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Kassey 3h
I see them, human being
I hear them, all breathing
I spoke to them, they all lying
Their mouth speak *******
I wish my name wasn't mention
But now I am on their intention
They follow me in my deep dark forest
Dig a hole inside a shallow heart
Back in reality, where
they can't see clearly
Telling my name, creating dross issues
I remained silent, listening to trashes
Why they don't focus on themselves
Instead of diving in life of others?
They talk about me , meddling my private life and they tell me hurtful words on my back
Kassey Jul 4
They say, promises
Are meant to be broken
But here I am trusting you
Holding on the words you say
Touching your fingertips
Admiring your laudable lips
You kiss me until I can't breathe
Sorry, but I am your hostage
Your slave, your love
But all the words you say
I always had doubt
Saying it's not true
Yet I've been lied to
Words will remain words
Your actions are proofs
I love you
But what the hell did I do?
To received lies?
You're a deceiver
In disguise,
I gave you my smile, now
You can't get me back
I love you, and I don't to
Be deceive by a person like you
Kassey Jul 3
I was walking
Alone in a gloomy
Wet streets
I was lost
Wandering where
I should step
One wrong move
I am dead
But someone touch my soul
On the moment I felt like dying
I fall apart
You pick me up
I can't escape the dark
But you were by my side
I can feel you
You lead me to
The right path
You are my searchlight
You light up my shadowy night
You save me from foolishness
I saw the way
The way out
I escaped with you.
I love you
I am inloveee
Kassey Jul 3
I was pretty crushed
My happiness doesn't lasts
My tears, they don't drop
I was tired inside
Roses don't bloom
They are withered
Dead in snow
Yet so winsome
Outside she was strong
But inisde she's chasing
A never-ending storm
I am sad lol
Kassey Jul 3
Let me be alone
Alone with you
Let me cry
And put your hands
In my teary cheeks
Let me lean my body
Against you
Let me crawl inside
Your beautiful soul
Let me hold you
Hold you, hold you
Let me put a rope
Around my ****** neck
Because they didn't
Let me to be free
They let me to suffer
They let me to breathe
Intoxicated air
Let me be happy
Above the sky
Where I can reach the clouds
Let me touch the stars
Let me be your
Woebegone first love.
Kassey Jul 2
Kukunan ka ng magagandang larawan
Ilalagay sa alaala ang matatamis na ngiti, iniisip ka bawat sandali
Mahal kong ayaw kong bitawan
Pangako nating walang hanggang pagmamahalan
Ngunit ngayon, ang masasayang ngiti at matamis na pagmamahalan
Bakit tila nandito nalang sa ating larawan?
Kassey Jul 2
For you, who is sad
For you, who is downed
For you, who is cried
For you, who is abused
For you, who is hopeless
For you, who seeks happiness
Always remember that
There is a bright light
Inside a shallow dark night
You'll mean the word
"I am alright"
Because every star
Shines in a galaxy
You'll see it's tiny
But it gives hope to
The one who loses sight
They shine so bright
To be an inspiration
The world is dark
And you're a precious star
Keep shining bright
God is our  guide and light
Don't give up
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