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Hannah Mar 2020
As my foot slips off the edge,
I feel my body let go.

The initial panic
is met with a contrasting sense of calm.
A calmness that reminds me
why I stepped so close to the edge
in the first place.

Release— my soul, my mind, my body.
I am finally free,  and in this moment
I am weightless.

As I fly, I fall farther away
from the overwhelming madness
that consumes me.

With every gasp of hard air,
I am brought closer to a world
where my worries become peace.

Just as I close my eyes,
embracing the complete darkness,
the complete freeness,
I am moments away from meeting
I feel a sharp yank
that pulls me back up.

Reeling me in,
like a fish,
not wanting to be caught.

I did not ask to be saved.
I did not want to be saved.

My mind fills quickly with the madness
that was erased moments ago.

I feel the weight of my limbs and my troubles,
and I feel pain.

As I am lifted back onto the edge,
the calmness leaves me ,
and I am met with shocking anxiety
and sorrow.

I am bound yet again,
no longer free.

But they will say
that I am saved.
Hannah Mar 2020
When they call it
what do they mean?
A small delicate creature
that lands on your arm
raising each hair one-by-one
as it travels towards your hand.
The nervous flutter in your stomach
that you can never escape
no matter how hard you try.
A light floating feeling
that raises your cheeks
and stops you
from coming back down.
I don’t know why they call it
All I know
is you give them
to me.
The darker the berry the sweeter the seeds
plant them because you sow what you reap.
My skin is magical you see...for I am a special kind of breed.
When I'm in the sun my melanin boils, plus heat is good for my ***** coils.
A shade darker I've just became...
From honey brown to a cocoa shade.
Time to untwist my bantu knots and free my natural fro.
The curly crown of victory as my melanin glows. I strut through the grasslands in tune with my inner goddess. My legs are thick and long, so now its time to flaunt this.
shaking my hair from left to right & pump my fist in the air.
Wish I was alive in the civil rights, but then I wouldn't be hear.
People they envy my complexion, they wish they had my perfection. But honestly you can't hate on something God gave.
Melanin queen, you reign in the lands.
Zion queen, lets do a foreign dance.
Melanin runs within my veins and pores.
Melanin I love to be, I'm wading
in the shores.

— The End —