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Alex 5d
I'm not good enough I know this.
I mess up every chance i accidentally get.
  I hurt my body but get in trouble from others.
   I barely see my son
    I cant keep people in my life.
     I want to reset my life.
Alex 5d
There's a mom out there who is staring down at her legs with so much anger and pain she can barely see.

There's a mom, with no proof she recently cleaned the entire house, she tries to calm down her toddler who has yet to sleep.

There's a mom, with tears and a loud mind waiting until she wins back control of her emotions before she ***** something else up.

There's a mom all on her own and no therapy/counselling that worked, she began to build her walls again for the last time.
Tired of judging my every action. Will I ever be enough?
Alex Apr 3
Something   happened     to       me
that I don’t remember but
Alex Jan 12
You Go to his house and wait for him until you get tired and say you’re going home but you actually go the library and when I say library I mean the spot in Between mine and your house. The place I stay just Incase you change your mind and come chill. A safe haven I go to because you don’t seem to know how much I want to see you
So I made it our foundation in which we made an invisible mental house
Wrote this then I was ******.
Alex Dec 2019
Why is death so evil when
people turn the other way pretend you didn’t speak those four words
Yet, when others die from other causes
talk enough of it?
Alex Dec 2019
How can you love me more than words describe but when I see myself I just feel shame and empty inside?
How can you be so happy to see me but I can barely look in the mirror?
How can you be so afraid to lose me but the mere thought of dying brings a smile followed by tears?
  Dec 2019 Alex
don’t worry,
i’m okay.
i just have to
be sad
to draw myself
back into my head
and make sure
everything’s working correctly.
a simple one i wrote in my journal yesterday
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