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Kenya83 4d
Your acorn eyes
Look at me
Brown, earthly

My heart thuds
As all the worlds clocks
Take their last strike

Time ceases
Kenya83 5d
A glance from you
I bow my head
How could I ever look straight ahead
Your eyes, they make me lose my breath
I’ll fall in love with my regrets
Intensity and hidden depths
Destiny’s laid I can’t forget
Slowly falling to my death
Your eyelashes fall to interject  
I remember how you kissed my neck
Kenya83 Aug 11
Your soft feet carry your soft heart and I watch you move
Just walking, moving, nothing out of the ordinary
All of nature’s beauty roars inside you
You are your charcoal drawings wrapped in pain
You are freedom caged, gratitude pained
And of all the universe, and all stardust, and all the reasons against
We are here
In this moment
Kenya83 Aug 7
Theres a heart that beats so hard

And a glow that warms my blood

I’d choose your face a thousand times

(Every time)

It’s like I’ve never seen you before

And like I know your soul profoundly

Are we walking each other home
Kenya83 Aug 7
You are the most beautiful thing to fall upon my eyes

But underneath your flesh and bones

Is where your precious soul does rise
Kenya83 Aug 6
I long to see how you close your eyes

When the sun blesses your skin

God sends precious things  

To my heart,

I’m lucky enough to see you
Kenya83 Jul 28
Transcending this reality, this moment, this place
Conflict between the ego and the soul, and truth

God lives in you, and you, in god
She is nature, she is nourishment
We are one

Renounce these rules of man or die a slave
Be love, like breath, like waves
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