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Max Aug 2019

When you looked into my eyes
and said you'd never let me go.
Did you intend to throw it away?
You stripped me of my trust.

The lines of code in front of my eyes
keeps me from telling you of my hurt.
Its like a barrier freezing my body.
You took away my innocence.

I want to break free of this mess
but you keep holding me back.
You keep me from leaving your clutches.
I need to escape this before its too late.

You control my life
as if I'm just a puppet on strings.
"I'm not a toy to play with", I say
But youre too busy to hear.
So uh, I just escaped an abusive relationship of 2 months..
Selena Jul 2019
It was in that moment when I couldn’t walk outside wearing shorts that I  knew society was ****** up
It was in the moment that my shirt that hung off my shoulders meant that I wanted to have *** that I knew society was ****** up
Because we’re built on grounds that say if you’re still a ****** you’re dull and boring and if you’re not, you’re a ***** in waiting
We’re built on grounds that call girls ****** and ***** if they don’t give it up we’re built on grounds where we make girls feels worthless because they say no
It was in the moment that your hands trailed my skin in a sin that I knew society was ****** up and when I told someone how your evil hands played me like a toy that it was automatically my fault because my shirt was too low and all my makeup basically said I was asking for it. But the difference between you and I was that I saw my body as a temple and you turned my temple into a sinful pool so the second time your hands wanted to play tag with my body I didn’t say anything my unresponsive language was enough to make you think I said yes because I was petrified by your greasy grimy hands that I froze and when I tried telling my mom she said guys will be guys and that I needed to move on so when you came back for the third time I didn’t scream or shout I didn’t try to fight back I thought guys will be guys and I need to move on.
Warren Apr 2019
Just trying to get past yesterday before dismay leads me astray ,
Im struggling to get away from all these twisted games you play,
Its manipulation by interrogation it’s your medication for my segregation,
The explanation of your dedication is a demonstration of your reputation,
It’s mental torture,
Pure abuse that slowly tightens like a noose,
Its a pain that hides beneath the nights of tortured lies and vicious fights,
You have the power to articulate which allows you to intimidate,
But you manipulate to illustrate that I’m the one that’s ill of fate.
It’s survival in a hated state,
Using me as tempted bait,
You have to know it’s time to go,
Before it ends up being too late.
Emma Feb 2019
Snow-so pure. So
So childish.

Small, splattering, scarlet droplets
is all it takes to take away the
value of something so pure.
Making it something.
Damaged. matured.

Scarlet that looks smooth
as silk
Puts on a facade for something brutish,
Scandalous, even.

Fluffy white sheets are graceful with the way
on the house they lay.
Inside, the spacious skeleton is more demanding.
haunting. Echoes of yelling. Cursing. breaking.

is it my time?
scarlet painting her own face.

no. this is the
Of a journey.
A quest.

a low, grumbling, gutteral
More scarlet.

For darkness she begged.
for eternal slumber she dreamt.
anything to wash away this scarlet mess.
Cindy Dec 2018
I tried opening my eyes,
All I saw was a teary-eyed blur.
I couldn't see your deceiving smile.
I couldn't see your alluring blackhole eyes.
I was blinded from all the tools you used to lure me into your trap.
My loud wails overpowered every lie you could ever tell.
And the salty taste of my tears, erased all memory of the taste of your lips.
The excrutiating pain on my chest, and my extreme pants for air, killed all the butterflies I'd felt for you.

In that moment, when everything that led me to you was blocked out,
I was able to finally look into myself and realise my own worth.

The scars and bruises you left all over my body,
Shall forever be a reminder never to let a man like you back in my life.

Crying saved my life.
The tug of ‘love’
Or rather tug of war
Under the thumb
His temper flares

He sees the red mist
She disobeyed
He clenches his fists
In a white hot rage

She argues back
He tries to silence
But he’ll never admit
He’s prone to violence

‘She winds him up’
Or so he says
‘They’re all mentally ill’
‘He’s the one who’s sane’

She’s out the door
He yells in the street
In fast pursuit
As she tries to flee

But his claws are embedded
Deep in her psyche
Ingrained for decades
And she just can’t fight it

‘He didn’t do it’
‘She made it up’
So on it goes
This tug of ‘love’

He won’t confess
Even to himself
Thus it continues
As he refuses help

Thus like a yo-yo
He yanks her back in
And spins her in his lies
Until she’s bound up in string

There’s no escape
Alas, it seems
A fight to death?
Is that the key?

The cavalry has been
Time and time again
But time and time again
Neither will relent

Embroiled in this saga
For all to see
Until one of them succumbs
To their own mortality.
I've laid on my back
And taken you willingly,

Because I thought I was powerless...

And you thought you were powerful.

But if you look closely,
You'll find we're the same.

Just two sides of a coin...

Who can't see each other's face.
And don't know each other's name.
The fear
The terror
The nightmares
Every night
Always the same
I'm afraid
I'm so afraid
And I don't know why
I have no bad history
No reason to be afraid
And yet I am
So very afraid
Every night I have nightmares that I'm being ***** and I don't know why as I've never had a bad experience like that.
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