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Alex Jun 16
wanted to cut..
did nothing..
cried and then went to bed..
maybe I’m growing as a person or maybe I’m just to scared of the consequences..
like a dog with an electric collar.. eventually it’ll be to scared to move knowing that no matter what emotion, action, sound it makes.. it’ll be wrong.
Cut + doctors = kids Taken
Throw phone = broken phone ..****
Cry + sleep = sad soul with two kids
Alex Dec 2020
Life; what is it but a cruel teacher that smothers you with brutal lessons
That regardless the degree or how deep the burn, you forget the lesson. May it be you just didn’t care, maybe you had nothing to lose but unlike any teacher that tests you fairly wanting you to go far, Life has no mercy, it doesn’t care whether it’s fair or if you achieve a single goal you made on your 19th birthday. Life will have you kneeling as it takes all that you once had, it will laugh at you as you make yet another  mistake that could’ve been avoided if only you payed the slightest bit of attention. So I sit here writing and dreaming of the future too scared to act too afraid of the next lesson.
Life’s been hard
Alex Jun 2020
What’s a relationship worth?
Everything. A relationship is a tandem activity that lasts till -death do us part-
It’s not one sided. You give then you receive. You have confrontations and you come to a solution. It’s not meant to be hard. Tough at times? He’ll yeah, Maybe. this is new grounds and it’s scary as hell. Never been treated like a princess till now and it’s time I start accepting that I’m allowed to be spoiled with kisses and kindness. I Shouldn’t have to guess that it goes both ways. When you’re in love and find the right person, it’s peaceful, simple. You should feel goosebumps on your skin and heat in your cheeks as your muscles start to hurt from smiling too hard. You get upset by the mere thought of them leaving and giddy when you see him walk down the street knowing he’s yours and only yours and you’ll do anything and everything to keep it that way.
Alex May 2020
I'm not good enough I know this.
I mess up every chance i accidentally get.
  I hurt my body but get in trouble from others.
   I barely see my son
    I cant keep people in my life.
     I want to reset my life.
Alex May 2020
There's a mom out there who is staring down at her legs with so much anger and pain she can barely see.

There's a mom, with no proof she recently cleaned the entire house, she tries to calm down her toddler who has yet to sleep.

There's a mom, with tears and a loud mind waiting until she wins back control of her emotions before she ***** something else up.

There's a mom all on her own and no therapy/counselling that worked, she began to build her walls again for the last time.
Tired of judging my every action. Will I ever be enough?
Alex Apr 2020
Something   happened     to       me
that I don’t remember but
Alex Jan 2020
You Go to his house and wait for him until you get tired and say you’re going home but you actually go the library and when I say library I mean the spot in Between mine and your house. The place I stay just Incase you change your mind and come chill. A safe haven I go to because you don’t seem to know how much I want to see you
So I made it our foundation in which we made an invisible mental house
Wrote this then I was ******.
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