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Kenya83 Mar 15
"I love you"
she says silently before typing the words to you
She loves you like the long summer days catching grasshoppers in her hands
Like the rush of climbing over the neighbours fence to watch the frogs and morphing tadpoles in the pond
Like the adventures of the warm dusty ground, looking for lizards
She loves you like her childhood self belief
The matter of factness that collecting cans from the street and selling handmade things
Would change the world, would save the dolphins and whales
From Japan, Norway and captivity
She loves you certainly, like the trees she climbed, higher than comfortable, to prove she was stronger than fear
Like the Amber jewel of tree sap and the earthly smell of pine
And things that matter
She loves you because you have helped her remember herself
Kenya83 Mar 9
Look nowhere but within, for your spiritual highs, forgiveness and sin.
The saddest truth there is, your a commodity.
You're a consumer to the holy man who put a price on his wisdom.
And the teachings of the earth are so lost
That we pay for courses in the innate.
To know what we thought we never needed. And become who we thought we'd never be.
Isn't that ironic?
We're lost.
This human being.
Kenya83 Jan 27
Oh tea
How you comfort me
I want you pipping hot
Curse the day if you're not

Oh tea
How you know me better than most
You're with me through biscuits, curry and toast
Through the sadness and the jokes

Oh tea
We're together when my slumber breaks
Before and after afternoon naps
The solid, the broken and the cracked
You're my constant, that's a fact

Oh tea
You put your trust in me
Making you is an art, you see
My colleagues didn't understand
The severity that was in their hands

Oh tea
I'm sorry for the disrespect
For the long life milk and unsealed tubs
For the dust and 2 second snubs
The stained mugs and shrugs

Oh tea
You're the perfect friend
When my social skills have come to an end
Whether on the couch all cosy and slouched
Or wrapped up in an aeroplane pouch

Oh tea
I take you everywhere
Without you? imagine the despair!
I must declare, you make me feel like a millionaire
A cup of you is like a prayer, without you I'd likely swear (a lot)

Oh tea
In a teapot, mug or cup
The choice is lucious enough
When someone comes through the door, the kettle goes on for sure

Oh tea
Through joy, celebration or pain
Disaster, pandemics or vain
Through loneliness or togetherness
You've always been so generous
Kenya83 Jan 27
As the sun sets
The leaf sits up
Asking boldly
For the last light
This vulnerable leaf
Opens its heart
Instinctively surrendering
To love
Kenya83 Jan 20
When you lose a love you want to share the Springs with
Something dies
I ask if we are more evolved than nature, as we battle through tears and torn hearts
We 'survive'
If the season isn't right, flowers give their life
I was made to love you and the flowers

The sky and I cry

Everything dies
Kenya83 Jan 1
I sing my silent prayers, in them includes you
My body shivers, not from the cold, I kiss the morning dew
The trees, they grant me endless love, through the frequency of truth
Tears well in my eyes, I stand and face this life,
of roots and dying leaves, not a moment is there grief
My conversation with the trees brings me peace
Kenya83 Oct 2020
I love the essence of a gentle heart
Soft voice of golden harp
We are sacred stars in midnight

My heartbeat echos to where you sleep
The night does dare to seek
The dawn slow arising

The day is hidden well
Behind the curtain of the autumn
I can't shake this lovers spell
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