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Love is for the heart
The sun is love for the soul
Love can also burn
Haiku because your
Memory burns awfuly
Hurts in places old
Dream Jul 2018
How did you say all that....
And not look back once.
How do i not see any remorse¿
Its crushing me to know that you didn't want to see me move on
But you were the first to move on.

Yuki Jan 27
She asked me the moon
so I packed my bags
and traveled through
thousands of galaxies
just to steal it from the sky
and gift it to her.
When I was home
light years later
she told me she got
sick of waiting and decided
to settle for someone
who gave her a flower
by simply picking it up
from the grass.
Sabila Siddiqui Apr 2018
“I keep expecting people to care. To worry about me. To pull me back when I push them away. To be my umbrella on the rainy days. To try harder, ask and reach out. But when they don’t, it breaks my heart. I know it sounds irrational, but I feel disappointed. And once I’ve healed from the experience, I go back to hoping once more. It’s like I never learn my lesson.” Each word reeked of despair and regrets as they slipped off my tongue.
“Yeah, I understand you. I do the same.” She said in the most reassuring of ways with her hand holding mine. Her ocean blue eyes were comfortingly soft and deep with wisdom. “The only thing that really has been getting me through is trusting myself enough to care when someone doesn’t do the same. To catch myself when someone else doesn’t.”
Lauren Pascual Oct 2018
as i bleed my heart out on this keyboard
you instantly flashed in my mind
my face in between your large hands
as you started to lean forward
making our forehead's touch

i do not write for you,
i write about you
more importantly,
the little things you do
like how you rests your hand,
particularly your right hand on my thigh
or how you'd take mine
and press them against your chest
while whispering to me
how much they made your heart race

imagine us
passing a crumpled note
back and forth
exchanging i love you's
i watch how a slow smile stretches across your lips

we're tangled in the sheets
strong arms wrapped around me
it certainly felt like home
your scent sinks deeper into my skin
i hope you don't see my hands
reaching out just to touch yours

i'm running out of words
i think you have given me enough to write about
that even flowers grew on paper
— bmva
Dhiemas Mar 23
Eyes on the prize, moon in the sky
Tears on pillows, arms on sorrow
Glass-transparent, wishing for the better
Never regret, when love is what you get.

Drips of rain, forms of pain
Heart of glass, hoping things would last
When you go, i will know
Truth shall set you free, of what will never be.
yaretzy soto Sep 2018
algun dia te olvidaré
y ese dia cuando me veas tan feliz
y llena de alegría
me extrañaras .
ahora estoy deprimida y triste y te extraño bien machin .
pero algun dia te olvidaré
hoy no es ese día
pero algun dia me levantare bien chingona
como si nunca te hubiera llorado
como si nunca perdí el sueño
como si nunca tuve pánicos de ansiedad
como si nunca te hubíera querido.
por ahorita, no es ese día .
marion Mar 2018
I keep my feelings on a leash,
locked in a cage like the perpetrators of crime.
Sometimes I take them out for walks
to test out their rarely used legs on the ground.
Only too reel them back in,
too scared to let them wander,
wander towards those who let theirs loose freely,
not caring where they step.
For I have learned that this only leads to hurt.
Stubbed toes on the curbsides called love.
Failed attempts at crossing the crosswalk,
into the depths of someones shallow, unforgiving arms.
Not paying attention to the Stop sign right next to them.
Over and over, I wish I would've noticed that sign sooner..
Before all the heartbreaks and fallen tears.
And that is why
the footwork of my heart, kept captive in the dark,
is sleeping in silence for perhaps eternity
this is the poem I used to apply for this community. not my best work, but still, I thought I should share.
Lauren Pascual Oct 2018
if i walk away
         would you hold my hand
                    and beg
                              for me to stay?
Lauren Pascual Oct 2018
if i were you
i wouldn't fall for a poet
they may be good at making you feel overwhelmed
they can make you fall through their actions
but they'll make you fall even harder with their words

falling for a poet is quite easy
they say,
they're gonna be spending a whole day
pouring their heart out
while tapping their pens rhythmically
with trembling hands
as they write about
your date nights,
movie marathons
and play fights
it will all be written on a piece of paper

i am a poet
i can make you experience life
in comparison to a rollercoaster ride
through poetry
i'm a woman of many emotions
you'll sometimes get confused
about how my brain ticks
i'll write about
the car rides under the stars
and under the city lights
i'll give you the sun,
the moon,
the universe
name it

i'd offer a blank page
and every stanzas
only for you
word per word
line per line
will be spoken with emotion

in photography
every moment was being captured
by the photographer
as well as in poetry
your actions towards a poet
could mean a lot
you'll be surprised
i write
even the heartaches
you have caused
so i wouldn't forget
the pain you inflicted
but i'd still thank you, eventually
for it wasn't for you,
i wouldn't be able to write this
D Awanis Oct 2016
I remember they once told me that
music is the best time capsule

It's where people keep their secrets and feelings;
of their insecurities, their mistakes, their sadness, their first cut,
and even the wounds and bruises that invisible to the eye

It's where people let their wildest dreams alive;
of the one they can never reach, the one that will never come back, the one that got away without proper farewell

It's where people store their most sacred memories;
of their first kisses, their first love, their first dance, their first bucket of roses, their first heartbreaks

So they were right after all,

Music is dangerous, yet addicting; it can either tear you apart or put the pieces back altogether, it depends on what kind of ghosts living inside the interlude

Thus, be careful who you listen the music with
some melody is louder than the others
Today I played the music box you gave me on my seventeenth birthday. How odd it is to realize that music sometimes can be a time machine, how every strings and clinks bring me back to you—towards you
Either you end up
In my poems
Of heartbreaks,
Sadness and misfortune
Or you end up beside me
Filling the gaps between
My fingers.
She doesn’t love she is just happy
Only fools fall but to her even giants have no chance
Ever felt that anything was possible under the ******’ sun yet you know tis’just a silly dream like you didn’t acknowledge the cloud’s presence
Like a demon I fear angels wish I could have learnt this before I persuaded heaven gates to open
She doesn’t hate she is just a **** that blinds me like the ***** has powers
She doesn’t keep her faith she is just there to be carried like a coconut on the salty sea going with the breeze
****** up even before my dawn like I worshiped the moon and didn’t swear pledges with the sun
Aimed at the star for ignition yet I am just a coal
Like a poor man I forgot that I was a bustard aimed higher than I could scale
My saliva now chokes me down to my true self
Thought I was moving on yet I didn’t know the ******’ direction
Directed my own film yet irrationally didn’t man up to watch my **** in the theater
Deb Jones Oct 2017
I raised 3 boys
A kid having kids
Unto them I poured
All my love
I didn't have a mentor
Someone I could emulate
So I made things up
As I went along
Some things I got right
Some things I got wrong
Self help books
Filled my shelves
My boys would mutter
"Mom, got a new book"
When I implemented
Any new rules
My boys are men now
And I have a special bond
With each one of them
The late night calls
That last for hours
The tears they only show me
The heartbreaks I have soothed
The times they wanted me to just listen
The men they have become
I am so proud of every one
They adore me
They laugh at my quirks
They walk by my side with pride
Because I walk by theirs
Feeling the same
They are beautiful in my eyes
And I tell them so every chance
I get
Never will they doubt my love.
I make sure of that!
Vandy Madireddy Jul 2018
She fell in love for the first time,
With the guy who shared her mother-tongue,
She felt every emotion towards him,
The way the leads of the Romantic movies felt,
She got lost in his conversations,
Over thinked everything,
She got up, thinking of him,
Slept, dreaming about him.

Her fragile heart cracked,
When her best friend confessed to liking him,
The friend who made a card for valentines,
While she forgot, lost in her thoughts,
Her best friend, who had a the courage to,
Confess her feelings to his face,
Holding out the card hopefully,
While she stood rooted, broken.

She felt her heart break for the first time,
Just like the female lead did,
When he accepted her best friends card,
And kissed her cheek with a toothy grin,
All while they were happy and she was sad,
As if nothing happened, she gave a smile,
Joining into the group.
Cathyy Feb 2015
It all started with..
"Watch your step when it comes, to finding true love.."
Oh girls like me may slip and fall,
If we don't dream so carefully i thought..
Well I'm a mermaid on the rocks with no feet at all..
Yet I'm running scared and I don't know, where to go..

But it's kind of exciting
I love the rhythm that flows,
in my writing
And you've got a hold,
On my rhyming,
I don't wanna let this, break..

See I love you,
how your 4 lettered name rolls off my tongue too,
I wanna dance to this song too,
I wanna be your day break now

There's a film in class which I think you'd like..
Well I'm just saying that because,
It's a rom com gangsta black&white;
Oh we're a silent film ourselves with lines of poetry as our speech..
And you're the heartbeat behind every piece I write and breathe

So can I stay for longer?,
I've been through heartbreaks before, & I've come out stronger
But you're not a heartbreak,
You're a Wonder..
A Scorpio Wonderland of stars..
Oh I love 'ya'
And I've got secrets to whisper at midnight,
I wanna see London light up only through your eyes
I'll be your special friend if you think that's alright..

It all started with;
A dreamer falling in and out of love..

But I'll be on the edge of the world with you if you ever wanted time to ever stop..
Hope you like this one, quite uplifting I believe..
Tyler Atherton Dec 2018
The moment your heartbreaks.
The moment he looks at her
And you wish it was you.
The moment you feel it.
The numbness of your heart.
That, that is the moment.,
The moment you realise it won't ever be you.

That is the moment when you feel the worst pain
But you have to persevere.
You can't give up.

© Copyright Tyler Atherton
Kay Feb 28
i. you were a soccer player
we met online and talked for hours
you played video games like i did
you had the brightest smile
you were handsome to me

but you had excuses for not being ready
you were left incomplete by someone before me
you distanced yourself, afraid of making mistakes
then you went and made one
thats when you left me.

ii. a random guy picking up a random girl
we didnt get along at first but soon we were always talking
that one day we were sitting in the field
i couldn't stop staring at you and smiling
you asked me out and my heart fluttered

but we were not right together
you didnt filter what you to said to other girls
you went to prison for a month
your friends verbally attacked me over what you did
you cheated and i no longer could excuse you anymore, i left.

iii. you helped me while my heart was broken
you spoiled me rotten and made me smile
you helped me make friends
you were a good christian boy
i felt so safe with you

but one day that stopped
physically and emotionally left hurting
you made me close up inside
making tinder profiles and flirting with girls on there
you lied to the world about me and made me the villian

iv. you are the last one i'd ever think would hurt me
no the heartbreak didn't come from us dating
no this one came afterwards when we stayed friends
you were my rock and my friend
you were there for years

but then i saw the real you
you assumed one day my twitter post was about you and it wasn't
you admitted to stealing something of my dead grandma's
you carved into my wall, cussing at me
now i am stuck unable to trust because of you
This is some of my closest, personal stories. i and I are still good friends and talk. ii and I have problems still. iii and I are no longer speaking and I only broke up with him a month ago. iv might end up sued by me.

I met a new guy who means the world to me but currently he doesn't understand why I won't let myself have him but this is why... It's taking a lot to share it with you guys but I want anyone who sees this to know, it's okay to hurt and I am with all of you.
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