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May 16 · 86
too few sixteens
Little Bit May 16
One sixteen
You had me
Two sixteens
You needed me
Three sixteens
And you were gone
When I almost
Found you
I lost you
Before I knew you
So long
May 11 · 47
I’m for real
Little Bit May 11
They say
to the norm
Just shut up
And go along

They say
The world is
Not kind
To differences
So fall in line

They say
Stand up
Assert, assert
Be alert
Hate is going
To take you

I say
**** ‘em, **** it
I’m gonna make it
In my own way

I say
It’s a mistake
To think
Sweet means weak
Kind means blind
Because I see it all
And still choose to lose
Because that’s love
I am for real
May 11 · 88
Little Bit May 11
My inner world is weird
When I let go of
My inhibitions
My inner weird
Outer weird
And I get shy
Don’t be ashamed
Of your weird
Because your weird
Is what makes you
Your weird
Is your weird
And maybe
It’s not
That weird
After all
Maybe it’s not
That weird
After all
May 11 · 130
sweet Marci
Little Bit May 11
Oh sweet Marci
I cried in my dreams
For your tears
Though day comes and
Chemicals keep
my eyes dry
I want blank dreams
Where I don’t have
To feel anything
I want blank dreams
I want blank dreams
May 11 · 89
Little Bit May 11
Tight yellow mini dress
Girl I see you
In your iridescent
ombré bedazzled
Thigh high boots

Standing by your
Run down ride
With a half smile
And a blonde weave
gone bad

Trying to be
Someone you’re not
Just to get him hot
Just to get them hot

Girl I see you
Pouring oil that will just burn
You’re gonna burn up
Girl I see you
You’re gonna burn up
It’s gonna burn up
May 11 · 49
love song
Little Bit May 11
Do you love me now
like you loved me then
When we kissed
under a trumpet or
cornucopia of nails

Cos this love song
Is still for you
Cos growing old
With you is cool

Do you love me now
Like you loved me then
When you tagged
That overpass
That doesn’t even
exist anymore

Cos this love song
Is still for you
Cos this love song
Is still for you
May 11 · 85
a choice
Little Bit May 11
you choose
May 11 · 162
Little Bit May 11
Driving on bridges
Over rivers
To see the sea
Breathe the
Salty breeze

Mind the
Posted signs
That advise
Who decides
The rules
Who knows
If they’re
Good for me

Maybe I peak
At 80
While you go 60
Coasting by
The coast

Driving on bridges
Over rivers
To see the sea
Breathe the
Salty breeze
May 11 · 35
with a light heart
Little Bit May 11
We fight
With a light heart
I say
You’re a lush
Ha ha
Ha ha
You say
I’m a flake
Ha ha
Ha ha
Let’s fake it
And make it
My heart’s
Too heavy
I can’t
Take it
Mar 5 · 106
Little Bit Mar 5
Let's carve
beautiful arbors
Then set them
And watch them
burn to the ground

Let's build
intricate machines
Then break them
And count all
their little pieces

Let's write
clever rhymes
Then erase them
And stare at
the blank page

Let's paint
mystic scenes
Then water them
And then feel
the wet blur
May 2017 · 437
you know i'm right
Little Bit May 2017
just a bit of wine
but now i'm lying
flat out in a straight line
face pressed against the cold tile
looking over to catch your smile
because we both know
we'll be here for awhile
and that's just fine
i start to cry
because, ****
it's a beautiful sight

you loving me for me
it's crazy
both of us forever free
to be whoever
we want to be
and we still choose
to stand
side by side
each time.

you know i'm right.
Mar 2017 · 564
i'm fine, not fine
Little Bit Mar 2017
you know that
I wear my crazy
on my sleeve.

it's best if
you just
let me be.

aren't there other
train wrecks
for you to go
and see?

if you really
love me,
then leave.

because there
isn't anything
here to see.
Mar 2017 · 889
gold stars
Little Bit Mar 2017
external validation
it's your drug of choice

it starts with
gold stars for
good behavior

the seed to please
it just grows and grows
into a wild jungle vine

gold stars turn into
compliments and "likes"
it feels so nice
but it's not

because you
need it
more and more
you have to
win the award

it controls you
and you don't
even know
who you
are anymore
written 3/25/17
Mar 2017 · 424
the playlist
Little Bit Mar 2017
buried among
other favorites
you sing to me
about the girl
I used to be
preoccupied with
my own
pain or gain
so naive

I dreamed then
I was naked
I dream now
I'm behind the
steering wheel
but the car's
driving me
out of control
out to sea

I hear your voice
and I want you
to come over
and wrap your
arms around me
I've grown older now
I'd never let you down

but then, too soon
the music changes
**** ******* jagger
reminds me
I've already
found what
I need

but instead of
being comforting
the choir, that chorus
it mocks me
it taunts me

maybe I will blow
a 50-amp fuse
I'm tired of
the self-abuse

I already have
what I need
but I think
you're what
I want

you're what
I feel
but it's
not real
written 3/22/17
Mar 2017 · 544
know your soul
Little Bit Mar 2017
you're used to the game
we're all guilty of playing

when she doesn't really
mean what she's saying

but, oh no, love, not me

I want to know your soul
what song does it sing?
Mar 2017 · 261
one day
Little Bit Mar 2017
i hope your
i hate you's
turn into
thank you's
and your
turn into
love you's
one day

even though
you hurt so
i hope you
see what I do
one day

I'm selfish
it's true
I don't want
to lose you

pressed pause
hopeful to make time
for you to realize
you're not that small

i'm sorry for my haste
i know how you hate it
how i always want
to save you

i hope the pause
doesn't prolong
the misery
but helps you to see
the amazing

if one day never comes
see you in my dreams
feel you in the beats
here's the space
you requested

even if you stay
bitter forever
know i'm here
never say never
i love you
as fiercely as ever
written 3/7/17
Mar 2017 · 650
to my sweetest girl
Little Bit Mar 2017
sweetest girl
my greatest joy is
watching your
imagination grow
I'm honored to
be a spectator to
how it unfolds

even when it frightens you
because that unfortunately
is the cost of creativity

but don't try to stop it
that will only weigh down
your effervescent spirit
that would only mix your
true colors to ashy grey

I'll hold your hand
walk you through
the gravel and sand
and remind you to
appreciate the grand

your wonder
delights me
I can't wait
to see how you
surprise me
written 3/18/17
Mar 2017 · 262
first love
Little Bit Mar 2017
I miss
the slow dances
the awkward glances
the heat of the chase
the pace to anticipate

as the world stops, unwinds
when you find
falling in love
for the first time.
written 1/29/17
Mar 2017 · 250
true self
Little Bit Mar 2017
trapped inside
the invisible cage
that confines me

coated in sweet vanilla
that satisfies their taste
plastered with beautiful images
that bring them comfort

but constructed with irons of
not what I really am

underneath it all
behind the wall
I'm still here
with the real

but I'm slowly losing
my might
to continue fighting
this fight

but all she wrote was
"be your true self"
nothing else
my first piece of advice
in this life she gave me
my only birthright

so something
must be done

find the key
tear down the wall
set your true self

(and be loud
make mama proud)
written 2/17/17
Mar 2017 · 941
creativity constipation
Little Bit Mar 2017
They said my lines were weak
So I learned not to speak
     I decided not to speak

Now the lines are stuck in my mind
Driving me insane
Stay in your lane

I'm a girl who loves to dance
Yet too afraid to give it a chance
Utterly bored with myself
Wishing to purely connect

Aching for
the courage
the tools
the words
To get out of this rut

All my ideas swirl into gray lines
That fill my mind
And fuel the emptiness
That keeps me from feeling alive
Left only with a penchant for pleasing

I just laugh it off
Then cry dry tears at night
Where did I go?
Can you see me?
I'm lost in the monotony
Can you save me?
Can I save me?
written 1/23/17
Mar 2017 · 639
Little Bit Mar 2017
my legs are closed now
so it's all through to you

you say:
what a night
you're fantastic
that was fun
while it lasted

I say:
oh yeah
go on now
get gone

but despite my efforts
to deny it
to hide it

my young heart
is ripped open,
in two
it's through

wondering your answers
to the questions
left behind
in my mind

what's your middle name?
where do you take proper girls
on a first date?
am i just a flake,
full of hate?

do you have a favorite
cursive letter?
if you loved someone,
when would you tell her?

how will you make a living?
(certainly not by drinking)

does your mother know you're
a lying lush?
do you know that you're
a lousy ****?

will you remember me?
i hope to forget you soon
although it's doubtful
but i have to
to get my soul full

wondering the answers
until I indulge once more
and my heart is torn
into 4, then 8
until it disintegrates

I say:
go on
get gone
don't make
me late
written 1/31/17
Mar 2017 · 253
Little Bit Mar 2017
Fantasy has always been
my Achille’s heel
You’re just an ideal
with *** appeal
Not real

A sticky note somewhere
Reminds me to be aware
of what’s next to do

my bad habit I pursue
Getting lost in a daydream
featuring you

We live on different continents
You don’t even know I exist
Yet I still imagine the
taste of your kiss

You’re so lovely
This isn’t reality
But I think
I’ll stay here awhile
Where I can smile
Where I never cry
written 1/29/17

— The End —