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Delicacy8100 Oct 1
Signals transmitted
Underlining the next the how the who
Taking control in brief unsettling encounters
Flaring a flame
challenging messages to surface
Puzzles of the universe.
Signals to a path
Who really knows
Life is
Just laugh
colette alexia Apr 2020
Call me again to tell me what you’ve sacrificed
How decisions that were yours you somehow say were mine
Tell me that you won’t move to Ohio
Funny I don’t remember when did I ever invite you
alexa Apr 2019
when you were crying over him cheating on you with lily, you should’ve called me.

when he would slap you silly, you should’ve called me.

when you thought about taking your life because of him, you should’ve called me.

you shouldn’t have let him win. you should’ve called me.

but i wasn’t there...
this is a story about my friend being in an abusive relationship but she never told me until later. she should’ve called me.
Call me, whenever you feel like talking.
Speak, and I'll always be there to listen.
Call me, day or night.
I'm here for you, no matter the time.

You don't have to say any words.
Call, even if you just want to hear my voice.
Call me on a whim; Or call me, just because.
I'll be there in a heartbeat. You just say the word.

Call me when you miss me.
Call me anytime, anywhere, for anything.
Call me. It doesn't matter what I'm doing.
I'll be there for you, to sate your every longing.
the laws of physics, meet the laws of human nature

spinning plates
are always white unblemished so their breaking into pieces
is more visually enthralling and definite

been a spinner magico for so long, you’d think I deserve some
gravitational dispensation

it doesn’t work that way

when you learn to be a spinner, they teach catching too

but that was so long ago,
tho the endless spin slowing,
obedient to the laws of physics,
the human laws of the physical
give time power over gravity

making the eyes weaker
the hands tremulous
the arms woodenly worth less

so a crash is a forethought, imagined, inevitable

time is the most powerful force in the universe

the laws of physics, meet the laws of human nature
how does one describe a slow dying
Pyrrha Jul 2018
I know you're busy trying to find yourself
Through nicotine and diet pills
I was just curious and thinking
Do you ever stop to wonder
If it's enough to just be the you that you are?
Do you ever stop to consider
If it's worth losing the you that's already there?

So call me when you get back
From the hell you're putting yourself through
When you choose me over all the worthless addictions you destroy yourself with
Call me when you get back
From all the nightmares you've made come true

Tell me who's been by your side
Through all of what life has thrown at you?
Can your cigarettes wipe away your tears?
Do those drugs make you feel so pretty
That you don't even need me?
You say that it's none of my concern
That just sounds like an excuse
What you need is a hard knock back into reality

Do you believe I will just ignore
All the brand new cuts, bruises, and burns?
Do you think I'll sit still while you tear yourself down?
I know you lie when you say you need to save yourself your way
Doing things your way looks like a hazard sign to me

I'm scared of what you have become
I'm scared of what you will do to yourself
I feel like I can't take my eyes off of you
Or you'll just disappear
I’m so mad at you for making me be so disappointed
In the person who I looked up to the most
Without any regard for those who love you
Choosing ephemeral means of feeling over the shoulders that we offer

Call me when you wake up tell me why you're upset
I want to be there for you
You know that I am someone you can come to
Call me when you need me
I promise I'll pick up immediately
Know that I know that you are scared
So call me when you're ready
I promise I'll be there
My best friend was struggling a lot last year this was originally a song I wrote her. She's good now just fyi.
Gynna Manel May 2015
You can call me your teacher,
who taught you things you've never known

You can call me your travel buddy,
who takes you to places you've never been

You can call me your dream weaver,
who help you build your dreams

You can call me your chef,
who feeds you with delicious food

You can call me your preacher,
the one who caddies you to the house of God

You can call me your singer,
who sings to you melodies you've never heard

You can call me your book,
whom you read page by page but with no ending

You can call me your psychologist,
the one who analizes your character deeply

You can call me your mirror,
for you bare everything to me that no one will ever know

You can call me your match,
that lights up fast when you need a fire

You can call me your pillow,
the one you hug at night to hide in it's fluffiness

You can call me your blanket,
the one who gives you warmth inside and out

You can call me your home,
for I am your shelter when you are lost

You can call me...
The one who stays behind your back

The one who holds you invisibly
The only one who speaks your language
or your soul mate

But I want you to call me...
The one who never left, just like the way you want me to...
Eternally! ✨
Hayzzzzz... sad!
Carsyn Smith Jul 2014
There’s a third space
That’s not quite here
Yet not quite there.
It’s a dark place
With no clear light
Other than the fireflies
That hover close listening,
To our quiet whispers
To our quick mumbling
And to the declarations.
There’s a slight drizzle,
But I don’t mind,
Because your voice is
      My umbrella
      My blanket
      My everything.
Close my eyes, listening
To the muffled backg­round,
It makes me think
I’m there with you.
But not quite there –
In a third         space,
With you beside me.
I don’t hangup first
Because I want to
Listen for your guard
As it falls         away
Some where in         that

                 Third space.
Why won't Hello Poetry add my tabs :-/??

— The End —