Kenya83 Mar 5
Staring at the crescent moon
Knowingly he smiles back
Om becomes everything
Everything becomes me
Molecules dance
The earth spins so fast

I feel luscious rain
As acid pains
The African planes change
Eco systems strained
Greedy gains
As bullets clash with endangered skin

Forests fired to desolate ash
And it’s all just for cash
Murderers hired
For your hearts desired
Civilisation long retired
Humans attack  
Humanity half heartedly reacts

Oceans blue to red
So much blood shed
Arteries cut
Carelessly abrupt
It’ll never be enough
We watch them draw their last breath
Scarlet spreads death
Through lands and through seas
An inglorious disease
Pained to the core
Scarred and sore
Long suffering abusive acts
Our planet finally cracks
Earth cries
And we call ourselves wise
Kenya83 Mar 5
Unravel my body
A petal sighs
Catching a raindrop
You hold me
Out of reach
Every vibration
A migration
Aching limbs
I’m seeing things
My mind explodes
My eyes close
Kenya83 Mar 2
She wrote love letters
To a lover never known
She dipped in ink and scribed the notes
With all the things she loved
About a lover never known
Kenya83 Mar 1
Sharing passions in relating fashions
An instant respect, we’ve never met
Are there limits to kindred spirits
Synchronised minds in virtual time
Auras felt through linguistic rhyme
Intrigue ignites upon this night
I close my eyes and you’re in sight
Piano notes and keys take flight
As we converse in Poetic verse
In times adverse
Connecting with the universe
With truthful hearts and cohesive minds
In wonderlands is where we find
Subconscious selves in trusting realms
No space, no time
Just you and I
Kenya83 Feb 23
I looked up at the moon tonight
I saw shape and shadow and brightness
Something changed
Like movement
I became aware
A chill crossed my body
And I became aware for the first time today
Aware that there is a frost on the ground
Aware that the moon is speaking to me
Aware that my dog is hanging on my every movement
Trying to predict my next move so he can remain close to me
Aware that the night sky is so deep and dark
Yet if you look closely it still retains a hint of midnight blue
Kenya83 Feb 21
Reading broadens your mind
Opinions, feelings, thoughts entwined
Philosophy, concept, psychology, sociology
A fascinating anthology
Of life, beings, humans being
Further than the horizon
To what you can’t see
And what you don’t understand
A different land
Or a different time in a different place
We all face
Trials and Tribulations
Of the human race
Everything living is designed to survive
So why
Are we determined to end lives
Why does cruelty conflict
When so much tragedy already exists
Why are we conditioned to believe
That love and peace is so naive
Consumed by corruption and greed
When childhood lessons planted this seed
When we were young, when we were free
Before responsibility
I clearly see
I don’t fully understand economy
Inflation is easy
But when it comes to selling ammunition and guns
And murdering toddlers with the funds
Destroying entire communities
Thriving on disunities
Revealing in the privileged immunities
Gaining from murderous opportunities
I simply cannot comprehend
How we just pretend
Out of sight, out of mind
Or conveniently blind
Assigned to monotony
Resigned to the powers that be
You are a product of your environment, you see
I never gave you permission to speak for me
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