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Alicia Sep 2015
heartbreaks like bad breaks
make bad days feel like fate
heartbreaks like new wounds
for more hope to heal soon
heartbreaks like inmates
that do time for mistakes
heartbreaks like small snakes
with fear there but it's fake
heartbreaks like brown dirt
with brown eyes and more hurt
heartbreaks like old men
with old lessons and new men
heartbreaks like better days
that move on in better ways
it gets better
Funny how I can’t let go
I keep showing here hoping you would notice me
I think you already know
I don’t mind being alone here in the party

Do you feel the connection
When we barely talk to and look at each other?
You do not know my passion
I’m the one expert in waiting for forever

It is more than love
It's a work by God

Why didn’t I notice it right away?
Made me wait for years and months and days
Why's it feel it is coming to an end?
For you, I would go through heartbreaks again
Heartbreaks again

You’re like fireworks in the sky
You are so captivating but fades in no time
Why'd you leave while I was high?
I was never ready for that sudden goodbye

He then came and rescued me
From the pain you inflicted on my heart and soul
From blue to yellow journey
Everything that I wanted from you, now I own

It is more than love
It's a work by God

Why's everything just making sense now
Made me wait for years and months and days
On the altar, he made me say my vow
For him, I would go through heartbreaks again
Yes, heartbreaks again

I used to wonder why you had to leave
Now it's clear
I used to think all boys do is deceive
Now I'm clean
You were removed in my life
To make way for delight

It is more than love
It's a work by God

Fate is playful but so wise
Made me wait for years and months and days
For him, I won't mind waiting in lines
Cause for him, I would go through heartbreaks again

If those heartbreaks mean I'd have him as prize
Then I would go through those heartbreaks again
marion  Mar 2018
marion Mar 2018
I keep my feelings on a leash,
locked in a cage like the perpetrators of crime.
Sometimes I take them out for walks
to test out their rarely used legs on the ground.
Only too reel them back in,
too scared to let them wander,
wander towards those who let theirs loose freely,
not caring where they step.
For I have learned that this only leads to hurt.
Stubbed toes on the curbsides called love.
Failed attempts at crossing the crosswalk,
into the depths of someones shallow, unforgiving arms.
Not paying attention to the Stop sign right next to them.
Over and over, I wish I would've noticed that sign sooner..
Before all the heartbreaks and fallen tears.
And that is why
the footwork of my heart, kept captive in the dark,
is sleeping in silence for perhaps eternity
this is the poem I used to apply for this community. not my best work, but still, I thought I should share.
Edward  Mar 2020
My HeartBreaks
Edward Mar 2020
My heart breaks, that some people care more for money.
Than they care, for people lives this is very heartbreaking.
My heartbreaks, for how this country become so divided.
My heartbreaks, that people have become so evil here.
My heartbreaks, that this here world became so corrupted.
My heartbreaks, that these days we can not even get along.
My heartbreaks, because I know how much God must be hurting.
For he created us to love one another not hate each other here.
I love you all in Christ and am praying that we all will change .
Our evil and evil selfish ways and we need to love one another.
God says how can you love me and hate your neighbor here.
Do you ever sit there?
Basking in the feeling of emptiness, unfeeling like nothing is wrong.

You're over it, over the person that gave you so much heartbreak and made you feel alone in their presence.

Then it hits you all over again...
You lose yourself once more in the heartbreaks and loneliness that was them, it's like you're stuck in a void of constant despair and darkness.

You think about them, like a broken record playing in your mind. The words and promises exchanged and spoken but never came to fruition.

You question yourself and everything...
Was I right or wrong?
Were they right or wrong?
Perhaps we were both right and wrong?
But you can never seem to find the answers you seek.

Heartbreaks and loneliness are part of human nature.
They help you learn and grow to be your true self.
But heartbreaks and loneliness aside, they must not be used to completely define who you believe you are.
Emma Pickwick Aug 2015
We were beautiful children
And we grew up so brave,
We were touched by death and heartbreaks but we stayed just the same.

We listen to jazz all night and drink red wine,
Find ourselves adventure to pass the time,
We don't talk much about the pain we've felt inside,
No more bumps in the road,
Just enjoying the ride.

Our love is too strong to carry weight of what's gone,
We find peace in the sun,
And the belief of being young.

Love of mine in the world,
We are one in the same,
You can laugh while you're crying and be childish when you lose games,
We are fine, we are okay,
We are in love,
And our children someday will be just like us.
October  Aug 2018
Lock and Key
October Aug 2018
Heartbreak is an inevitable thing.
I knew this. I knew that throughout the course of my early life, I would experience many heartbreaks.
You know, the ones where it wasn’t meant to be. Life designed to have these strategically planned heartbreaks so that you could grow, you could learn.
A pain so real, it is as though the pain is literally reconfiguring your insides as it moves through you; staying just long enough to shape you, but not long enough to become you.
Our hearts like a key getting resized and fitted for the next lock.
Getting so far into the lock before realizing it’s not a match, our heart, getting shaped and sized per each of these attempts. Shaping up until it finds the right lock; the day when your key fits and you know it’s a match – the feeling people refer to as “when you know, you know”.

Is it possible, however, to find your match- the lock that you are finally meant to open, but while turning the key something goes wrong?
What once was a perfect fit, now sits ajar. The answer: I don’t know.
I loved a man.
A perfect fit.
Our love was trusting, it was giving, it was deep, and strong, and passionate.
I loved this man with all of my being;
and he loved me back.

This man is dead.
That’s what breaking up with someone feels like, anyways.
It is as if they are dead.
You will no longer talk with them, share with them, kiss them, hug them, touch them, love them.
They will no longer hold you at night while you sleep.
They will no longer embrace you in the morning, kiss you when you wake.
It is as though they do not exist.
Not to you anyway; or you to them.
Arturo Hernandez Jan 2015
A gentleman
Never forgets
The heartbreaks
That made him
Who he is today,
Nor does he forget
That the lessons
Will continue.
A gentleman
Will keep learning,
As long as he remains
True to himself,
And the things
for which
He stands.
Faryal Feb 2019
Date nights & great sights
always trying to feel less alone

Only here for soft cuddles & lil kisses on the forehead
But only going through heartbreaks and counseling

Getting hit on, but they’re missing the date nights
Another date night but with a new heartbreak

Another date, but with the daily counselor,
Just to rant about how dumb the guy was

Counseling, heartbreaks, counseling, heartbreaks &
Fox Apr 2014
Why is black and white? I've always wondered about this... why my colorful photographs are required to travel back in time. How does this effect the poetry in any way, shape, or form? But I understand the wisdom of this design now. And it sets a great metaphor for all of the people of the pen involved in this truly noble motion, this secret society for people with passion, talent, and troubled minds and souls. Hello Poetry is black and white not because it has to be monochromatic and modern, but because us poets fill these pages with enough inovativeness and color already with our words, ideas, thoughts, songs, senryus, ballads, heartbreaks, insecurities, that adding literal color to this website would be overwhelming. These soft undertones of gray, black, and white may be considered drab and depressing to some, but to us poets it represents timelessness. And this is probably why we are all here. Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly publishing poems. Because we all know we are not going to live forever, and we are so entirely insignificant in the broad scheme of things and of the universe itself, that it is a bit comforting and helpful to have this coping mechanism or soft blankie to calm our fears, that this literature we write, however insignificant it may be, is absolutley permanent. And that maybe someday it will be remembered so a small bit of us may live on. Tom Riddle knew the needs and wants of man kind before anybody else realized it. Maybe he was just trying to cope with the fact that he is insignificant. These poems are all our Horcruxes so *viveamus per camenam nostram.
^^^let us live through our poetry
Cathyy Feb 2015
It all started with..
"Watch your step when it comes, to finding true love.."
Oh girls like me may slip and fall,
If we don't dream so carefully i thought..
Well I'm a mermaid on the rocks with no feet at all..
Yet I'm running scared and I don't know, where to go..

But it's kind of exciting
I love the rhythm that flows,
in my writing
And you've got a hold,
On my rhyming,
I don't wanna let this, break..

See I love you,
how your 4 lettered name rolls off my tongue too,
I wanna dance to this song too,
I wanna be your day break now

There's a film in class which I think you'd like..
Well I'm just saying that because,
It's a rom com gangsta black&white;
Oh we're a silent film ourselves with lines of poetry as our speech..
And you're the heartbeat behind every piece I write and breathe

So can I stay for longer?,
I've been through heartbreaks before, & I've come out stronger
But you're not a heartbreak,
You're a Wonder..
A Scorpio Wonderland of stars..
Oh I love 'ya'
And I've got secrets to whisper at midnight,
I wanna see London light up only through your eyes
I'll be your special friend if you think that's alright..

It all started with;
A dreamer falling in and out of love..

But I'll be on the edge of the world with you if you ever wanted time to ever stop..
Hope you like this one, quite uplifting I believe..
Ivan Brooks Sr Jan 2018
I made it...
Though I haven't much of what it takes.
I certainly saw some pretty dark days
Though I have had my fair share of heartbreaks,
The Lord has blessed me in many ways.

I  made it...
Even though I've waddled in emptiness
And had my share of disappointments
And my equal share of Loneliness
I have also had so many blessed moments.

I Made It...
Though  I had my share of sorrow
Despite all this and through it all,
God kept me here to see tomorrow
I know by grace I will not fall.

I Made it...
Even though I made it without any money
And have had my share of Troubles,
I know my joy will come in the morning
For my meals will be served on many tables.

I made it!
I made it..against all odds, in spite of all, I'm grateful to God for life and providence.

— The End —