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May 2018
**** I swear I wish I never met him tall and dark skin I feel in love with him without a single kiss but his heart is what i wanted to win. I have never felt so low and misplaced. the words beautiful means nothing if it’s not coming from him. i keep asking myself if I had made love to u would we still be connected.... I wish I did cause maybe I could stop dreaming about u well at least that’s what I keep telling myself. u asked me if I would tell the person that I fall in love with that I love them truth is my heart was connected to you that very day! it was the longest phone conversation i entertained in a long time 8hrs I mean since high school days..... I knew i wasn’t gonna be able to easily erase ya memory from my mind..... it’s so bad that I had to drop to my knees to begging god to let me forget about you cause it hurts so bad ... I tried to keep dating, I even finally gave myself away smh! made love to some lame to try to erase ya memory and  all I could see was ya face. the ****** won’t stop calling but.... sorry my heart is already taken by a heart less man who probably wouldn’t care if I got hit by a Dart Bus smh! but still every morning I wake up in tears again and again because I can’t stop dreaming that same dream of him.. I asked my therapist the one I started seeing again cause this situation with u has pushed my heart over the edge , I asked her am I crazy or delusional she said no suga u love him,  How??? why??? this can’t be possible! all I know is this has to be the last time I open up to anyone.... It hurts 2 bad to miss someone who thinks so little of you
Written by
Blakbuttafly89  F
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