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Pure Bliss Nov 2018
I need sleep
To much thought
To much going on

I long for it
I feel as though I could **** for it
I feel as though I could marry it

All i want is sleep
Life is to deep
There's no hiding
if only I could sleep
Pure Bliss Oct 2018
As I look into her eyes
I see endless skies
I see the definition of infinity,

As I watch her energy
I see the possibilities
I see not the end but the beginning,

As I see her soul move with grace
I see her life moving at her pace
She has the definition of potential,

As I see her look into the mirror
I see in her eyes rejection and doubt

As she looks into the eyes of society
She sees a ugly fat person who'd be better off dead,
But what she doesn't know is that she has the looks of a queen, the personality of a comedian, and the strength of a worrior,

Woman be not afraid to be your self and let your potential come out,
Woman be brave,
Woman open your eyes!
This is dedicated to the people who I call my closest friends. You guys have so much potential it's not even funny. Please widen your eyes and make light of the endless possibilities!
Pure Bliss Jul 2018
Young women so bold
Not afraid to try again
Not afraid to say no to the men who try and take advantage of them,

Young women so smart
Finding new and proper ways of doing things
Finding peace within,

Young women so strong
Like a stealthy leopard hunting its pry in the jungle,
Like a majestic mare willing to fight for her foal,

Young women never give up,
Never throughout your dreams just because some guy told you to,
Never do what you think isn't right.
Pure Bliss May 2018
The day is rainy,
The night is long,
Without you I’m nothing,
When I’m with you I feel as though time stops around us and we’re the only ones who can move,
I feel as though the birds chirp louder,
The bees buzz more eloquently,
When I’m with you the water looks more blue
Like the sky without clouds,
I think more,
I feel more,
I see more,

When I’m with you my heart rate slows,
My thoughts become more positive as though a wave has cleared away all of the negativity and left behind only positivity,
When I’m with you I become more understanding of who we are as a couple,
I feel as I am meant to be with you for the rest of my life!
Pure Bliss May 2018
As you read the clock at four in the morning,
You wonder if you will ever get to sleep,
You try to put your head down on the pillow
Cover up and get nice and comfy,
But you’re still up,
So you try to get a glass of water and go back to bed,
And still you’re up,
Why is nothing working?

I’ll tell you why,
There is a Fool who loves beautiful jewels,
He goes around every night and takes them from people just for him,
This fool will never stop,
This fool is very cruel,
He steals people’s sleep,
Makes them stay up all night long,
So as you are reading this at four in the morning,
Just remember to keep your jewel locked up tight!
Pure Bliss May 2018
By the break of dawn tomorrow
You will live in fray
Due to the fact that I won’t be here,
I know that you will fear
What you hear,
Your son, friend, love
Flying with the dove of death,

I feel as if I don’t make you happy
Then what’s the point of being here,
If I can’t make you proud
Then what’s the point of being around

When the clock strikes midnight,
You will see a big fright,
Me just hanging there,
My body so violently bare,
This note to you
Is made because I couldn’t do much,
I feel like I have failed you,

As the tears come running down your face,
As you are in the dark hole of depression,
Just think about all of the good times that we’ve had
All the laughs and smiles,
Just remember the memories that we’ve made together,
Remember the smiles we put on people’s faces
Remember the days that were so cold
And when I walked in that room
The day became warm,
Remember me for me!
Pure Bliss May 2018
The time has come,
That happiness has ran its course,
And now depression has come back to me,
But what she can’t see,
Is that the darkness in me is to deep
And too steep,
I can’t understand why my love is to strong,
Why it hurts for me to love
Between the beautiful dove,
The dove that drove us
Through hell and all,
Can we roll the ball once more,
Can you give me another chance,
Yes being your friend is nice and all,
But the pain that you cured,
It helped me to stir the happiness with in,
I know you don’t understand what I do,
I know you don’t realize that all I want is your love,
All I want is you.
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