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Faryal Apr 2019
a place for a lemon to make lemonade
Maybe add all this sugar
it’s cheat day today
and it’s your birthday

Sweet tooth to being smooth
Just speak the truth
and you’ll be cool
nobody likes liars

lets talk about what’s required
Lemons are just a mock to limes
how actors are a mock to mimes
but that’s off topic lets get back to limes

limes are chill
and they’re not like that bitter person you see on the street
it’s like a treat
lime water is fresh
but here’s the twist to this whole poem
you know what actually sounds better?
a watermelo
Faryal Mar 2019
Not much of a reader hey,
Haven’t even touched a book
Or felt shook
From a good old story,
Even the books that are so gory
Don’t even make you feel sorry,
Poor character

We all have a story within us
Maybe it starts off by
Going on the bus,
And having a big sigh....
Of relief
Oh but there’s Wiz Khalifa
And I gotta say hi
Gotta get an autograph

But than there’s life
Where we have to learn to exist
And not take the exit

Be a little gallant
We are a fan of people’s talent
look at spider man
Scared of 8 legged creatures
But when it turns into a person, we’re in love
aka Tom Holland

The adventure goes on in Canada,
Doing linear algebra, don’t think I’ll ever need that
the third law of motion to every reaction there’s always an equal &
Opposite reaction
Wow that was Newton

Every new day is a restart
Where new things get sparked
Be the firework & ignite the light
Woah did I just reference Katy Perry

Don’t be like Tom and Jerry
Instead maybe get a date in February
Watch the void of sunsets
And lets not have regrets this time

Here Have some key-lime pie
After all, we only live once
Do those stunts
Dunk that basketball
Lebron James will be proud

A new day gives you many chances to create new story pieces
So tell me what is your story?
Is it filled with glory? Captivate me

Because when you grow old
And see the last piece of your hair fall out There always comes an end
To a good old story

You were the life of the party
So rest in peace
As you are the story to my life
That I’ll never stop reading
Faryal Mar 2019
an uninvited guest comes for a visit
unwanted guest
where we just deal with it
Rather than overcoming it
Fear lies within
You trip on the unwanted guest
bump into it, yet it won’t leave
the seed of worry
That you would never water
Fear is a seed
that has been watered
By the unwanted guest
That’s when fear
Is holding you
In their arms
It’s a distorted reality
Only filled with fear
Faryal Mar 2019
a world destined with a tint,
with a filter,
life that’s given
to be a film,
played after your death,
would your life
In colour
black and white?
only black & white
because all
You remember doing is
Where your own
world crumbles &
falls apart,
That your own film
becomes a sight of depression,
beckoning behind you
So gleam
like our eyes gleam
to see colour
Be vibrant,
Be bright,
So your life
Is your favourite film
Filled with lifelong colours
Faryal Feb 2019
The mind

self destruction in 3....2....1....
at it’s finest
when the most beautiful creation
can go against you
the mind
the deceiver and manipulator
corresponding to that one friend
who says they’ll take a bullet for you
when you realize their the ones behind that gun
the mind
is equivalent to that friend
deceptive, deceitful & deluding
we rely on others validation for us
beautiful, courages, ecstatic, flourishing,
independent, inspiring, intelligent, stunning
adjusting the
names that get called to you
than you get called ugly;
the mind
when there’s so many people that can see beauty in you,
they see that fire burning with passion
but the only one thing that remains
stick with you
is that one thing,
where they think you’re ugly
for being beautiful
that validation only comes when
you see yourself on the other side of that
when you did all the cruel things in the world
just to fit in
so everyone can make YOU look like the bad
the mind
we abuse ourselves more than anyone
that is capable of abusing us
we tell
ourselves cruel saddened things
convincing ourselves we deserve pain;
but it’s time
not to go insane
but to stay sane
to step out of the box
out of what everyone
pictures you to be
to be validated by not everyone else
but to be able to affirm yourself
that the beauty that was stolen from you
gave you a clue
on how to not let
cruel things define you
you are who defines you
not what society defines beautiful as ugly
because you are more beautiful
than society can ever be
so thank you, to every single human
that is still existing
the fights and wars each of you
go through
winning each one as you wake up
to the tears of crying yourself to sleep
the mind
you are strong
you are powerful
knowing nothing can break you down
you deserve to be alive
don’t let the mind control you
it’s time for you to take control of your
Faryal Feb 2019
Date nights & great sights
always trying to feel less alone

Only here for soft cuddles & lil kisses on the forehead
But only going through heartbreaks and counseling

Getting hit on, but they’re missing the date nights
Another date night but with a new heartbreak

Another date, but with the daily counselor,
Just to rant about how dumb the guy was

Counseling, heartbreaks, counseling, heartbreaks &
Faryal Feb 2019
have you ever looked in the ocean
not the glistening blue eyes of what we describe
but the ocean; or puddles; even lakes
the reflection, have you seen the earths finest beauty reflecting through the ocean to your own eyes
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