was he ever even real?
Resisting cruel hands,
Left his words where they are.
He jumped out of the window,
Rather than stay and spar.
He could've stayed among the flesh,
But his bones snapped on stone.
Did he really choose to die?
Did he jump or was he thrown?
Kenya83 Feb 2017
You barged right in with not a care in the world
Of how deeply I'd fall and hit the ground
I knew I'd fell, for I hurt inside
But I could still be falling, there's no end in sight
Like Alice in a wonderland nothing seems quite right
Still I drink your potion readily and prepare to hold on tight
I catch you in my dream hoping you'll stay the entire night
My subconscious has a knowing, I'll be alone by morning light
Every time I get back up and dust myself down
You just steamroll right back through me, knocking me out
My palms left sweaty my mouth left dry
As I wonder if my feelings can lie
For here things aren't what they always appear
The pain of unknowing is my only fear
So, for now, your seas have calmed
And your storm has settled down
Left me cold and windswept
With droplets on my brow
I'll do what I must to do for now
For when night time falls again
I'll be back in my beautiful nightmare
Where you think of me now and then
Julie Grenness Jan 2017
I can close my eyes and see you again,
Drifting aboard a dream catcher's train,
Even if I never see you again,
You still weave the dreams in my brain,
Oh, dream catcher,
Can we make it through the night?
I still glimpse you in the morning light,
Across realms of fantasy,
Are  you the dream catcher for me......
Feedback welcome.
sol Aug 2016
i know your story and i know it well
hold the secrets you won’t tell
dream catcher, dream catcher, oh

so dare tell me a lie
as our collision draws nigh
we will sit and count all the stars in the sky

where do willow trees grow?
oh, but you and i both know
they grow where we roam
because we plant them as we go

we’ll be dancing in the dark before too long
with a match-strike smile and a killer tongue
dream catcher, dream catcher, run

i wrote a book of poetry
but it’s in a language you can’t read
take your time to find my heart reins peculiar chemistry

where do willow trees grow?
oh, but you and i both know
they grow where we roam
because we plant them as we go

your eyes reflect the city lights
your mind as vast as the stars in our sky
dream catcher, dream catcher, dare hide

the weeping willow will never hear,
how we draw so near.
the weeping willow will never know,
oh, where do willow trees grow?
tell me what you think?
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