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Johnny walker Mar 25
I'll remember our time long after summer has gone your wonderful
memories to carry
all those winters days where once I had the warmth of your body to keep all those cold
days at
to no longer to snuggle Into her lovely body gently lay my head on your soft
but firm
smell Helen's Estee Lauder Youth Dew Oh that perfume filling the air radiating warmth from her
just to lay down next to her how miss you Helen so much my one and only true
I miss so miss the warmth of her body laid next to mine
her warmth that keep all
those winter days at bay
Johnny walker Mar 19
I remember so well coming home from school the autumn leaves golden brown recently fallen from trees
laid on the ground the joy of kicking through them that rustling sound
winter chills whistling around trees
now laid
suddenly I start to speed up at thought of getting home for my tea school all forgotten and homework too until the next
Thoughts of kicking through Autumn leaves golden brown recently fallen from trees then speeding up to get home for my tea
Johnny walker Mar 13
Days spent with Helen thought never to end
such wonderful
memories of our time
Kissing and cuddling oh
how I miss that so much
Helen could say what she wanted with by just the look In her
Days spent with Helen thought never to end Helen could say I love with
just three squeezes of lovely soft
Making love to Helen so beautiful that was to feel her body against mine to
explore her all over with my
Days spent with Helen thought never to end but sadly those days came to an end far to young she was taken from
For my days spent with Helen had come finally to an end with tears In my eyes as I walked away leaving a single red rose there on her
Oh my days spent with Helen such wonderful days
I thought never the
end but beautiful memories she left behind of those days spent I thought never
to end

In loving memory of
Helen Mary Walker
A wonderful wife and mother my beautiful
Born 22nd July 1955
Died 23rd December 2017
Beautiful memories of days spent with Helen I thought never to end but they did with tears In my eyes as I laid a single red rose on her grave
The clocks stopped ticking
the day she went away
no longer did I have awareness of time
when the clock
The clock stopped ticking for me the day I laid a single red rose on her grave that was the
the clock
The clock has stopped ticking for me no longer
do care about time
don't know
date or the
don't even know the month we're In, for the clock has stopped ticking for the last for me the day
I left a single red rose on
a rose that
The clock stopped ticking for me the day I laid a single red does on Helen's grave
And to all those days to
all those nights I've been without her
The days pass quite easily I'm always  finding things to help pass the time of
But oh so lonely are my nights laid In bed without her warming body next to
But better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all but never the less miss her
To all those lonely days and nights that spent without me laid
snuggled Into
But I'll  keep all my dreams and memories for I'm not leaving her, forever In my heart she'll
To dreams Is to where I see her now whenever I fall to sleep for she's forever left In my thoughts you
Together forever that to what we thought we'd be
together with each other, this was always said together forever and
For that was the way It was supposed to be but life doesn't always work out as we would like It
For all those days and all those nights spent alone
but doesn't ever seem right to me
Always felt she was stolen from me unjustly that how I see It be, but I can't change that now far too late but miss her
All those Nights laid awake without her can't sleep somehow will never seem right to me
Johnny walker Jan 27
A single red rose to my love I gave
A single red as I placed the engagement ring on her finger
A single red rose on our wedding day
A single red rose at the birth of our child
A single red rose I laid on her grave
A single red rose never to forget
A single red rose that told of our life
Rewrite of a poem I wrote a while ago a red rose that told of our life together
Johnny walker Dec 2018
I've have never been closer to Heaven above, than when I first kissed Helen sweet tender lips, those lips that tasted like strawberries and
Never felt closer to Heaven
above than the first time
we ever made love afterwards laying her head on my chest I smiled to myself
I realised then I never get closer to Heaven above
than when laid In the are
the one that I
Laying In the arms of the one you Is like being In heaven above
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Trying to remember the time I last held her In my arms the last time I kissed her sweet tender
The last time held her real close, the time I looked Into those beautiful blue
The the last time I felt her sweet breath on my body, last time she laid softly her head on my
The last time I felt close to Heaven was the time I held and loved her , the last time I  felt the love and her passion
Is the closest to Heaven I've ever been, A Heaven I so clearly remember
Never felt closer to heaven than Helen you were laid In my arms
Robin Carretti Jun 2018
All her doing
her bickering what a snicker
All her fancy peanuts
Charlie Brown you
gotta be nuts
How he met
Lucy and Sally met
Billy Crystal red
heart tunnel of love

In Seattle rules of Gin
Heavy rain above
Playing Rummy
In the sky dating
My ear is getting
tinnitus she's color blind
You're so vain
Like everything became
about me without
asking her
The Grandeur Greek mythology
It's her the Owl no apology
The Gods of Zeus

With permission to guess
Moving truck like Hess
She's all hummingbird
To paint her to roll over
Her mouth like Beethoven
  The high funds we love the
classic look to invest
Without asking her Boss
So crossed  her legs
Readers Digest

The Southern belles
The Pink Illegally live
Fox 5 graduation ****
The coffee club persuasive
The southern ring my bell
To the rescue James Dean
Don't Sponge Bob his mail
So wet set with residue
They are drenched
with words money is due
No angel sponge cake
Those love affairs collision
Watch out stop her brakes
I need to be examined
Not by the Twins Hollywood 
 Emmy doctor

Why do they get trophies
special privileges
Like Mozart without asking
His piano hot seat many loves
The doves were flying
Like the composer slower
without asking her designer
Devil made Prada or
Cruella Dalmatian she
was spotted
With her smudged
Chanel eyeliner

Wanting Tom and Jerry
Ice-cream Chunky Monkey
Salted caramel core so hard
This diamond ring doesn't
shine for me anymore
Did I need to ask Batman mask
To see what you did before
Their holding hands
so in love been iced
Ben and Jerry tough dough
Way under Seinfeld's breath
Please let me watch the
late show Johnny
She will never make it
To her own wedding

Bigger Brooklyn bridge
I dare you to jump potential
She's the seductive high
skydiving factors
Overly Black and Under
the desk Vanna white
Zebra Monster Inc
Movie Little Women
  horse track wheel
of fortune
Her recital the prose
Why do I have to say
I'm sorry the rose
That's just the way I am  

Speaking about vocabulary
She is Vodkaulary, Ms. ******
Mary how does her garden grow
Women like Flowers Scarlet
milkweed giving blood
She's been greased like
imported  Italian  Olive oil
Her mighty exported
legs all spoiled and coiled
Working in Arizona what a
snake crawling near her desk
 Arnold not the bread
I'll back help

Albert Einstein said
Genius has its limits
Cheerleader like egg-beater
She thinks she has a master
Nickel and dime
deodorant of degree
Without asking anything

I do agree___sign sealed
And she failed don't deliver
She is always being bugged
Sitting shiver
White teeth say nothing
Spanish Fly Internship
Ladybug dots red lace and
black fishnet stockings
You're guaranteed frequent
flyer trip you are well stacked
but wed dress white

What good intentions bad habits
What does holding
hands say
Without asking her
To really know her
Understand women's
Comes with
Love stability and
  Robin responsibilities
Don't be Beverly Hillbilly
Be the Oscar Wilde
Money like a female fertility
A female business piece
Pineapple upside down cake
The first year many times
the breakup
your lover made up
and eventually
time was giving up

No partners in crime
On Valentine's day,
a+++ women payday
should be loved
Just the way she wants too
This is a woman psychology we know what we like but do we have a problem asking or do we fell like the loser not asking to get your guard up. Don't let anyone bring you down  I have so many flavors coming out of my personality cup whats your personality tell meI would like to know
KAE Jun 2018
we were laying at the office couch
he came to me
with one hand he grab my wrists
and with the other hand he grab my hip
he brought his body to mine
and said “I want you and me to get laid tonight, baby girl”
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