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Caitlin Sep 2014
More often than not,
I am reminded of Aladdin's struggle.

He grew up with out a life of luxury.
And then he meets Jasmine,
And he transforms himself in to something that he wasn't/isn't.
In hopes of having her falling for him.

What I think of is that he wasn't noticed at all,
Except when he stole bread or did something bad.
Until he became a "Prince".
He sings that "if only they'd look closer..."
That "there's so more to me"

There are some days where I feel like Aladdin.
I've always found truth in Disney. And due to some recent events, I am reminded more and more that I an kinda invisible.
RG The Visionary Aug 2014
I was a lost soul
In this world so cold
Where everyone knows the mind becomes corrupted
Because everything in life is about money cars
and that ****** seduction

Just becareful bcus if u get ****** in
Ull cnfuse love with lust
Money for power  
In it's self a contradiction
But still has Everyman wishing
For the life of a superstar when really it's the little ones that make galaxies

but see we are confused by our own infatuations nd a touch of insanity
So here I am trying to figure out my souls anatomy
kathryn bernardo Mar 2017
Simulan natin sa umpisa
Noong di pa tayo magkakilala
Akala nyo iba ang aking nagugustuhan
Dahilan ng pagkagalit sakin ng iyong kaibigan

Ng ikay sakin ay magparamdam
Laking tuwa ko dahil matagal ko na tong inaasam
ang pansinin mo at kausapin
kahit sa babae moy ito nililihim

oo, may kasintahan ka ng mapansin moko
pero hindi ito lingid sa kaalaman ko
dahil aamin kong nagging makasarili ako
nang hayaan kong para sakin ay syang iwan mo

sabihin ko mang hindi ko kasalanan ang paghihiwalay nyo
aaminin ko na ito’y ginusto ko
ginusto ko dahil may gusto ako sayo
hindi ko maitatanggi ang dahilan kong ito

pilit kong pinigilan ang nararamdaman
at nang ako ay iyong chinat minsan,
hindi ko na mapigilan ang aking sarili
ang replyan ka at saktan sya ang aking pinili

Na agad ko ring pinagsisihan
Dahil chinat ako ng iyong kasintahan
Na kung pwede na ikaw ay aking layuan
Na sinubukan ko, maniwala kayo sakin, itoy saking sinubukan

Pero anong magagawa ko
Kung ikaw mismo ang gumagawa ng paraan para magkalapit tayo
At sa bawat paglapit mo
Mas lalo akong nahuhulog sayo

Hinayaan kong masaktan sya
Para saaking ikasasaya
Hindi ko sinasandya
**Hindi ko sinasadyang mahalin ka
wrote this poem months ago pa lol
Let's be real...
Can a Libra love?
Oh ****, here she comes
Her essence is next to
the sweetest dove
I've found her innocent
Disposition's only a trick
Little games she creates
Then gets too bored to ****** finish

She said, "well what's the point of even fishing,
When I had caught the only fish who ever made me seem smitten.. The only time I spit
I LOVE YOU and actually meant it
To this day, I still wait
For it to say
A certain sentence
One so significant, so genuine

Deep down, I know it won't
So it mother ******' goes
I won't forget the time you told
Me that I didn't love you only loved the mold/ I sculpted
In my broken skull cap
As if you were just a ghost that
I didn't understand each tiny lil piece and couldn't read your atoms, just as easily, as I could breathe

You'll never fully believe this
I mean it's, awfully gd sad
So how bout ******* buddy
Truth is, I can't love  after that...
I Keep imagining the laughs
And All these flashes of magic
I never thought I had
I learned from you and yearned
For the few visits that I did get

Though most are
Mad moments I'll forever cherish

In all fairness I thought you
Should be taught a lesson too
Let you Stare off, sullen
not aware of what you do

He stomped my heart like a bug
Then proceeds to make an art
Of zapping my synapses
& harvesting my counterparts
(But Why though? You try and hide those /mighty ******
high hopes you have)
To build yourself a new start"
Sorry to all about the length I couldn't stop.. please enjoy and there is a part 2 I'll be releasing shortly.
Rintato  Mar 2019
Monologue part1
Rintato Mar 2019
The rain felt heavenly from the sky as it drenched the soil beneath it, the grass became more glossier beautifully reflecting the surrounding, the wind was cool and fresh as it blew under my ears and the street was cloured with umbrellas. You were there hiding beneath your umbrella and It was that rainy day I fell in love right away.....
There will be continuation to it
Mohit mishra Jul 2016
(Before read
Abhimanyu was a young and great warrior of the great War of MAHABHARAT. This poem is a part of long poetry written by me and translated by karishma ji.
If you all responded and want to know more about abhimanyu i post next paragraphs)
Poem is:-

Courage knows no limits of age
A battlefield has no role for cowards
Those cannot struggle
Who fear their own mortality

Those who are cowards get scared
and blame others as the cause
Those who break the bounds of time
Are immortalized in history

There are some bounds for God and Devil
However, for man, what is impossible
There one such brave victor of time
A warrior, a winner of hearts

Arjun was his father, Subhadra his mother,
The vigour of bravery runs in his bloodstream.
Yudhistir and Bhim were his uncles,
He was the nephew of Shri Krishna, Bhishma his grandsire

His arms were made of steel, his chest was broad,
His body muscular however gentleness abound
At the age of sixteen he was a shining sun
Drums of war were music to the ears of Abhimanyu
For original poem which is in hindi
See my previous post
Damian Murphy Aug 2015
In Ireland we had built a truly independent nation,
standing proud after years of strife and deprivation
But we yearned to join Europe, enticed by her charms,
and she was happy to welcome us, with open arms
Once we used to have pounds, shillings and pence,
when we joined Europe we adopted euros and cents,
We bought in to a single European currency,
and got loads of money, for everything a subsidy

Yes Europe proved to be extraordinarily generous,
the goose that kept laying golden eggs for us
Our government went mental with the money Europe kept sending,
it appeared this generosity was never ending
And our banks joined in with unprecedented lending,
we the people were happy, ah the money we were spending
We threw caution to the wind, it was pure insanity,
we paid ridiculous prices for even the smallest property

Mortgages and loans were given out like sweets,
credit cards with no limit for those occasional treats
Yes the borrowing and spending went on unabated,
sure why wouldn’t it, it was completely unregulated.
There was so much money, loans were so easy to get,
each one of us accumulated a serious amount of debt
Most of us were living way beyond our means,
had we sold our souls for a handful of beans?

Such was our success, other nations did applaud,
we bought new houses and cars and apartments abroad
Credit cards and loans bought so much other stuff,
one could be forgiven for thinking we could never have enough
We changed as a people, became quite materialistic,
we wanted so many things that were beyond realistic
we forgot what was important, which was really quite sad,
judging each other it seemed now by how much each had
A sad chapter in Irish History and a lesson for all nations
Dominic Latino Jul 2014
Everything you think you know and everything you'd like to know will never be I your grasp.
The sad truth you like being upset
You like not knowing what's next
Drinking beer by yourself listening to depressing music makes your night.

The girl that loves you will never know you, but the girl who shuns you will hear every drunken word you have to offer.

It's a sad truth
Jon Tobias Nov 2012
This body is full of worms
And moving forever
If I could match their movement
I might know what it means to be still

This body is afraid of rusting
I shave ***** red banjo strings
From the creak in these joints
This body moves like a song
String snap at a high note

I want you to kiss me with your brake lights
Fast enough to snap a knee cap
Reset my gait

This body is falling apart
Like an old Volkswagen in your dad’s front yard
All rust and ***** engine rumble
Even at red lights
We idle like earthquakes

Feels like a bike rider taking up his own lane
In front of you
Makes you nervous
It takes patience
Not to speed up
It takes patience to stay

She smiles like I am a child
Asking silly questions

Think softly she says

Your body is dust
Swirling in daylight
There is your rust in the soft glow
It is free
And you are alive

You are still like water
A steady current
Your body is fish and worms now
They move and eat
They are free
And they are alive

Your body is a furnace for glass blowers
The men inside make marbles
They are blue
And gold
And green
And warm

Let her hold you awkward now

You are free
And you are alive
Poetic T Jun 2016
A party of fake facades, smiles etched
like lingering cyanide upon already
dead words not yet muttered in my
direction. I listened to there boorish
musings of how men are of "who cares...

Upon my glances was seen a wisp of
Ash coloured in the essence of a butterfly
I tried to heed its name, but like an ember
it baited me in wonderment of what it
was, then all had fallen leaving a cage of bone.

It fell between the shimmer of a mirror and
descended into nothingness. But alas my
crime of boredom had been captured by
eyes of screams. She had it coming looking
like I was lower now she doesn't breath.

Lingering on my demise of a white jacket,
filthy white room of a looming lobotomy.
Partly shaven head, not my locks of gold.
To sit in a room of regrets but not remembering
What was after another round of shock therapy.

Snapping out of that realm of reflection I lunged
forward, no looking back as it weaved around my
being. Lament essence radiated around me, I
was between a motion and nothingness. I was falling
to another fate of ill thought through reasoning.

As I weaved in and out what was and what is, I
was on a shelf of unproportioned size, where once
I was of stature now I was not. Last times thoughts
beckoned me forward as if some lingering force was
to give me a demise I wouldn't want in either place.

I lunged forward seeing what was again anew,
little egg needed to be taught a lesson.So with no
thought I jumped upon a steed and crushed his
shell under his hooves, breakfast is ready I told the
kings men, devouring the bludgeoned eggy once again.

Then I saw the cage anew talking of a friend feeling so
Not himself under the thoughts of the blue moon.
I thanked him and with a smile, decapitating his wings
from his form. As I knew what was about to befall myself
as walked once again through that door.

But the first step wasn't as before, I feel through the
heavens and wings were now like leafs in my palm
dripping tiny ebbs of blood. I passed the vultures
that lingered near that place many fell through, but
I was not a supper for a wonderland bird.

I landed upon crimson blossom, descending upon the
remnant pieces of who'd fallen before. My old friends
where here as if waiting to see if tragedy had  befell me
on this fall. I glanced around to see misgivings of eyes,
As rabbit stood before me?

"Rabbit how can this be,

"That's was my brother,
"Many more have fallen since last you eat
upon my brothers flesh for tea,

There standing needle marks ever visually punctured
upon her white flesh, newly dripping blood did I see.

"Fear not it is but a trickle my dear,
"I overdosed the last time we saw,
"But I was clean for a while, but it called to me,

Last but not least I felt a wet sensation between
thighs and knew of only one of this crudity,
first was eyes then a smile, but least of did
it last long at all. As foot greeted its smirk
turning it in to a ****** frown.

"What brings me to this place once again?

"Tis the hatter he has not killed a soul,
"Not stabbed or cut, concealed breath,
"He isn't as you knew him, that look
faded from his eyes,

I looked upon sorrowful faces, they need
the killer they loved to hear make others
scream. The gardens hadn't flourished since,
No blood roses feeding on those beneath.
They were wilting without his feed.

Bewilderment as I took steps towards his door,
where once jagged slashes had all but destroyed
the door, his voices were many all telling him to
****, but now I stand before a door painted in lilac
and a knocker saying "Hi I welcome you,

To Be Continued.......
Deavan Pappas Sep 2018
Let me get your attention
I please hope you listen
to what I’m about to mention
is from a whole new dimension

Every time I’m riddlin
You guys are fidgetin

Got you shaken in your noggin
Now your heads are bobbin
to whom your going to be call-in
the best poet that goes all in
Oh, hi my name is Deavan(Devin)

Before I dismiss you
I brought the paper to the pencil
to write about the issue,
You know what, bring me my stencil,

So I can show you a masterpiece
To release
A little piece of me
So y’all can see
a thousand words
That I hope to be the key
to reality
And if you think this is a tragedy
Then you’re wrong
It’s my strategy
To make me strong
And if you think I don’t belong
You can **** yourself
Take what little wealth
To get a gun and blast your health
If you like what you read, please follow or comment.

— The End —