Kenya83 Dec 8

White, wispy, cappuccino-foam clouds
I imagine them disintegrating in my mouth like marshmallows
The log burner crackles and spits raging orange fireballs that explode in to nothingness with intense metaphorical desire
Story-telling songs play, predicting predicaments, provoking thoughts of the simplicity of taking this moment
Singing tunes of promises and reading minds in a forest of thoughts on pine scented pathways
In my log cabin dream, you are here
A sanctuary of wilderness combusts in to freedom
Telling me your secrets, you trace intense, poetic sketches on my skin
And like the snaking smoke of incense, they evaporate in to the air
As if they were never there

  Dec 2 Kenya83
Eva Aloezos

Oh father, my gratitude cannot be simply expressed, so I'll do my best
out of mother's womb a naive and innocent newborn, you spent days with me sunbathing and massaging, if not for you I wouldn't have the brain, mind, and psyche I possess today
A little girl, with wide and curious brown eyes the color of yiayia Maria's, and the shape of the woman whom you fell madly in love with in Greece, your dutch Aphrodite, where it all started
I'll always recall my proudest moment when your old village friend remarked that he saw a girl about nine or ten playing soccer in the village square with all the boys... he could've sworn it was you
the same steely determination, and natural grace, always striving to win the race
I imagine you smiled and added humbly "that is because she is my daughter"
as I grew I faced dark days, some would say I was a troubled teen who wanted to shine and be seen
looking for love in all the wrong allies
staying over night with me trying your best to stay awake, when my adolescent brain was plagued with a sudden and mysterious case of epilepsy
I laid as a patient in bed with the wires on my scalp, refusing any food because I knew you grew up with the bare necessities
yet there you remained quietly in my corner, observing and counting on the day when your daughter who possessed the spirit of Apollonia would return
here I am, as once again sunny skies  illuminate our world, sun flowers blowing in the breeze
a chilling, yet satisfying wind that pierces Burke Lake's trees
I come before you in sincerity and pure love to say that I would exchange a thousand tomorrows for one last day
of a light rain
that allows us to together side by side lead a justified and fruitful democracy to reign

Kenya83 Dec 1

Damn, your smile
You smile and I come alive
Your eyes, well, they sparkle with so much sincerity my skin shivers

You smile and I’m rewarded, with a gold sticker of dimples and Springtime
Of freshly cut grass, birdsong and warmth

You smile and I smile
I think you might have the most beautiful smile in the world

Kenya83 Nov 30

The night fell silent, she stared out of the window to darkness
He placed his hands on the roundness of her shoulders, curling his fingers around the curve
She inhaled and rose at the slight embrace
No words were spoken, so much unsaid, in that moment

He turned her, in a contradiction of firmness and uncertainty, as she turned to face him
Moonlight reflecting from his eyes, back to hers, she could not break his gaze
Under his shirt, she traced his skin from chest to hips, ensuring every part of her palm was pressed with flesh
In sync, feeling every breath

Kenya83 Nov 29

I guess I’d say I’m lucky, it all comes down to luck,
Historically, I’m born to a time of not giving a fuck

Geographically I’m free, in a nation filled with greed
But in the greater scheme of things,
I’ve never known hunger or planted a seed

Racially I’m privileged, so that’s what they say,
Though my gripe with my lack of exotic is a vain and ignorant betray,
I’ve never endured or felt insecure by the lack of melanin that came my way

Despite the socialistic statistics, I see realistic logistic
Surviving ballistics, Linguistically twisted,
Academically average, emotionally insecure, certainly unsure
What emotions are for

Yes my parents loved me and sure they also screwed up
However, I still had to make my choices
Of getting high in a garage block, or getting up

Kenya83 Nov 28

Like a child, he made himself small
Crouched against the wall
He held on to the soles of his feet, placing his head on his knee
The relentless torment of vulnerability soaked his bare skin
Destruction tore him down from the outside in
As pain receptors cut and the light dimmed
Shattering porcelain hope in to jagged pieces
Too gentle for this time
Emotions had to die and tears dried
The drought left cracks in his mind
But the universe had other plans
For the harshest conditions and remotest terrain
From just a droplet of rain
Pretty flowers grow

Kenya83 Nov 24

What if this moment is all there ever is and was
What if your heart was my one true god
And you accept that reality
In this moment
Where thunder cracks and heavens open
Luscious raindrops fill my mouth
As thirst is quenched and forest fires put out
And we rejoice
We dance in the rain
Accepting times of pain that passed
What if in this moment I got on my knees
Surrendering myself to your love
Feeling so small but giving so much
Worshipping you as the universe
And you will always be enough
Till I take my very last breath as this being
In the place
At this moment

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