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aisha Jul 6
you with your hair parted down the middle
keeping boys in your cradle
carrying toxic spirits of the people
you cuddle on your shoulders
bit by bit
they split into acid
and gather at your feet
you couldn't fly no more

I took a blade to my wings
and tied it up on your back with strings
I spun from my dreams

I jumped the gun for you

bearing the gift I received
from my mother's womb
for us to build a tomb
so you could bury
the weight of mess you carry
on your fingertips

but you
you possessed my feathers and painted them black
smearing curse words, front and back
making my scream your soundtrack
of life, saying
nothing is going to hurt you, baby
but I will
because your naivety
is my cigarettes after ***

your new favourite thing
is to stomp on my heart
and lighting it in flames using the lighter
you burned your cigarettes earlier
making a bonfire, sitting around with that new lover
you told me was dangerous
because I had him first

the audacity

and to think that I considered you
my best friend, my godsend
all the time we spent collecting strength
has come to an end

so now, for my own sake
because I know you didn't care
I cut you off
and then I cut my hair
for those who had to live with betrayal for a while. this is where you and the situation part ways.
Erian Apr 2
Sometimes I wish I could disappear
Abandon the world the way it is
Turn invisible once more
But that'll never happen
For the sake of you
For the sake of me
I'll disappear
Apporva Arya Dec 2018
When heart break,
and love is at stake,
It so much ache,
Still we have to live for our sake..

Crying lakes of tear,
Facing emptiness and fear,
When no one's is our dear,
Nothing is clear,
No more heart can bear,
Just hang on there,
This world is sphere..
Karma goes no where,
You are blessed,
Fake love has left you this year.
To all the beautiful people out there,going through breakup right now. Stay strong and have faith on karma. Leave all the fake love and people ,just in this year. Begin new with positive vibes in new year.
Cana Sep 2018
The Silhouetted buildings peak
through the clouds, obscured
across the river, a city shivers
on a cold New York morning.
Just a little pitter patter of thoughts
George Krokos May 2018
The more one gives the more others are likely to take
and so expectations are increased for the giver’s sake.
From "Simple Observations"  ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Please note that I'm  not against giving at all but some people can and do take advantage of one's generosity at times.
Amanda Apr 2018
I gave into love's feelings easily
Wish I would have stood my ground
Instead of letting you fall for me, and asleep
For your feelings sake should have turned around.

I knew I was too late, broken, and lost,
To give all myself to you
You deserve more than affection I show
And a heart turned black and blue.

I am emotionally wounded from
The lies and alibis I have been dealt Betrayal cuts deeper than a dagger
A feistier pain I have not yet felt.

I chose to believe, let you in, let you see
My damaged parts though they were sore
Tried to give you all my pieces but failed
Once I reached the ghastly bits at my core.

I could not stand the idea of letting you down
Or the image of hurt read in your revolving eyes
When you discovered devils housed within
As the truth left my mouth it turned to lies.

To deceive was not my intention
Lips parted but words would not come out
I have taken treasured trust you hold close
Replaced it with anger, longing, and doubt.

Somehow you are still here, second chance in hand
Wearing forgiveness like heavy cologne
I selfishly accept knowing you would
Definitely be better off on your own.

I do not know if I am strong enough
To overcome ghosts haunting my mind
Maybe the anxious shadows and I
Will in darkness forever stay entwined.

Your light heart is guiding me along a new path
I harbor hope for happier tomorrows
With you my friendly smile comes easily
Your kiss slowly silences still sorrows.

Take my familiar hand, lead me to a place
Where laughter, joy, and kindness never cease
I am going to let true love and your wisdom
Show the way to heal and find internal peace.
You make me a better person
George Krokos Mar 2018
Sometimes it’s much better to turn a blind eye
for the sake of peace if we can understand why.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Mane Omsy Jan 2018
Nothing changes the fact
That you are an animal
Even if you pour gold
In an old poor man's cup

When you tried to carve
This land from hundreds
You didn't notice, you must
For your sake at least

The strength they bore
Can scatter all your dreams
Over their dead bodies
Whether you serve the country
People in my region may have to leave their houses just because the government thought this is a better place for an oil industry to process. The village consist of a 75 year old public Christian School and a Holy Church along with hundreds of families living around them. Now, the people are striking for their land.
Tansy Roake Jul 2017
I strive to be beatific,
Honestly I do,
But things always seem,
To intervene,
And get in the way of my ****** happiness.

****’s sake!
ilsa Apr 2017
I am here and I am gone.
Sometimes I come in strongly,
sometimes I am nothing more than a whisper.
You see, my life is like a little red radio.
Shifting, yes. Evolving, no.

Stating my momentary pleasures in a hot seat,
moving with a quiet current of low mumbles.
There are numbered stations for my feelings,
controlled by that little red-silver tune dial
that chooses a separate mood for every moment.

Moreover, the volume dial,
telling me when to keep my mouth shut,
to be static in the air that the atmosphere rejects.
and sometimes, making me feel the stations
through a door slam or a "*******."

See, my life is like a little red radio,
always caught in between two stations.
I apoligize for how terribly depressing this is. I'm going through some things
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