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Kassey Apr 14
I was always your luna
The mysterious luna
You were my sol
The time stopped
You light me up
You show the universe
How alluring I was
Crescent, half, full
I'll meet you
If I wait for years
My bright sol
I've been watching from afar
Collide with me
For a short period of time
And that was
A never ending
And strong love.
Kassey Apr 10
How awful it is
You are keeping her
But she was already
Taking ten steps away from you
And that was your first heart ache.
Kassey Apr 10
I drown in words
Poetry saves me
Our feelings become blurry
We thought it was a love story
But this is a tragedy.
Kassey Apr 10
Do birthday wishes come true?
I've been feeling blue
You said I'm your happiness
But it turns out
I'm your sorrow
So it's my birthday
They put the candle
Waiting me to whisper
And I said
I wish
He'll be happy with someone else
I love him, know him so well
so I don't want to see him suffering
I blow, hoping
my wish would come true
Your happiness is my happiness. Happy birthday self!
Kassey Apr 8
I am always waiting
For the day
I'll see you leaving
Cause I hurt you too much
But you're just loving me
And I want to see you happy
Smiling with someone else
Realizing that wasn't me
The girl in your arms
The one who causes your smiles
I'd love to let you go
But I love you
More than you could know
Inspired by 6.18.18
Kassey Apr 8
Sometimes I wonder
What is my happiness?
Is it us being together?
Or seeing you being happy with her?
I would like to see you happy with her pls.
Kassey Sep 2019
Sa bawat araw na lumilipas
Simula ng nagtagpo ang ating landas
Hindi ko inakalang
Ang paglalapit ng ating mga mata
Magiging daan sa hindi inaasahang
Pagkakakilala at pagkakaibigan
Sa isang ihip ng hangin
Agad kang napansin
Hindi man natin aminin
Sa isa't isa'y tayo'y may pagtingin

Pilit nating nililihim
Ngunit nadarama'y
Ating diningin
Sa paglapit ng tadhana
Ikaw pala'y mamahalin
Ng totoo at labis
Lahat kayang gawin

Dumating man ang alitan
Tayo man ay magkasakitan
Mawala man ang kasiyahan
Sa piling mo ako'y laging andiyan
Pipiliin ka, kahit ano pa man
Pipiliin ka, kahit nasan ka man
Pipiliin ka, sa dulo ng hangganan
Pipiliin ka, kahit man masaktan
Pipiliin ka, sa gitna ng kalungkutan
Pipiliin ka, dahil ikaw lang ang nais
Nais mahalin at alagaan
Pipiliin ka, sa araw araw
Inspired by listening to ben&ben's "Araw- Araw"
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