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It’s morbid
I know
But I can’t
Ignore it
I can’t seem to
Shake this
That I’m
On borrowed
To die young
But keep trekking
Down this
Slippery *****
Katie runs around the tree
Then into the open
Laughing so freely
But it took her through
The ground
And now I took that
Oak to hold my
Whisky sweet
Because **** it
I need it
And Kelly went to
the field to play
But decided
She couldn’t stay
I hope they made it
Where they were headed
The weight took them
Down too soon
Into the ground
Into the ground
Into the ground
So sad
You hate
Your life
When we
Built it
So sad
You hurt
So sad
That I'm so
Caught in
My own
Ego centric
That I'm not
When you
You've always
Been by
my side
I'm so
To lose you
Too caught up
In it being
My fault
To lift
You up
Give some
I'm so sad
I'm so sad
Loving you
Little Bit Sep 2019
Hold your babies
Tight tonight
For the ones
We watched
Drown in
The sorrow
Of their
Mamas and papas

Taken by the
Current of
And hate
That we
Too easily
turn a blind eye to

I can’t unsee this
How can you pretend
To not see this?
To see this and
Stay still
With thoughts
And prayers
And other niceties

So don’t hold
Your babies
Too tight tonight
We have a
Fight to fight
There’s a  
fight to fight
For what’s right

There are people
Dying in vain
Drowning in sorrow
In the tears of
While the world
Stays still

They deserve love
And the outstretched
Hand we were built with
Not waiting in cages
While plans for further
Division are drawn

Still we are still
What the ****
Is wrong with US?
Reaction to this news article. Warning: graphic image, that hopefully you too will be unable to unsee...
Little Bit Sep 2019
It feels like
We’ve known each other
Longer than
We haven’t known each other
And it’s been a long time
That we’ve been
More than just lovers

It’s been such a long time
Since liquid courage
Wouldn’t let us miss
That awkward first kiss
And you made all my
Dreams come true
You graffitied
all over my heart
With grand gestures
And we kissed underneath
A canopy of stars
To seal the deal
to forever.

Lately we’re floundering
In the doldrums of the
We fight with light hearts
I say you’re a lush
And you say I’m a flake

We’re buried in
Slaves to the needs
Of tiny dictators
We created with our love
While trying to catch
Fleeting magical moments
To hold onto
When we miss them
Once they’re grown
And it’s just me and you

I try to fake it to make it
But my heart is getting heavy
And I can’t take it anymore

Secretly I stand behind a window
Watching sweat fall off your face
As you weld and work
In the sparks
Well one’s landed
And I can feel a new fire
Rising up inside of me for you
It’s burning up all my energy
I can’t focus on anything but you

I’m begging you
Take my hand
I love you now
More than
I loved you then

Tick tock
The clock is ticking
Let’s not
Waste away
With the bickering
Let’s take it back to
The beginning

Forget all the *******
Because it’s still
just me and you
I’m only for you
Always only for you
Still only for you
#marriage #love #rekindle
Little Bit Sep 2019
My chest is over his face
His hands are underneath my skirt
And I’m blissfully addicted
To the pain of the pleasure
That feels so good but wrong
It’s such a quick fix
An antidote for barely living

Roll over, sleep, wake, eat
Work work work
With blood shot eyes
Cycle again
Repeat repeat repeat
To the bar with the brick wall
Drink dance stairs surveil
Drink dance stairs surveil
Hot boys, I gotta go stare

Until they notice me
I’d do almost anything
For them to notice me
And pour quick concrete
Into my cracks
Before I crumble back into
The ground that created
All the oceans and seas

My game is weak
But I’m pretty and sweet
Up the stairs
Drink wink drink
Drink wink drink
Signals made to leave
I stay sitting on the curb
Crying salty bourbon tears
*******’ about how
Jack Daniel’s the only man
Who never lets me down
While I’m busy lettin’
Everyone else down

Then the brick wall
Starts to sparkle
And tells an old story of
my red red blood
in the grass
And the shards of glass
That were left in
my lovely heart-shaped face

But tonight there’s no space
In my mind for melancholy  
I only miss the party
And the pain of the pleasure
That felt so good but wrong

I’ve found new ways
To self-destruct
in my more mature age
But they only make
my heart ache
I want to feel
Good but wrong again
Good but wrong again
#selfdestruction My anthem from a different time.
Little Bit Sep 2019
Oh baby boy
You’re so fine
We waste these
Early days away
Giggling at our ways
My face is your favorite
I’m so glad
You’re only mine

Can’t I stop the clock
And keep you
Little a little bit longer
Can’t you stay little just
A little bit longer

Time keeps slipping
Through my fingers
Even though I’m
Thinking fast
Trying to find a way
To keep you
Little a little bit longer
To make more days
In our favorite places
Staring into our
favorite faces

My heart aches
Because I know
some day
I’ll be over fifty
You might live
in a different city
And tell someone else
That their face is
your favorite thing
And I’ll be forced to sing
Bittersweet melodies

It’s so cruel that
I can’t stop the clock
And keep you little just  
A little bit longer
#motherhood #babies #time
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