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Ynhia Pollard Mar 2017
It's not the loss of friendship that brought on the water works,
The pain and empathy,
The emotional trauma,
I put in work to build back,
A wall, my space,
A place in which no other can enter,
I've entered a place in which it's been darken,
Though on the outer layer I may shine,
But I've dulled down from the dullness of your relentless character,
You haven't changed much dear character,
You lie and destroy,
Oh my dear character,
How I resent my character,
For my character loves your character even through it all,
Your malicious ways has done enough,
Years we carry years around in our pockets,
The privilege I gave you with knowing me,
You took that for granted,
You carry and drop my heart along the ways of tragedy,
Not surprised at the repeated history,
For history does repeat itself,
You are a deleted character,
For my character will level up soon !
Dedicated to my so called fried
Ynhia Pollard Oct 2016
Man it's crazy,
How I help others,
With their helpless ****,
Winning her back, him back,
Off my words and ****,
But I'm losing and ****,
The one I want,
Don't even want me and ****,
But it's ok my G,
Ima work and work,
Tell you see me for me,
Again, and again I said,
You're the one for me,
Forever and always type time bae,
Y'Nhia Dukes,
Yea that sound hella lovely,
You a strong *******,
But I made you weak to your knees,
You get soooo, annoyed at me,
Mad at me,
Happiness was rare,
But I was ******* happy,
But I got tired and ****,
I kept running and ****,
After you !
Cause you kept chasing these hoes and ****,
So I got me some too,
And all hell broke thru,
Got **** Got ****,
I lost a ***** to **** that wasn't me,
Lost the man of my dreams,
To **** that wasn't even me,
He called me a *** that hurt,
But I deserved those words,
I don't deserve you no more,
I burnt that door,
But I sense hope cause God,
Is always an awesome God,
He takes me here to teach me that,
So when I get my life right Karlton I'm coming back !
Ynhia Pollard Jun 2016
You are a solider,
The war of my life is at a cease,
Its the stillest moment I've ever lived,
Because you are my solider,
You are a protector,
The wreck of others is trashed,
You know the right words to say,
Fixed my heart when it's mashed,
For that I adore you,
You absorb the bad,
Dispense the good,
You are knocked down,
You get back up and walk,
You are hurt,
You are pain,
You are love,
You are joy,
You're my Aegis,
Many try to mock,
Many try to ruin,
Many tried to fix,
God walks in your walk,
God shines in your smile,
God moves in your spirit,
God talks through your voice,
If you want to see the beauty,
I'd advise you to look closer,
It's not what you think it is,
It's what I see, I'm a boaster,
I am proud,
I have pride,
I have the greatest mother Alive,
And I just want the world to know you're beautiful,
Go ahead,
Seek and you shall find,
It's not in the weight,
Or the size of your behind,
You'll find it in the bathroom,
On an item that reflects,
My Aegis look in the mirror,
And tell me what you see,
When you see yourself,
Smile and let your light gleam !
Dedicated to Lisa Pollard, My Mother, My Aegis
Ynhia Pollard May 2016
My heart is decayed,
I don't experience emotion,
Daddy's little girl,
Has lost all her devotion,
Towards the opposite,
Gender you see,
Blacken within,
But her eyes still gleam,
They twinkle in awe,
Where the sunset lies,
His lye was toxic,
As he still covered me in lies,
Blacken soap on the heart,
It's cold,
Chills run down my spine,
I can't feel,
But would I want to experience,
What I would feel,
The feeling of numbness,
Is discernment,
What once was a free heart,
The next will have to earn it,
Can't grasp the concept,
Of neglectful passion,
The fire in her soul is barely burning,
I'm weak to my knees,
Silent cry to my father,
I once had dad,
Now I'm a black stereotypical daughter !
Dedicated to the daughters who fathers neglected them...
Ynhia Pollard May 2016
And she BREATHED for the first time in a while,
She then CHOKED on what it was she took in,
It was NEW,
But it was just AIR ...
Ynhia Pollard Apr 2016
Talent, we still have it,
Our generation,
Needs to step up,
Touch and grab it,
We aren't what we make it seem,
We're more than this,
Touch and grab a talent,
You gotta Sound it,
Ready... Set... Do go,
And leave that house,
Go get grounded,
Make it on your own,
Make a living,
Make a world,
For yourself,
You gotta touch and grab your talent,
They have lived,
They have seen,
Now it's our turn,
To touch and grab,
Make it gleam,
Show the pride,
I'm black and I'm proud,
And I'm not gone hide,
That ebonics from the motherland,
Which is cool,
But I can talk like me and talk like you,
From the bottom straight to the top,
Ima touch and grab this talent,
Show you up,
Head start,
That's fine,
But it's my turn to shine,
Blacker the berry the sweeter the juice,
Pac said it,
Mama always had my back,
But now she dead,
Lost but now I'm found in the name,
Speak the tongue of my God,
Spread the word,
I made it out,
I'm way to happy to stay on mute,
I'm black and I'm proud,
And I made it out,
I gotta shout,
The world,
I see its end,
Soon come,
Straight in this narrow path,
Touch and grab a talent,
Make it out,
Don't stay where you are,
Make it out,
I'm here to tell that it's more to this,
This life is a game,
I have the manual to this,
It's all in the B-I-B-L-E,
Soon banded,
They know the truth and branded it,
And they have their God,
But I have mine too,
To the Man upstairs,
I'm sorry for all I've done,
Please save us too,
Take me home with you,
But to my people,
Stay black and stay proud,
Touch your talent,
Grab your talent,
Let's take over the world !
I'm out ...
Ynhia Pollard Mar 2016
My heart is heavy,
You've lead me,
But I'm done...
The moment of surrender,
Has officially begun...
Let it commence,
For the sake of my heart...
This vital ***** needs a reset,
A fresh start...
I grow,
I grow weary to the happy never coming...
This ending is not realistic,
Realistically realizing that you're really not for me,
How I want to sit here and plea,
Plead a case that's been pled over a million,
Time after time,
I just wanted you, to want me too...
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