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Michael R Burch Mar 2020
by Michael R. Burch

I did not delight in love so much
as in a kiss like linnets’ wings,
the flutterings of a pulse so soft
the heart remembers, as it sings:

to bathe there was its transport, brushed
by marble lips, or porcelain,—
one liquid kiss, one cool outburst
from pale rosettes. What did it mean ...

to float awhirl on minute tides
within the compass of your eyes,
to feel your alabaster bust
grow cold within? Ecstatic sighs

seem hisses now; your eyes, serene,
reflect the sun’s pale tourmaline.

Published by Romantics Quarterly, Poetica Victorian, PW Review, Nutty Stories (South Africa), Inspirational Stories, Poetry Life & Times

Keywords/Tags: Fountain, love, heart, pulse, bathe, kiss, sun, marble, bust, tides, sighs, eyes, sun, tourmaline
The Iguazu falls
Swifts slow dance through the waterfalls
Sun their wings on cliffs
Watched a documentary on dark swifts, and their life around the Iguazu Falls. Such a fascinating beauty!!
AW Aug 2018
The sun is shining, we poets are rhyming.
Others might be out to bathe, but we fill our sheets with creative parts.
This is a thirty second writing, as I am freestyling the way I am diving.
Had an Idea of 'freestyle writing' within 30 seconds, that's the result.
veritas Jul 2018
>My lover and I make a crime scene every night. But every night, we walk away with more blood on our hands. Not victimless, but witnessless.

            tell me what this carnal discourse is. tell me i can wash it off. tell me i can forget.

     >But no, the world murmurs back to me, no, you get to bathe in it. And then, just when you feel anew, you will open your eyes to a lake of lost lovers.
Elizabeth Jul 2018
And when the time comes my tears won't be falling like rain for it will be warm tea and fresh honey streaming down my cheeks.
I hope one day I will bathe in sunflowers and new love - I'm tired of the dead leaves that burden my body, they soak in like fresh coconut on my skin.
I sit underwater where time stops for a second, and I am at peace. I hope one day I can run into rushing waterfalls without begging for that moment of altered reality. I hope one day I bathe in roses instead of my sorrows.
What do you hope for?
Asominate Jan 2018
You wanna break my mind,
You wanna tear me up,
Don't know know what you will find,
In my remains but guts.

You wanna break my heart,
You wanna tear me down
But I will rise up high
With a powerful sound

You wanna break my soul
You wanna tear me apart
Up to  know you don't know
That I have a pure heart

You wanna break my spirit,
You wanna take it all
Well, but you just don't get it
I'll get up when I fall (eventually).
I wrote this for people who set me to bathe, lol. Notice how I have the 'eventually?' *Sigh, thinking back of childhood*
Earl Jane Jan 2017

I bathe you with my tears of love,
Hoping that it will overflow,
And that someday,
It will sail you next to me.

© Earl Jane
♥ E.J.C.S.
For Brandon ❤
N Whitten Sep 2015
Success? Oh-**!
You can’t just dabble in it, boy.

You need to bathe with it.
Wash your hair in it.
Spread it on your sandwiches.

Buy expensive jewelry for it.
Name your firstborn after it.
Don’t let psychoanalysts talk you out of it.
Tell everyone you know you have it.
Jump when it says jump.

And remember, at night!
When you and success are alone,
never close your eyes
to make sure it doesn’t sneak off
to embrace someone
more successful than you.
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