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Kenya83 Jun 16
Ant on the tree, climbing bark mountains
The flying thing I’ve never seen before
I lost it.
It came back to catch my eye with its fuzzy yellow body
The bee, the lovely bee, frolicking
Small birds flitting atop the trees that shine silvery as the sun reaches higher
The bee comes back
The mossy grass of small twisted cotton creeps up the tree like a blanket
And serves as my seat
I’m thankful
Kenya83 Jun 13
Covers pulled above my head
Cocooned safe and warm, like death?
The world looks like such a mess
Quickening pace of my breath

Questions, questions, no reply
Society with its ‘freedom’ lies
Intoxicated brainwashed ways
Oppression, how the richest stay

On top of all the disposable folk
What an absolute ******* joke
With confidence we call ourselves ‘woke’
Funny how those same shoulders *****
Kenya83 May 31
She's never been more surly broken, the certainty of the words you've spoken, and the lack, the pieces that she can't put back.
Her heart will never beat the same, cracks grew like veins, dying whispering your name.
Kenya83 May 24
Vacant fears, dented hearts
Barefooted footsteps leave their mark
Faded prints each step with
Pain and love and how it’s meant
I taste the tears of years and years
And remember you before
Again we meet, along the path, presented with a way
Unaware that nature’s order is at play
No rights of wrong can be decided, for I remember being guided, by “when you know you know.”
And I know my heart drops to the floor, among the universe it does soar
The contrast of highs, of lows, love just flows and flows
Kenya83 May 1
Have you ever observed your pain?
Looked at yourself from outside yourself, experiencing the turmoil of time
What is life, if not an ounce of suffering is spent on love?
I will stay stuck, unable to turn the page on the month
Until filled with the hope of you, once again
Kenya83 Apr 21
You’ll never know a love like mine
It shines like rubies under sunshine
It glows like the buttercup dancing with a lilac butterfly
And those green-lemon leaves against this flawless blue sky
It gives meaning to the shooting star
That I wished upon for your peaceful heart
It finds strength when you’ve run out
Love, that’s what it’s all about
Kenya83 Apr 21
Wouldn’t we all like a cocktail of drugs when things get tough
To slip in to the sweetest sleep and not wake up
Wouldn’t that be nice, to sacrifice a gift of life for a forever peace... until next time
Wouldn’t all the tough challenges get taken away to never see the light of day
Wouldn’t you kick yourself in the head for all the things you can’t do when you’re dead
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