Kenya83 2d
Sometimes, if you are really lucky, you’ll meet someone so generously truthful that their energy makes you a better person and conversation flows on and on... everyone’s left the restaurant, staff are closing around you, but you didn’t notice. And neither of you looked at your phone all evening. That’s a friend for life.
Kenya83 4d
I wonder, achingly
Do you think of me
I send you messages
Via telepathy
I know you receive
Other days I don’t believe
Every poem, every breath
Every beat in my chest
Is yours
Kenya83 5d
Yes, I’m scared. Scared that endings will come too soon or changes will prevent this path to you. That I’ll waste more time and more years never having touched your skin under your clothes, or cupped the palms of my hands around your face, stroking your cheeks with my thumb. Never swept your hair back from your eyes and pushed my fingers through the length, down to your neck where I feel the connect of our skin and breathe you in with deep inhalation and heightened senses, savouring the preciousness of that moment. I fear never getting close enough to feel the energy pull us closer, where breaths get slightly deeper with attractions magnetic draw as I look slightly to the floor, thoughts of that I want you more. Desire bubbles in my chest as I return my view back to you, we seem to have floated a little closer. I hear the thuds in my chest echo through my head. Your face so close to mine, our eyes meet again. I see your lips and my internal voice seems to speak out loud. It feels like slow motion now, as are lips meet, you kiss me. Not feeling this doesn’t feel like an option.
Kenya83 5d
Poetry ignites when souls collide
When you look in to their eyes
Your entire being becomes alive
Kenya83 5d
You tie me in knots
I’m cold then I’m hot
Days pass so fast
Yet time stops
Dreams of ideals
Day stills
The sun lasts forever
Till the moon takes its place
We rewind and retrace
Fingers on skin
Vulnerabilities within
Here I know your scent
Your truth
Your taste
The lines of your face  
Desires are rare
I lay myself bare
#vss365, bare
Kenya83 Jul 12
‪Each thud of my heart ‬
‪Embarks on that slow‬
‪Rickety ride to the top ‬
‪Where the rollercoaster drops‬
‪My pounding blood red heart‬
‪Beats so fast ‬
‪You’re in the stars‬
‪Out of reach‬
‪In sight ‬
‪Light years from here ‬
‪Just around the Milky Way‬
‪And up the road‬
‪Clouds become stepping stones‬
Kenya83 Jul 12
Conflict batters the doors of my mind
The shutters at the windows crash
Spats of rage in confusions mixed up winds
Turmoil turns inside a grey tornado
Elevated, floored
Uncontrolled ferocity
Determination of want
I can’t let go, must I let go?
Pained from one sided questions
Deep and slow
Soft, barely there answers far on the horizon
That flicker and glow
The aches in my chest
You will never know
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