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Along an empty stretch of highway I came
upon a tobacconist-head shop-liquor store.
Francie Lynch Oct 2017
(Think Where Have All the Flowers Gone)

Where have all the assassins gone,
I'm just asking,
Where have all the hit-men gone,
It wasn't long ago.
Where have all the psychos gone,
Ones like Sirhan Sirhan,
Or a crazy red Russian,
Better still, an American.

Where have all the agencies gone,
I'm just asking,
The MI5, the CIA,
KGB, Mossad;
Where have covert actions gone,
When there's guys like crazed Kim Jong;
Or a crazed American,
A narcissistic American.

Where have all our heroes gone,
I'm just asking;
Where have all our leaders gone,
Not so long ago.
Where have all fine Presidents gone,
Obama was our last good one;
When will we ever learn,
Ego-maniacs can't govern.
Read to the melody of "Where Have All the Flowers Gone."
Enlarged and re-posted.
Children shot daily despite our stern laws
But at least they are safe from plastic straws

Children shot daily, caught in street-gang fights
But at least they are safe from 100-watt lights

Children shot daily, high death rankings
But at least they are safe from parental spankings

Children shot daily, murdered by crooks
But at least they are safe from The Little House books

Children shot daily, may God bless their souls
And too our regulated toilet bowls
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It’s not at all reactionary, tho’ it might be drivel.
I've got me
A new ride.
You'll want to
Check it out!
I'm not one of those pesky environmentalists.
I ain't ever gonna' make you
Ride a bus.
I'll pick you up,
And we'll go deep
Into the countryside.
Don't worry about the cost.
I'm paying  for the gas.
In an undisclosed location,
We'll park my beautiful ride.
Go into the backseat
And make love
I'll leave the engine idling
So the stereo will play
Sweet romantic music
To get us
In the mood!
Daisy 5d
Once upon a time,

There was a lots of brutal crime.

By a notorious American serial killer,

Who did all this for a thriller.

His oceanic blue eyes,

Hypnotize other to hide his lies.

Your number of victims,

Is like my number of sweet dreams.

You were so cold hearted,

Don't remember, when it started.

Your brown hair, very fair.

You were every girls nightmare.

But still I'd love to

Make love with you.

Your charisma and animal magnetism,

Seems like I need exorcism.

You seduced me by your beauty,

I don't blame you, cause it's your duty.

I am in love with the dead man,

People say that i m not sane.

You were executed by an electrical chair,

For the sake of society welfare.

I m not entirely unsympathetic for your survivors.

Baby, come on take me higher and higher.

But it's so sad that you are dead,

Feeling like i m living in my wonderland.

I m in love with dead.

Why were you so cruel ted?

But I don't care,

Even though i m aware

Of your worst crime.

I spend my sweet times,

Staring at your photo

I wish i could tell you at least hello.
(This poem is dedicated to Notorious serial killer of America :- TED BUNDY )
The Old Gang
a committee set up in WWII Britain
to develop WWI infantry style tanks
although it did help foster
the advent of the Churchill MKIV, a British
infantry tank loved by her crews
British tank development lagged
considerably from the German panzers
throughout the beginning of WWII
although the Germans should have
spent more time producing the reliable PZ IV
instead of focusing on heavier weapons
Allied bombing had already taken its
toll on German production
the Americans focused on the Sherman
a lightly armoured medium tank
later in the war Sherman Fireflies appeared
for the British boasting a long barreled 17pdr gun
the Americans upgunned their Shermans to the M4A3E8
featured in the film FURY (2014) appearing too were
the Hellcat and Jackson tank destroyers
late in WWII the Allies had tanks that
could take on the Germans in the American M26E3
Pershing and British Comet

today the world is quickly filling out its divisions
of tanks with the newest and latest models
all with air defence capability and crewless turrets
I shudder to think if these behemoths are ever used
in war but you never know when the emphasis is
placed on weapons development and procurement
instead of on social and political changes
God help us all
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