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Aidan M Jul 2020
Storms in us are barreling, taking aim at our threats.

Land will impact the wind. Hurricanes, powerful wind, moving west.

The center of wind, rain, and surf strikes close. Halt the move. Storm Center had wind.

Located on moving mouths, a storm watches for strength until it sees a chance. It reaches for heavy areas. Could it flood?

Meanwhile, expect a long line. Storm forces could reach night or day.

The earliest storm follows from the son.
This is a blackout poem I made from the weather section of a newspaper. It symbolizes the nature of arguments and fights as storms. You can never predict when they’ll happen or why.
Aidan M Jul 2020
is important of course
When we’re out to have lots of


The world,
all about his travels,
Says he fell in love with


A wonderful ride round


But, then he didn’t,

And he said

That girl would always be special, but really special,

Lots more serious than the


She tells to be a queen, very strict,

Started a wonderful story, the old tales, scary,

Because a monster met

Each other
We were a part of each other,


The story,

To hear about the joke of it, he knows I

don’t ,

Terrible things attack

This is a blackout poem I wrote about a year ago. It uses words from Electra. It’s supposed to symbolize how we get caught up in little, unimportant, trivial matters, thinking that evils will never happen to us. It’s a confusing poem, meant to reflect on our confusing lives.
bess goldstein Aug 2019
we run through life's tunnel--
walls covered in mirrors,
our reflections always on display
for the passersby.

a straight path,
reminding us of our imperfect
until we reach the end--
glass hitting us right in the face.

that's all we see at the end--
and all the people we wished we could be,
replacing our reflection.

in reflections, what we see
is never what we want to be.
bess goldstein Aug 2019
silk sheets scraping smooth skin
hiding from the morning sun-
the sky looking down at her
picking clouds out one by one.

jays chirping the same song
each night before bed--
the blues lyrics
always getting stuck in her head.

the shirt she wore when she first kissed you,
hands grasping so tight her veins went

when she sees her favorite color,
she only thinks of you--
but when you're together
she is never really blue.
Makayla Jane Feb 2019
I feel alone;
The kind they bring
Blackout Poetry I did that was taken from the lyrics of Stolen Dance by Milky Chance.
Feel free to share revision ideas (:
Neuvalence Jan 2019
The light escaped barely through the cold morning.
I found you broken—and I was too,
You healed me more than I could heal you,
I wiped the tear rolling down your cheek,
Your last word escaped the brim of your lips
So weak, so fragile;
And our love grew boundless.
Neuvalence Jan 2019
The children grew heavy on our backs
The desert sun was baking our skin
But we could still see sand, endless at the horizon
We knew our last days were near.
Neuvalence Jan 2019
The cadence of the birds
The gentle breeze
The waters and the plants:
They breathe
Blackout version of my poem "Realm of the Stone Monoliths"
serpentinium Aug 2018
clouded by home,
you troubled people
ask and destroy lives
to remake despair.

the power put in his hands
silenced her into that
familiar trap.

“i should have let her go.”

but he began attempting the
impossible, so used to looking
at the Gorgon, afraid to face
the sacrifice tightening
under his head.



she flooded his heart with
done via black-out poetry using pg. 209 of ‘The Age of Innocence’
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