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Insane Reverie Aug 2015
I have ravaged nights like this,
Dreaming about the dead ones
Bleeding for sorcery,
Crying with hope,
Scars of vows,
For only they can see me now~
Remembering the lost ones.
Insane Reverie Jul 2015
Can you hold me,my love?
I'm losing my grip
I've been through rough patch
only able to grieve
My treambling body,
My hopes,that is about to dissaper
it's for you to hold
it is your part of share,to care
& I , I will be your strength
Everybody goes through nightmares
I will be there to show you light
on your  darkest night
We will reach out to the sky,
Sky is the limit, they say
the limit : so limitless
the limit : we've set
we do this often to ourself
setting limit to everything we get
I, I am going to worship every inch of you
If you promise to do same
we are gonna talk,make love
under the night sky
star gaze,just to feel alive
I am going to rip off all the romanticism inside me
if that's what love feels like
l've been good but
I've also been blessed with the bad side
I am fed up with fake promises
and people who pretend to make things right
I want to be able to write love poems again,
So baby, tell me no lie .
Insane Reverie Jul 2015
"Ruin me for good once"
I told him,
As i fire my ciggarate
With the lighter he lends.
Insane Reverie Apr 2015
Tied are those hair,now
which was a grip for love making
Abandoned are those hand
which sets the motion for rhapsody
the soul,she thought she knew
traded with cheat,
An amour to be specific
but yet she believed
love could exist,
forgiving the sin
but there was no forgetting
so,she leaves...
Sometimes memory serves less pain than reality.
  Mar 2015 Insane Reverie
Nick Web
Love Detect

Have you seen love?
no-no I mean seen love
Not a fake scene love?
But real love,
Mean love,
Not what you see on the screen love,
I mean brings you to your knees love
That you scream I scream we scream love,
Real love,
No that sneaking through the window just to see how it feels love
Don't use her up,
Don't steal Love,
But Real Love,
That spend your last penny and then rebuild love
I need that fight
We argue and still love
Put her first,
Let her go first,
That Yield Love,
That nothings perfect,
It hurts ****,
But its still love
Have you seen love,
That sweet love,
Cream love,
That Mad Love,
Blow Steam love,
That as long as I have you,
I'll protect love,
I detect love,
I'm looking for love
Have you seen love?
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