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Cry me a rainbow river

Set aflame by red neon lights

As I walk past the dark houses of lonesome town

I miss the illumination of your smile.
I've kept my heart in a jar
Locked my tears in the sky
Don't need to cry or hurt anymore
But I feel so empty, and I wonder why

Mistletoe shade is scarce
Mistletoe season is yet to come
And like them I'm ******* out the life out of my past
Curving endlessly into the tracks of my last run
The birds flew away from their nests

Their silent songs enveloping their abrupt farewell

Like an abandoned child, those lifeless straws

Soak the tears of the empathising sunset
The sunshine halo
That surrounds our entwined fingers
Sings the song of beginning
The melody of the young dawn

We've only just begun loving
We've only just started to try
And I hope that it'll be very long
Before we bade goodbye
I have killed your memories do I get rid of these remains?
My awkward steps
Beat a tattoo of regret
In my shrinking heart
Her house isn't somewhere I look forward to visiting
The streets are broken in places with garbage all around
It stinks, right to the almighty heavens, I think
And if it wasn't for her
I would have avoided
Going there
That is where she lived
And that is why
It became my favourite place
In the entire world

In the entire world
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