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silentwoods  Aug 2018
Twenty Two
silentwoods Aug 2018
Two years into adulting.
It’s possible, who knew?
I look the same as yesterday
But today I’m twenty two!

Dentist trips still freak me out,
Sometimes I burn an egg.
My blanket covers both my feet,
So monsters won’t grab my leg.

I don’t go out on Friday night,
My ankles feel the weather.
And when I help the kids with homework,
We both learn math together.

Sometimes I’ll burst out crying
For no reason at all.
I know the words to one rap song,
And still prefer guys tall.

My puns are all intended,
There is a spoon I hate,
I’ll never mix my whites and brights,
I can’t stay up too late.

My life has been a wild ride
But I’m thankful for each day.
One day I hope to be mature,
One day... but not today.
Maria Cordero  Sep 2014
Maria Cordero Sep 2014
I don't want to
Throw up or Cry
& Overthink everything
At the same time

But I'm drunk
And it seems to be all
Which comes to mind

I really shouldn't drink so much
But who is to tell me
What to do
When all I need is rent
& food is a secondary expense

This adulting thing doesn't bode well
Too many bills
Too many responsiblities
Too many expectations

With blood comes too many questions
And isn't it easier to
Tell a story than
Actually speak the truth
Emily B  Mar 2016
Emily B Mar 2016
my mother worries
that there will be no one
by her bed
when she dies

she doesn't remember
that when i was a toddler
she put herself to bed
and made me her parent

she forgets that she used
those little hands to rub
her back--her head
until she felt better

these grown up hands
still wince
at the thought of touching
her skin

somehow i will have
to find a way to fulfill my
adult responsibilities
perhaps she still has

a day or two til then
more honest if it kills me
Chaise  May 2015
Chaise May 2015
all of these issues
never started
until i turned adult

or that is just when
they became more apparent
that i can’t handle my own
        this all seems like my fault

all of these issues
never seem to disappear
not the crying
not the fight inside
not the fights outside

i don’t know if i’ll ever be ok
i just know i’m trying
and every single day
i wish i was back on the sixth floor

all of these issues
they never existed up there
they were gone
and i only had to worry about me
Circa 1994  Nov 2015
Circa 1994 Nov 2015
Coming to terms
With things you don't like
Is part of living a grown up life.
deprivedkat  Jul 2016
deprivedkat Jul 2016
It becomes exhausting to come up with some ******* statement to intrigue thee. I'm not the everyday "raconteur" of great stories or jolly experiences. To be honest with each and every individual I meet about the struggles I face would take the courage I don't have. So I avoid the situation all together.

What does it mean to **** at adulting?

The question I despise the most upon meeting relatives or friends of family is...

"So what are your future plans?" i.e. (What are your accomplishments that will delight me? What are your goals? How much money are you making out of this?) I agree in which it's quite a bold matter to address, but the question ***** the life RIGHT out of childhood.

That's when I know I **** at adulting.

I repulse the means to grow up and get my **** together. Some would characterize it as extreme laziness, carelessness or even stupidity. But most times I feel as though if you don't understand the challenges I face, you wouldn't understand my dilemma.
© July 31 , 2016 deprivedkat
faith  Aug 2017
faith Aug 2017
The anxiety and depression with my chronic pain and medication
Destroy my brain and grip my heart
Tearing me apart
Until I can't breathe anymore
I'm 22
8 - 3 - 17
Ashleigh Black Jul 2018
Tonight, as I lay in bed, thoughts playing old memories on rewind - stop & pause at the good moments, fast forward through all the bad - my brows begin to furrow as I ask myself... what if? What if I would’ve decided to go a different college? What if I actually changed my major when I realized I would never be a striving politician? What if I would have not lived for others and lived for myself?

Well, here’s the beautiful thing about what ifs: it’s not the life you’re meant to live. If I didn’t study what I did I never would have met my husband. If I never met my husband I never would have realized I wanted to become a nurse. If I never lived these moments, I never would have found my true destiny. I can’t say I’m happy that it took me so long to find my purpose in life, but when I reflect on my life I now realize the mindset I needed to get to where I am today and not where it was 5 years ago. Unfortunately, life doesn’t wait for you to catch up. Thankfully, I have someone who undoubtedly believes in my abilities to succeed.

Regardless of how long it took to figure out or how long it takes for me to get to where I’m meant to be, I’m proud of the woman I’ve become and am still becoming.
Trisha Singh  Jan 2019
Trisha Singh Jan 2019
There is no such thing as adulting
There is no such thing as growing up
Biological age cannot be an indicator
A source of income cannot be a dictator
The drama that disguises you as a sufferer
is apt for twitter and synonymous with tumblr
You can look like 50 but still behave like a toddler
Age, intellect , experience and memory don’t matter
Clarity of thought , clarity in action
is what everyone wants, just pay attention
Stages of life are only byproducts of imagination
sandra wyllie  Apr 2019
sandra wyllie Apr 2019
there’s too much
of this -
too much work
and paying bills

not enough playing
and finding thrills
in sand pies
made at the beach

and silly
jabberwocky speech
too much worrying
about this and that

not enough funning
lends you a life
perpetually flat

— The End —