Kenya83 2h

Since Tuesday night I've felt a bit rubbish.
A negative energy feeling about the situation.
You no doubt think badly of me and I totally get that.
I didn't intend to be dishonest or morally ambiguous.
I wasn't even initially attracted to you.
But then you evoked an interest.
I liked your humour, your bluntness, confidence and when you told me little details about you.
You turned me on. You turn me on.
I wanted to know more.
You excited me and I enjoyed it. I became attracted to you.
I admit, I never discouraged you.
You never asked me personal details and didn't divulge your own.
I assumed that was because you were just having fun, which was fine.
So was I.
I'd never done this before.
Online with someone I've never met, it's all new to me.
Attraction is a strange thing.
Maybe I'm unsatisfied, fed up or stagnant with where I'm at.
Maybe things happen for a reason.
I don't know.
Who says what socially acceptable limitations are.
I want you to know though, I didn't mean to deceive you.
I actually wanted you to know but I wasn't sure you were interested in knowing.
I don't want to be a freak and make a dramatic deal over it when you probably couldn't care less.
I don't like the thought of making you feel crap about it though.

So I wrote something down. I guess trying to explain. Didn't want to fire it off at an inappropriate moment or you may not want to hear it at all.
Which is fine.

Kenya83 3d

I'm not going to search high and low for the right words and flow
I'm simply going to say, how I'm going to play
I can't be bothered with euphemism today

I'm looking at your body and face
Aroused in the right place
You get in to my body and head
It's how you take me off to bed
I close my eyes and bite my thumb
Thinking of the journey I'm on
My thighs tense controlled
As my hips slowly roll
The vibration between my legs
More and more intense
Back and forth
Teases increases
Intentional delays
Quickened pace
More accurate
More urgency
Heart pounds
Thoughts bounce
Body in battle
Of holding on
Or giving in
Pleasure mounts
No longer desire
A passionate fire
Creating energy
Offering defeat
But I chose to burn
Let it all return

Kenya83 6d

Craving more than what we've got
A desire burns and it burns a lot

I'm not speaking monetary
I know the answer is in me
How can I affect humanity

Save the children from the horror of war
Stop the bullets that take animals to the floor
Feed the homeless and the poor
End our planets suffering core

I'm a dreamer,
But they are dreams of love
If only peace would fly
Like the dove
If only our priority was kindness
And life was priceless

If only we took what we need
Instead of being governed by greed
Take, take, take, and when it comes to giving back
Generosity seriously lacks

It's not my problem
We have nothing in common
It doesn't affect me
So just let it be

It's not my family,
Nor my community
It's not my country,
So it doesn't bother me
It's not my ocean
So continue to fill it full of poisonous potion

They're not my animals,
Who cares if they go extinct
I'll breath in toxic air
So long as it doesn't stink

Be complacent
And you're complicit to all these things
Take responsibility
For the outcome that it WILL bring

Kenya83 Oct 8

You must understand
I'm feeling this way
And struggling to translate
It through my hand and on to paper

My body is more alive than it's ever known
Or being slowly tortured
I don't know

I burn from the inside out
Like a raging forest fire
I will burn until I destroy myself

Kenya83 Oct 8

When I close my eyes
and think of you
I think of your lips

Thoughts of your lips
between my lips

A feeling I can compare
only to silk
stroking my soft naked body

I bite mine
at the thought of touching yours

Kenya83 Oct 3

And the wind whirled as the sun broke the clouds,
The butterflies rised and the gentle petals sighed,
As life and colour and freedom found movement in unison,
The hum of the bee around the orchid tree,
Sweet pink notes released as flowers accept their destiny

Kenya83 Oct 2

She sins in secret

She kept him on the side, for late night texts and phone sex

She kept the other in her bed, a security blanket where others would never make it

But you, she kept in her mind, got butterflies whenever you replied
She takes herself to bed, letting lust consume her head

She sins in secret

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