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May 2018 · 124
Sarah Jean Ashby May 2018
I listen to that song.
It's new to me, but these feelings are familiar. And the times that I remember,
Make me cry for reasons
Both good and terrible.
Jan 2018 · 265
Sorry I'm Sorry
Sarah Jean Ashby Jan 2018
And I'm done serving penance

For the person I was

When I was sick

And trying to dig

My way back to the light.
Jan 2018 · 131
My Truth
Sarah Jean Ashby Jan 2018
I don't have high expectations

I don't have outstanding dreams

I don't need to be happy

I just want to be okay.
Nov 2017 · 167
Sarah Jean Ashby Nov 2017
I'm broken. Oh, I'm so ******* broken.
But at least with you, I'm not the only one.
We sway back and forth like lost souls do
Eyes wide open. Our hearts too.
Just two ****** children of the Sun.
Nov 2017 · 167
Sarah Jean Ashby Nov 2017
I wish that my intuition wasn't always right

That I couldn't read situations so well

Sometimes it would just be nice

Not to see the impending crash coming

'Cause I can't do anything to stop it, anyhow
Oct 2017 · 246
Sarah Jean Ashby Oct 2017
Why is it always me
Making friends with the stars
And all their galaxies.

Why am I the one
Sleep chooses to evade
No chance to dream
For I lay wide awake
Waiting for your day
To Start.
Sep 2017 · 263
Sarah Jean Ashby Sep 2017
And as you travel
Halfway around the world
I sit alone at home
And remember the time
When you first kissed me.
Swaying on the dance floor
Our bodies intertwined.

Actually, that’s a lie.
I kissed you first.
For every second that went by
Without your lips pressed to mine
Was another moment I was dying.

I know I made you a promise
That I wouldn’t put my life on hold.
But how can I continue on
As though everything were the same
When the moment that I met you
Everything changed.
Jul 2017 · 438
On Politics (Unfinished)
Sarah Jean Ashby Jul 2017
Bickering Children

Party Lines

Obsessing over "better times"

That no longer apply

To our current situation

Old men whose futures are short at best

Telling me what to do with my ******

Some thoughts I am having before my meeting with Senator Joni Ernst. I'll finish it later, but not too shabby for writing it in 2 minutes.
Jun 2017 · 924
Sarah Jean Ashby Jun 2017
I wish I could be cool about things
But I can't.

When I feel something
I feel it 100%

There's nothing mysterious about me

I'm a book wide open
No translation necessary.
So, due to a deep depression, I literally haven't written a single poem in over FOUR years. Last night I got a bit drunk and wrote a Facebook status that sounded pretty poetic, so I finished it and turned it into this. I couldn't be more thrilled to be writing again. I just hope I don't have to get drunk every time I want to write! Lol
Jul 2013 · 1.8k
On Religion
Sarah Jean Ashby Jul 2013
I Live to Learn.

And that's hard to do with a narrow mind

That's why my eyes are open wide

I don't want to miss a thing

That this world has to offer

Whether it be karma

Or thy Heavenly Father

Don't bother;

I'll think what I want

No one's going to tell me who to be

Or what to believe.

Have a mind of your own

You've got to think for yourself

Don't be blindly following somebody else

And never let other's expectations

Overshadow what you choose to believe in

I choose to believe

In the possibility of anything

Of everything

So what does that make me?

An Agnostic? Or just simply weak?

Neither. It makes me Free.
Jul 2013 · 1.2k
Hyperbola Needed
Sarah Jean Ashby Jul 2013
You are the Sun.
Gravitational pull unmatching.
I feel your presence so entirely magnetic.
Caught in your orbit, I'll stay
Constantly I pray. For a Hyperbola;
An un-ending, un-wavering escape
So bright, my eyes can't tolerate
You give me life, but a cancer you create
From the moment I step into your light
I open myself up;
To risk. To death.
To end. My end.

And your perserverance.
May 2013 · 1.5k
Accepting and Moving on
Sarah Jean Ashby May 2013
I had a dream about you last night.
It was as though the pain of the last 6 months was bundled up into one night's sleep. But at the end of my dream I sent you a text. In it I said, "I go back and forth between hating you and just wishing you would speak to me. There are so many things that I want to tell you. I wanted to tell you about being offered an internship with the Human Rights Campaign this summer and that I can't accept their offer because I can't afford to have an unpaid internship, even if it's an opportunity I've always dreamed of. I'm also waiting to hear back about a paid internship in NYC with Even if I don't get the internship, I've been looking for summer full-time jobs all over Iowa and I plan on living on my own this summer. If there's one thing I've learned this year it's that I'm stronger than I ever thought and that I can make it on my own. I want to tell you that I'm in love. Not with you, but with someone I never saw coming. Someone who surprises me everyday and makes me not regret anything that happened between you and I because it led me to him. So thanks, I guess.

Dr. Chrystal wrote me a letter of recommendation and although I don't know the standard protocol for students reading their own LOR, he sent me a copy, so I read it. It made me cry. I guess no matter how many times people tell you how "special" you are, it doesn't sink in until you witness them telling someone else what they think about you. Growing up, I was never smart enough. Never pretty enough. Never anything enough to be different; to stand out. But here, it's a different story. For some reason people see something in me that I can't explain. I've been conditioned for so long to see myself as not enough that it's hard for me to believe anything otherwise. I didn't think I was enough for you, and that cost me my best friend. I'm sorry for not letting go. I'm sorry for holding onto what happened, but it's only because you were the first person to really see something in me that I couldn't. And when you left, it made me question everything you ever told me. And whether you deserve to be hated or not, I can't ignore the feeling that you understand what I'm going through. I can't give up the hope that one day you'll look at yourself in the mirror and realize that you deserve to be seen too. Because I think we both need someone to not only listen, but to understand. This ended up not being at all what I wrote in that "dream text", but I don't regret anything that I've ever written you and I'm not going to start now. Shamefully, I will probably continue to write you for the rest of my life. Even if you don't respond, I know that you care about the little stupid things I have to say. When you find someone that sees you, you don't give up when they decide to close their eyes. You wait. And hope that they will get tired of living in the dark. If you read that book that I gave you, you'll understand me when I say that we accept the love we think we deserve. You deserve more than you think. And I'll be here when you decide to open your eyes. Not in the same way as before, but here nonetheless.
Sarah Jean Ashby Nov 2012
And your name shall forever be written in the stars.
Always seen by those who loved you.
Stripped far too soon
From a world only bettered by you.
All we can hope for now is some closure.
Though it won't bring you back, it might bring us comfort.
Whatever the hell that means.

I miss you.
I miss your ***** laugh,
Your awkward stares,
And everything I ever took for granted.
I hope your cynicism about heaven was wrong.
I hope you are forever where you belong.
Because you were far too beautiful for this world.

The best things in life are fleeting
And that is how I shall remember you.
Like lightning, you flashed your brilliance upon us.
And just as quickly as you arrived,
You departed from our lives.
A loss that can never be replaced.
Because of you, our world was blessed.
Please just know that you were loved.
You touched people whom you will never know.
And inspired those that knew you.

You will live on through your art.
Your name shall forever be written in the stars.
And your laughter will remain in our hearts
To remind us all that life is far too short,
To not live every moment to the fullest.
Just as you did.
You taught me how to live.
And for that, I will be forever thankful.

Peace, Love, And Relaxation Tea♥
I Love You
Sarah Jean Ashby Nov 2012
You tried to learn everything you could.
About life, love, religion. The whole deal.
You were convinced that you would be the one to go to if there was ever an apocalypse.
You laughed things off, but you always had a heavy heart.
And when you shared your soul, It was beautiful.
You used to call me in the middle of the night
Pretending to be an old black man from Louisiana
Keeping me up for hours laughing.
I ALWAYS found it creepy to wake up on the couch to you spooning me.
And whenever you just randomly licked me across the face,
I was truly disgusted.
I've never seen someone break a bone before,
But you took it like a champ. And still caught the ball.
Washing dishes.
Late night bike rides.
(You riding Mom's bike, honking that **** horn at EVERYONE)
Sunglass and antique shopping.
Ancient Ways.
Oreo races.
Sushi trips.
Labyrinth hunting.
Our obsession with graffiti.
And SO much more.
We had such a rocky start.
And we drove eachother crazy.
But you made me feel special.
You saw things in me that no one, including myself, would've ever noticed.
I will be forever thankful to have gotten the chance
To see what a beautiful person you truly were.
You grew to be more than my friend.
You were my brother.
I Loved you more than you'll ever know.
This stupid poem doesn't do justice to explain just how much you meant to our whole family.
You were a part of it, whether you wanted to be or not.
That's where you ended up,
And I've never been so happy to have a *** sleeping on our couch.
You were one weird ******* kid. But man, I sure loved you♥
Nov 2012 · 815
Scrubbing Bubbles
Sarah Jean Ashby Nov 2012
And whenever I get sad about our relationship ending

I just think about your bathroom and how disgusting it was.

And I feel a little better knowing

That someday I'll meet a guy

Who actually knows how to clean a toilet.
Nov 2012 · 1.5k
Last Day Participation
Sarah Jean Ashby Nov 2012
My hands are numb
And uncooperative as I struggle to write,
"University Bapstist Church"
On this little piece of paper in my hand.
I'm earning my "Beat Mitt" shirt.
November 6th, 2012.
You bet I did my part;
All 2 1/2 hours worth.
Standing outside of Carver Hall.
Nose running. Hands cold.
Wind blowing. No sunlight to keep us warm.
But I didn't do it for the shirt.
I did it to help make some kind of change.
I know I didn't do much,
But at least I did something.
And that's a hell-of-a-lot more than most can say.
Nov 2012 · 848
Truly Telling
Sarah Jean Ashby Nov 2012
I fear that winter break won't be the only cold front that I face
The holidays will roll around and you will still need more space
I fear that it's not what you say, but what you don't
That is truly telling.

I look at your face. It's not the same
There's a certain kind of love that's missing
What do you do when your one best friend is the one person you can't talk to?
Jesus! All you ever say is, "I'm sorry..." & "Time helps"
And my favorite, "We'll still be great friends, Ashby"

You're such a terrible friend
Your advice is lacking any empathy
And your care is nonexistant.
If we don't have love
And we don't have friendship
What do we have left?
I'm terrified to ask such a question.

I've been doing my part fine
I've been staying in the lines
That go against every fiber of my being
I don't know what to think anymore
Except that you want nothing more
From me.

You don't want us
You don't want we
You just want you...
And me.

I just want answers to questions I've already asked
Shaken off and given little thought
You say you just want what's best
For me
But what I really think
Is that you are a coward.
You're too afraid to be the ******* in this relationship.
But guess what?
You already are.
Ehhh not my best work. But necessary to get out some feelings.
Oct 2012 · 698
It's all on You
Sarah Jean Ashby Oct 2012
I don't want always.
I just want something.
A promise to sleep again at night.
I warned you of the consequences
Of stringing me along,
But I'm still not sure that you heard me.
I promise. I will break your knee-caps if you hurt me.

Sometimes I lie awake
And go through day-by-day
Up until the moment you said,
"I Love you."
I wonder if it was true.
Or if I had something to do
with it.
Like a catalyst.
Pushing you to the point of no return.

I despise my feelings.
They haunt me.
They taunt me.
I can't shake them no matter how I try.

It's not fair.
I didn't ask for this.
I didn't even ask for you.
This was all your doing.
You offered me help.
You told me where to go.
You wanted coffee.
You chose to talk to me.
It was you that wanted to play things out.
It was your idea to date me.
You said, "I Love You."
And, "Will you visit me in Oregon?"
I didn't choose to fall in Love.
I didn't want this to happen.
Because I know that things don't work out.
At least not for me.
But I let you in.
I said yes.
I trusted you with everything I had.
I dreamed of a future I never thought I could have.
With you.
Because of you.

So I'm sorry that I'm going a little crazy.
But I don't fall in Love everyday.
And you expecting me to be okay
With you saying that I have to wait,
Is the most terrifying thing.

Just remember:
You did this to me.
Whatever happens next.
Whatever hits the fan.
It's all on you, baby.
Because I did nothing.
I hate that you've taken over my poetry. But it seems like it's the only way to get things out of my system. So a long list of love poems, I will write. I'm sorry for being overly-dramatic. It's just kind of how I cope.
Oct 2012 · 1.2k
What Could Have Been
Sarah Jean Ashby Oct 2012
It would be so easy to think,
"What the hell is wrong with me?"
But that demands an answer
To a question that's wrongly delivered.

It's not me. It's we.
It's circumstance.
And by chance, when we meet again
It will all make sense
And God forbid
We'll actually make it out

We could've been great.
We still can be.
Just not now.
Not like this.
We knew it wasn't right,
But we couldn't resist.
And now I'm the one with the short stick
****** over by circumstance.
And your **** conscience.
Which makes me love/hate you even more.

I know we had to play this out.
But now I just think about
What could've been.
Even though it's not over.
Just paused.
My insecureties flood my thoughts.
Poison my brain.
With pessimism
And unwarrented pain.

I wish I could stop rhyming
But I can't.
It's engrained in me.
Like you.
And your old soul.
Your books.
Your words.
Your veiw of the world.

I find so wonderfully parrallel to mine.
I wish you were still mine.
We really could've been something.
Oct 2012 · 802
You Did This to Me.
Sarah Jean Ashby Oct 2012
I want to do the boring things with you.
Like helping you clean your apartment.
I want to meet your friends,
And introduce you to mine.
I even want to meet your parents,
Even if they are crazy Republicans.

I want to be there for you
When you're stressed
And your whole life is imploding.
I'll be the one to pull you from the wreckage.
Sit with you.
Make you feel like you can live again.

I want to hear your problems;
Past and present.
Pretty much,
I just want to know you.
All of you.
The bad.
The embarassing.
Even all the terrible things.
I will Love all of them.
Just as I'm coming to Love you.

Because you ruin my poetry;
My rhyming.
My ability for perfect timing.
All out the window.

I know that Love doesn't just happen overnight.
That it takes time.
But I think sometimes
You can just tell.
I don't Love you yet,
But I know that I will.

I've already pictured our lives in my head.
I don't do that.
I don't think about children
Or holidays.
God forbid, my wedding day.
But with you, it's like things have changed.
Maybe it's just me,
But I really don't think
That this is a one-way thing.
You did this to me.
Of that, I am certain.
Oct 2012 · 1.1k
For the Hell of it
Sarah Jean Ashby Oct 2012
chipped nail polish
too lazy to do anything about it
I'm not a hipster
I just like old things
and tattered, worn out people.
I think they are beautiful.
what others overlook
I ponder; spend hours
lost in admiration.
I enjoy simple things
like high-fives
and bicycle rides
and the smell of seasons changing.
random piece of string around my wrist.
no special reason.
just for the hell of it.
that's me.
in it for the hell of it.
ADD ridden
but happy none-the-less.
deep in thought.
but not in spirit.
light in peace of mind.
I'm me.
Sarah Jean.
and I'd like to think
that I'm doing pretty alright
May 2012 · 2.5k
Spokes are Speaking
Sarah Jean Ashby May 2012
No age limit.

Don't care if it's a hipster fad.
I Loved you far before the world.
Simplicity of my legs.
Yet so much power behind these things.

You make me throw my OCD needing to rhyme and flow completely out the window.
Well... Sort of.
And yeah, it bugs me that I'm now writing in complete sentences, but I don't even care anymore.

I care about my bike.
And the beauty that it brings to the world.
May 2012 · 568
Just Like Me
Sarah Jean Ashby May 2012
Poetry is just a bunch of words
Strewn together in different combinations
All with the sole purpose
Of conveying the same message
Just in a new way:

I Love you
I Hate you
I really want to bone you.

I'm happy

My life is great
My life *****.
People ****.

The world is beautiful,
And so are you.
But that's not what's most important.
Because I'd like to bone your brain too.

This poem is a reflection of me.
I am a reflection of circumstance.

Circumstance is random.
Just like this poem.
Just like me.
May 2012 · 716
Sarah Jean Ashby May 2012
My opinions are Loud and so is my laughter.
So if you can handle them both...

          I think we can be Friends.
Dec 2011 · 992
"The Moose"
Sarah Jean Ashby Dec 2011
I've been staring at your name
Just trying to make sense of all of this.
Please tell me what it'll take.
Please tell me anything.
I just want to know that I still mean something.

And I'm sorry that I've turned this whole thing upside-down.
Wish I could turn it all around,
But I can't.
It's too late for that.

But I think I deserve
At least one ******* word.
We were friends.
Some might say best.
I guess it wasn't worth fighting for,
When things got weird.
Or awkward.
Or a little more than that.

Again, I'm sorry.
But not for the feelings.
Just the delivery.
It wasn't my best timing

And I agree that we should just be friends.
I just want to be friends.
I just want you back.
Because who the hell else,
Am I going to do "The Moose" with?
We never did end up being friends again. We just kept drifting. But that is his fault, not mine.
Oct 2011 · 533
Sarah Jean Ashby Oct 2011
It's amazing how something so*


Can make you feel so
Aug 2011 · 1.8k
Department of Transportation
Sarah Jean Ashby Aug 2011
The DOT: Where dreams go to die
And people go to wait in line
Sit in plastic chairs for hours
Next to mr. homeboy
And some chick that never showers

I'd like to finish this poem,
But they just called my number

Peace out, *******.
Took my brother to the DOT and got bored. This place will drive you crazy. Hence "Peace out."
Aug 2011 · 1.2k
Psychiatrists Rule The World
Sarah Jean Ashby Aug 2011
This whole depression thing
Is getting really old
Every day feels the same
Just another 24hr. time bomb
Tick-Tick-Ticking in my brain

Guilt for things I can't control
For being me
And not feeling whole-ly there

No one knows
I don't want them to
I can't be monitored
For everything I do
That's no way to live

I'm not harmful
To myself or others
Isn't that what most matters?
No one cares if I'm unhappy
So long as I'm not a threat

They'll throw pills down my throat
Call me good; Or good enough
Send me on my way
Piece of paper in my hand
With drugs that only they understand

I'm not really living
But at least I'm not dead

So bring it on
The Tick-Tick-Ticking of my bomb
Never going to explode
Just there to keep me in control
So I'm not a "burden" on this world.
Aug 2011 · 926
Timing: A Rutheless Bitch
Sarah Jean Ashby Aug 2011
Written August 1, 2011*

Four falling stars
So far.
We'll be friends, regardless.
Promise to keep in touch.
No matter what.
But none of it changes how I feel
Or how it hurts
To know that we'll never be anything more
Than long-distance friends
Through a life-line of texts
And weekend trips
That I'm afraid will slowly dwindle.

And nine shooting stars later
All we can really do
Is lay across my outback
And agree that
This. Just. *****.

Not so poetically put
But the truth
Rarely is.
Aug 2011 · 461
A Little Change
Sarah Jean Ashby Aug 2011
Written July 13, 2011*

It's funny how everything seemed more beautiful
When we were only three feet tall.
The world, it seemed so simple.
Not so scary; much less pain with every fall.

Where are those days when our backyard was just enough?
And we still believed that we could be,
Anything when we grew up.

I want to feel safe again.
I want to not be afraid.
I think we all would like that.
We just need a little change.
Aug 2011 · 828
L.A. Confidential
Sarah Jean Ashby Aug 2011
Written July 12, 2011*

So ******. So disappointed. So let down.
So sick to my stomach right now.
I can't believe that I thought you had changed,
But you will always make these same mistakes.
I wish you could think of ANYBODY other than yourself.
But you can't. Or you won't.
Either way, I hope you know
That I may Love you, but I don't Like you.
Please. For the rest of us,
Get some help.
Aug 2011 · 551
Corneal Drive-by
Sarah Jean Ashby Aug 2011
People Change.
They grow apart.
And soon enough we'll be strangers.
And you'll think of me as nothing more
Than a fleeting thought;
Once most important.

We'll pass without a spoken word.
Just sideways glances with eyes that never meet.
And a longing for,
Times best forgotten.

Like almost everything.
But 'til then, let's just keep holding on,
And try to make the best
Of what time we still have left
Before we start to drift.
This is probably one of my favorite poems I've ever written.
Aug 2011 · 684
I've Never Been So Alive
Sarah Jean Ashby Aug 2011
When everyone is asleep, my mind is wide awake.
I think of things, and what I'd say if you were right in front of me.
Free from most distractions, it's all but impossible to second guess myself.
Although the daytime is a completely different tale.
Despite this headache and sleepy eyes, I've never felt more alive.
And ready to take on the world.
But I guess that'll have to wait 'til tomorrow.
Aug 2011 · 641
This I Believe
Sarah Jean Ashby Aug 2011
There it rests.
A wet and salty smudge of bleeding ink and paper
Forever engrained on this page
As an eternal bookmark to the very place
Where I felt your thoughts meander across the strings of my heart.

A moment in time of disbelief
That something so simply put as "beautiful"
Could possibly become from another human mind.

The spot will dry, yet the smudge will remain
To forever remind me
That every once in a while
It is possible to really, truly Feel.
Aug 2011 · 528
Sorry is For the Forgivable
Sarah Jean Ashby Aug 2011
Written May 9, 2011*

You said that something just didn't make sense.
Said you didn't understand.
I promised. I promised.
I swore this time we'd get it right.
I thought, I prayed
That I could keep it.
Keep my word. Hold it tight.
But again, it crashed.
And as your voice cracked
I could hear.
I could tell you felt as if I'd lied.
I tried.
But couldn't spare your heart.
Above everything else,
That hurt the worst.
And my promises came crumbling down.
Falling apart.
This isn't my favorite thing I've written. Actually, it kind of annoys me. I hate cliche lines and stupid rhymes that only serve as connectors for the next phrase. If that makes any sense, I don't know. But this was sort of an apology to someone important at the time, so I figured it's importance was more in the meaning than in the delivery.
Sarah Jean Ashby Aug 2011
Written January 4, 2011*

I've been lying awake thinking of the days when you were mine.
Was it all a mistake? Was it just a big waste of my time?
But it doesn't matter anymore, because we're over and you are gone.
And now I realize that I was wrong about you.

You are nothing more than a scared little boy.
Does it even matter to you how you look in my eyes?
I spent all this time coming to your defense.
But all of my arguements were worthless.
Our whole Relationship was clouded by lies.
Along with my Ignorance, allied you and your great disguise.
Oh congratulations. You had me fooled.
But it turns out that the joke is on you.
I can finally see
That I deserve more
Than you ever gave me.
Even if more means being alone
For as long as it takes,
To again feel whole.
In case this poem wasn't clear enough, it's about a ******* cheater. All is fine now, though. Or at least I am. Don't know about him :)
Aug 2011 · 557
Composition 101
Sarah Jean Ashby Aug 2011
Written December 7, 2010*

I can't get the words from my head to the paper
They're up there, I know it
Just behind locked doors.

I don't need structure
I don't need a **** thesis statement
What I really need
Is Freedom of Expression.
And this is what I did instead of writing my Abnormal Psych. paper. This was much easier. Ha
Sarah Jean Ashby Aug 2011
Written October 22, 2010*

I Live to Learn
And that's hard to do with a narrow mind
That's why my eyes are open wide
I don't wanna miss a thing
That this world has to offer
Whether it be karma
Or thy Heavenly Father
Don't bother
I think what I want
No one's gonna tell me who to be
Or what to believe
Have a mind of your own
You gotta think for youself
Don't be blindly following somebody else
And never let others expectations
Overshadow what you choose to believe in
I choose to believe
In the possibility of anything
Of everything
So what does that make me?
An Agnostic? Or just simply weak?
Neither. It makes me Free.
Aug 2011 · 1.6k
ADD and Adderall
Sarah Jean Ashby Aug 2011
Written October 20, 2010*

Shaking hands and words that never end.
Concentration seems impossible;
Seems so improbable.
At least without my medication.

They say it's all in my head.
I say they can all go to Hell,
And I'll meet them there.
Shaking hands and all.
Sarah Jean Ashby Aug 2011
Written October 19, 2010*

There's a lot on my mind
That I can't seem to find.
Hidden under useless thoughts
I guess...
It's overcrowded, spilling out.
With Everything,
And the things I need to figure out.

Nothing's clear, and what I fear
Is that it's you,
That's stopping me from being who
I really, truly want to be.
Stopping me
From being really, truly at peace.

But that's not something
That I'm willing to admit.
Not just yet, at least.
Aug 2011 · 607
Remind Me Again
Sarah Jean Ashby Aug 2011
Written September 19, 2010*

Remind me again, what happiness feels like.
Because I've come to realize,
That I have no idea.
And I don't know when
This all began.
When my whole world started crashing down
Without a sound;
A silent demolition.

And as the dust settles I come to find
That I am all alone on this destruction site.
To clean up the pieces of my fallen world,
And think How in the world
Did I get here?
Aug 2011 · 1.2k
Sincerely Yours, Smiley
Sarah Jean Ashby Aug 2011
Written Summer 2009*

"Keep your head held high, but your feet on the ground."
You used to say to me.
I didn't spend alot of time
With you before you left
But, I do know one thing
That's true to my heart
No matter what
I Love You♥

Sincerely Yours,
Smiley :]
Aug 2011 · 596
All For You
Sarah Jean Ashby Aug 2011
Written August 27, 2007*

A tear
Just one
That's all
Can't breathe
Just want to fall
To the ground
Nothing beneath my feet
All I want to do
Is weep.

A thousand tiny needles
Puncture my heart
I start to bleed.

Seeing you now
Makes me go insane
And worst of all
You'll never know
How much pain
Just One Tear Can Mean.
Freshman year. Thought I was in love. Definitely not my favorite writing, but one of my firsts.
Aug 2011 · 511
Random Unfinished Song
Sarah Jean Ashby Aug 2011
Written September 28, 2008*

And I'm sorry
That I couldn't be
That you wanted of me

And I know
That sorry can't explain
All those feelings inside
The mistakes that I've made

So please tell me
Who I'm supposed to be

Now coming down from that
Long, long road
Seeing you there
A part of me knows
That you and me
We weren't meant to be

So just let go.
Forget about Everything.
Aug 2011 · 1.6k
Sarah Jean Ashby Aug 2011
Written November 2008*

Somtimes when I get bored
My mind starts to wander.
My head flies away to faraway lands
Filled with talking bunnies, skunks, and squirrels
And ticking clocks
Swallowed alligators.

But even in this rhelm
Of extraordinary things
There is still that boy
Who runs away from me;
My prince charming.

I call to him, To let me in;
To know the secrets in his head.
But still he flies
Into the skies
Of Never-Never Land.
Aug 2011 · 726
Empty House (Song. Kinda)
Sarah Jean Ashby Aug 2011
Written September 2008*

Can you hear me now?
I'm standing on the front porch
Looking in this empty house
How long was I gone?
And where has everyone gone to?

And who said anything
About leaving me behind?
Cause I received no letter
No message of any kind
And all I want to know is

Why would you do this to me?
Left me alone
All by myself
Just waiting for you,
Waiting for you
To come back home

Please, come back home.
Aug 2011 · 447
Stop The Clock
Sarah Jean Ashby Aug 2011
Written March 16, 2009*

I really wish
That the world could stand still.
Just for a while.
Let me heal.
Let me rest.
Let me get a hold of everything that's going on;
Everything that's going wrong.
Just catch my breath.
Because I don't think
That I'm ready yet,
For what is still to come.
This is one of the first poems I wrote in high school. When I started getting away from the elementary standard poetry layout.
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