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krissie May 2021
you don't wanna be forgotten; you just wanna disappear
you don't wanna give up; yet you refuse to stay here
you've cheated on your passions with your fear of failure and judgement
you've abandoned your purpose; you're not proud of it
you’re worth a million so don’t sell yourself short
you’re not here to tend to, what others believe of your worth
20 years from this moment - will your heart be bitter or stay open?
did you do all the things you desired, or did you stay frozen?
i would rather live with them not being on my side
than live with the regret of never having tried

happiness is a garden, cultivate it with water and sunshine
our hearts will harden, if we leave where we came from behind
happiness is an art form, remain graceful but draw outside the lines
do more of what makes you smile, don’t wait for the “right” time
on your bed close to death, nearing your very last breath
we're not promised a single moment; will you transcend with regret?
think wisely upon your choices, yet don't spend your precious days in strife
never ponder so aggressively that you forget to enjoy life
krissie May 2021
in my 24th year, i've unveiled a new layer of contentment
it took half a decade to understand i'd fallen in love with perfection
motion does not equate to progress neither translates to success
to relax is a privilege for the living, not a reward for the select
my heart and brain were at war, dichotomy of logic and emotion
one craved genuine fulfillment, the other immediate gratification
until i stumbled upon the consideration, my flaws are not as darkness
they are shades of grey that i can channel, as often as they are wanted
and perhaps life isn't so much about looking back and saying "i've made it"
but becoming the person you were meant to be
through the process of creation­­­­­

when i turned the frequency lower on society and tuned in on what god was telling me,
that's when i felt most alive.
krissie May 2021
and then i arose one day, to realize i'd lost myself in time
perhaps i lost who i was because she's no longer here to find
or not lost at all, but found a new home - of this, i'm not certain
dwindling amongst the constellations comprised of all my other versions

but ****, i feel so free, i've found the keys to my own prison
wasted time looking for a better life yet all the while i was livin' it
let your soul live with intention, not in a state of suspension
live your potential that brings your most enlightened peace
live not to bridge the chasms in another soul's journey

put forth more energy to only that which serves you
untangle yourself from that which does not deserve you
don't let your waiting existence be made into a sport
cause one day you'll wake and there'll be nothing left to wait for
krissie Sep 2014
Roses wilt, violets die;
Sadness in poetry, beauty in life.
  Sep 2014 krissie
Shannon Jeffery
To be what they want
Is to win a battle
To be who you are
Is to win a war
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