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J Apr 2018

There’s a party Friday night-
All the cool kids will be there!
I somehow rated an invite (?)
Time for a new outfit and new hair!

Time to think of witty things to say
And practice looking approachable.
This time in the corner I won’t stay
Avoiding eyes and being unsociable.

Time to brush up on my smile
And try to not get lost in thought.
Time to not be a lonely isle
And be charming and whatnot.

I can do this thing I know I can!
Why am I always so so worried?
The kids will be tuckered out -
(At least that’s the plan!)
And worst case I’m home by 7:30!
Trying to socialize with other moms at kids’ parties regresses me back to invisible high school shy girl mode.  I can be super confident in so many situations but those moms even if they aren’t trying to can make me feel so uncool!
Sarah Jean Ashby Jun 2017
I wish I could be cool about things
But I can't.

When I feel something
I feel it 100%

There's nothing mysterious about me

I'm a book wide open
No translation necessary.
So, due to a deep depression, I literally haven't written a single poem in over FOUR years. Last night I got a bit drunk and wrote a Facebook status that sounded pretty poetic, so I finished it and turned it into this. I couldn't be more thrilled to be writing again. I just hope I don't have to get drunk every time I want to write! Lol
Victor Harvelle May 2017
I'm not like those superficial teens
pretending that they're kings and queens
I'm the one living on dreams
and pretending to be unseen
I just wrote this out of a spur of the moment need, not that good buuut yeah.
JR Rhine Feb 2017
The Comeback snapped the ball
and looked desperately for somebody open--

I stood in the endzone
franticallywaving my


With an eye-roll hardly concealed
within a muddy helmet,
he begrudgingly tossed me the ball--

The buzzer sounded
and the fourth quarter ended
just as the ball was in my sweaty clutch--

But the visiting team had already clapped
each other on the backs and
my team waited for me in the
locker room
smelly and defeated.

Alas, I was the most distressed,
standing on the field alone
with the winning boon
a moment
                                 too late.
Sometimes when you feel uncool
You got to put the Freezer on.

— The End —