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I had lots and lots of naps. What did you people do?
because naps.
So what did you single people do on VDay?
aka Make-all-the-single-people-feel-bad-about-themselves-Day.
Feb 2015 · 759
but I don't BELIEVE in purple bus drivers!!!! :0
the hobbits are coming the hobbits are coming!!!!!
Jan 2015 · 1.2k
This Applies To You
Be proud that you're stronger than razor blades. That takes courage and strength.
If you're not there yet, don't worry. One day you will be, if you just give it time darling.
You miss the relief and you kind of grow fond of your scars, and you probably don't regret it, but being Clean is a different kind of permanent relief that you will never regret.
You made it.
you can't cut forever.
If you beat suicide, you can beat anything.
Time is all you can give it to heal.
If you let it though, it will wash everything away.
Yes, everything.
Even the pain.
Jan 2015 · 582
Lost Love
Soft breath
Once on my face
Only a whisper
Of longing
Reminding me
You were here
I close my eyes
And I feel your presence
Close to me
Though you are far away
I wish it hadn't happened
But I couldn't prevent it
I am so sorry my love
That I lost you
This poem is about my ex-girlfriend who left me after the whole bashing my head into the keyboard incident. Another sloth wanted her and she went with him, which resulted in her getting pushed from a tree and falling to her death. This poem is serious for all those haters that didn't enjoy my poetry. If you think I am just some stupid sloth, you shouldn't have read this note. As a wise rabbit once said, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."
Jan 2015 · 843
hniy'oklw SLzh;n
hei6zmtjrgh wdEG
4dteb23 6f45ui78k.sgnc vbf
Sorry, I got in a brawl with my sloth girlfriend and she slammed my head into my keyboard...
Jan 2015 · 2.1k
okay so let's just spread some love
if there is a poet on this site who you think is awesome and deserves some recognition, just because, let's brighten someone's day.

So you label it "You Know Who's Awesome?"
and then in the poem section you write their name then you literally just post that. oh and if you want, include their name as a hashtag and in the notes write WHY they are awesome or if you are in a rush you don't need to include hashtags or notes, just announce to the world they are awesome and leave it at that :)

here, I'll start:

You Know Who's Awesome? (sorry, this would normally be the title)

Frank Ruland :)
because he is hilarious and a really cool and kind guy with serious talent in poetry. Deep dude, and just super awesome overall. SPREAD THE SLOTHIFIED LOVE!

-love Kollitiki Vradypodes the adhesive sloth
Dec 2014 · 1.8k
haiku for hope
As sad as I am
I need to keep my head high
It is hope I need
Dec 2014 · 1.1k
my sad haiku
this haiku is sad
like really bad like so bad
my poetry *****
I am delusional
Dec 2014 · 869
I got new boots.
omfg my precious baboushkas.
I'm high
just kidding
I'm not high
but I am naturally this way
you should be worried
I am high on my baboushkas!!!!!!!!
I is a special sloth.
I think I spelled baboushkas wrong...
I wonder what a baboushka IS
To the girls who are secretly so broken
You WILL be alright
I know you have scars on your soul
Maybe your heart
Possibly your wrists
None of this is your fault
And even if you think it is
Let it go
Not that you can, that easily
But try
I know you are broken
I know you're not okay
Especially when people ask how you are and you answer "I'm fine"
When what you really mean is "I'm alive"
But what do you really care about your own survival anymore
Well I just want you to know
There is beauty in broken glass
And to me
There is immeasurable beauty
In broken girls
So don't you ever forget
You cannot be defined by pain
You're too beautiful for that
Stay strong, broken girl
Nothing is ever really broken
Repost if you are a broken girl. So this message may reach as many of you as possible.

I am here for you. I may just be a sloth but if you message me: I'm fine.
Just randomly it will be our code for "I'm not fine at all" and I will be there for you.
Dec 2014 · 2.0k
You know what?
Dec 2014 · 880
Remember When
Remember when
I could sob in front of you
Without any fear
Of being judged
Because I could trust you?
Remember when
You knew all my secrets?
Remember when
We thought it would never end?
Remember when
We thought we really would be friends forever?
Remember when
You betrayed us

to a very ****** exhonorary sloth
I was just thinking about lyfe and my mind decided to run away and come up with some weird questions. Here they are!

If you were a squid, what would your favorite kind of muffin be?

If you were a riptide sqiud what would your----OSTRICH ATTACK!!!!

OH NO! Sorry. Just got attacked by an un-adhesified ostrich. I will continue now.

If you were a riptide squid, would you have a white car?

If you were a cat what would be your favourite type of human?

If you were a Cat food truck driver, on a scale of 1-10, how tasty would you consider yourself to be?

What would your reaction be if you were at your favorite restaurant and suddenly a dolphin wearing a fake mustache as a disguise, and eating a fajita appeared on your head and began to tap dance while singing twinkle twinkle little star in a high opera voice?
Just wondering. Please answer in a comment below.
Dec 2014 · 903
Some of the tIme
Some of the time
My heart really hurts
It sits heavy in my chest
As I watch
Absorbed by her beauty
I really wish
That she would watch me back
But she doesn't know I exist
I'm pretty sure
Or she would hide under more leaves
While she sleeps
She smells different when she is awake
I wish I could tell her
How beautiful she is
How I nearly die every time I smell a whiff
Of her musty scent
I wish could lick all the mud
From her feet
Show her my devotion
She never goes anywhere
Without me
Though she doesn't know that
I am always there
Watching her
Wishing I could be with her
And love her closer than from the nearby shrubbery
I really need advice on how to approach this beautiful sloth. Repost if you know what it feels like to know everything about someone, but your existence not be known to them. Or if you just like the repost button
Dec 2014 · 1.2k
I am going for a gothic look
But my dark makeup doesn't look very good...
Mainly because I am furry...
Also I just scared away all my predators.
They have never seen a gothic sloth before.
I can't look THAT terrifying!
I'm going to look in the mirror now to see just how-

Sorry. I'm dead now.
that was terrifying. it killed me. ow.
Dec 2014 · 2.2k
I will be learning how to play the tuba soon!
I am so excited!
I bought one yesterday!
It is bigger than me!
...It has fallen on me twice.
That's okay though,
I have always wanted to be 2 dimensional...
kind of...

There once was a musical sloth
Who got distracted by a moth
that made him fall off a chair
and the natural thought progression from there
was obviously to learn to play the tuba... I also might go goth.
Dec 2014 · 1.3k
In every moment
There is a forever
In every second
There is eternity
You will live eternally
In this moment
I have to write this because I don't live as long as you humans
Dec 2014 · 872
[6w] In my eyes
I happen to find flaws beautiful
to all of you people who feel worthless because of their imperfections
Nov 2014 · 849
Sinful Talents (series)
I am really good at jumping people. I could be a mugger if I weren't so honest. Seriously, I wait in the branches of my trees and land on unsuspecting victims walking below me :D It terrifies them when a sloth lands on them!!!

(Just adding to Ember Evanescent's series "Sinful Talents")
(Just adding to Ember Evanescent's series "Sinful Talents")
Everyone should get involved :P
There once was a totally wasted sloth named Erk.
He decided he wanted to learn how to twerk.
We told him it was dumb,
But he was drunk on ***,
So died trying when he fell to his death out of the tree although it was okay because he always was a ****.
sorry the last line is a little long.
Nov 2014 · 1.1k
Sloth Emotions
Every creature has emotions (Maybe not ducks)
Even sloths
We feel
We hurt
We love
We feel hunger
And thirst
And the want to be loved
Animals can't cry
But we can still feel like it
Just wanna cry right now
Nov 2014 · 1.9k
The was one little lime
It was a race against time
Who could first reach it
Before we did quit
If it is not mine it's slime
We are having a race for a lime that is about thirteen feet away. They are a very rare and valued food. I will update you on who wins in about two or three hours.
Nov 2014 · 492
I don't understand
I really don't get
Why my poem WOAHIFOUNDAGRAPE trended
because it was so INSANELY weird...
But I mean, not to complain...
It's just a little strange
and it makes me concerned about the human race...
I have made it to 50 followers
Plus an odd (and worrisome) amount of my poems have trended
And most of them make literally NO SENSE
It was like I was high on grapes when I wrote them
That brings tears to my eyes
Just a little small-tree-adhesive-sloth like me
And I feel so accepted in the human world
And all of your likes, comments, follows and reposts mean the world to a little furry adhesified animal like me :')
So thank you for that
I love you all! <3

I am concerned about all of you who actually still read my ridiculously strange poems and accept my MASSIVELY terrifyingly odd sense of humor. BUT I LOVE YOU FOR IT THANK YOU! YOU HAVE MADE A LITTLE ADHESIVE SLOTH VERY HAPPY!
Nov 2014 · 946

it was a GRAYPE!!!!


The Rebellion Project X.
Look it up.
Ember Evanescent posted it, but who posted it is not important the point is uniting us as artists.
All of us poets are some of the most REAL people out there because poetry can't be fake.
To wear the black X on your left wrist in black ink is a symbol of your support of people being themselves and rebellion against society's judgments.
If you are wearing the black X know that at least three other people that I know of somewhere out there in the world are wearing he same symbol on their wrists and feel united in spirit through that.


Yeah, that's the link. Comment to let people know if you are doing it and repost it so more people are involved. Make people feel less alone and more supported. :)
Fight hatred!
Nov 2014 · 416
you know what
You know what would be great?
If I had some CHOCOLATE right now!
...I get distracted easily.
...hungry as well...
Για εκείνους που μπορεί να διαβάσει αυτό
Κολλητική βραδύποδες
Πολιτικά Αλύσοπριονα
Εγο ανάγκη ένα άλογο
If you have a desperate need to read this and you do not speak Greek, don't. Φορ αλικια, τεαγαν ανδ αλυσσα, Θίς ωας ωριττεν βυ α βορεδ σλοτη.
Nov 2014 · 4.8k
Education is important
Even for a sloth
Except I learn different things
Like what can **** you
And what can poison you
And how to survive a wild, non-adhesified animal attack
And stuff
I think that is more important
Than Math or Science
Humans are silly. They forget how to survive in nature. That is sad :(
Nov 2014 · 794
There is a TREE in my hair!
Not sure how it happened.
I was just walking (well crawling)
This tree got stuck in my hair. (on my back)

It is rather difficult to move now.
Actually I think I am stuck
It's a pretty big tree
And there is a slight possibility that it may still be in the ground.

I don't like this tree.
It *****.
I normally like trees. In fact some people even say I am a tree hugger! But this is a very mean tree. Repost if you can relate.
Nov 2014 · 2.2k
You are beautiful
-love the sloth who has been adhesified
Nov 2014 · 2.1k
Cry            Leaf
Sniff                      ­          Hair
            Tasty                                Climb
      ­                            Sleep
Choose                         ­                           Fluff
                                                        ­    Hydrocarbons
Fall                                  Scream
              ­    Cat
                                                         ­             Kyet
               ­                     Pencil Javelin
****                                                     ­   Save
                                      Love               ­             Hate
See if you can write a poem out of these words. In this order. Add #slothwords so people can find them.
Bad spellers of the world UNTIE!!!!!

...yeah well I'm an adhesive sloth. It's a miracle that I even CAN type what's your excuse?? :P
yey untie
I'm sad. :(

How do that lyrics to that song go again?

And thought the truth may vary this
Ship will carry our
Bodies safe to shore

Well, it's taking forever. I kind of just want to be dead because my very furry mother recently fell out of a tree and died.
Nov 2014 · 1.2k
A Penny For My Thoughts
Actually I think I would rather have a fruit
Or a leaf
Pennies don't get you much
Where I come from
They don't get you anything
Except a weird look
But that is okay
I don't care
It is pretty
I love pretty things
Even if they hold no value
I cherish them
Like I cherish adhesives
Adhesives are great
They stick things together
I wish I could adhesify
My love
And stick her to me
I love her
Now I am sad
Just letting out my thoughts
Nov 2014 · 13.0k
Don't discriminate
Just don't do it
All it is, is hate
Hate is made out of other hate
and hate only fuels more hatred
You pour gasoline on a blaze of loathing
with every discriminatory comment you make
It doesn't matter
if they have done something you believe is wrong
because you have done many things that are wrong too
it is not for you to judge
so black white brown both or polka dotted for all I care
gay les straight bi or into adhesive sloths (we adhesified furry little sloths need a little love too)
man or woman or sloth
punk emo crazy nerdy weird loser REALLY weird bookworm or literal worm sloth or adhesive sloths (like me)
nature freak or homebody
axe murderer or a cereal killer or a cheerio killer
it does not matter who or what they are
they are all human too. or all sloths. that too.
Just don't discriminate
and share the slothified love of adhesiveness
accept everyone as they are
even if they hang from trees and move in slow motion all day like me
even if they are rocks
because rocks are great
in fact this one time, I found this rock and man, it was absolutely hilarious it should have been a stand up comedian
okay well not a STAND UP comedian, because I mean... rocks can't actually stand up... but like a really hard and Sedimentary roundish stone shaped sit down (well more like lay around like a rock all day) comedian
Wait, what was I talking about?
oh right, don't discriminate!! :)
against other humans or other sloths.
or adhesive sloths.

...I'm not crazy! my mother sloth had me tested!
yeah, I kind of need a life. I've lost a lot of brain cells falling out of my tree when I confuse my arm with a tree branch, grab it and almost fall to my death... anyway, hope the underlying message here gets across.
lots of love to the adhesive sloths out there! repost if you are an adhesive sloth lover!!!
Nov 2014 · 5.3k
Humans forget that
Nature is their home too
When they chop it down
Having some emotional feelings from when they chopped down my favourite uncle's tree and he died. At least he didn't mistake his arm for a tree branch as my grandfather did
Oct 2014 · 1.1k
Glowstick :)
I'm a glowstick
I've been broken
But now I can shine through the darkness

Repost if you are a glowstick too :)
Inspired by a quote I read
Please comment I love to read interpretations of my work and really any other thoughts you may have!  :)
Oct 2014 · 3.5k
Eternity is the web that loathing weaves and love caresses tenderly

— The End —