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One noon I took, I took a nap,
or did a nap take me?

Yes, I was took, could not be shook,
from slumber shaken free.

I had a dream, a dream I had
the dream was having me.

And in the me the dream did have
I could not struggle free.

When I woke up, (I think I did,
'less the waking did up me)

I found that I was tired still,
from nap I could not flee.

Oh what to do, sleep gnashed and chewed,
no hope it would cough me?

Just one withdrawal, from nap’s foul maw:
Find the nearest coffee.
Mrs Timetable Feb 17
Pleasant nap time
Windows shining through
The filtered sun right amount
Please stand still
Like a broken clock
I wish it didn’t count
Nap time should be a freebie
Bhill Feb 8
Hey, we take naps to
I am so comfortable
How can I help you

Brian Hill - 2020 # 39
Ben Estrada Nov 2018
Dear naps, I miss you oh so much.
I miss the blanket's cozy warming touch.
Please come back, I'm a better guy.
I just really need a place to lie.
A pillow's kiss, the thought makes my head nod.
Disregard what I just said, that was rather odd.
I can not snooze, nor can I sleep,
it makes me lose and also weep.
I can not nap, I can not slumber,
It feels like a slap, also cucumber.
Dear naps, my eyelids feel like they're made out of bricks.
I am so sorry I was a **** to you when I was six.

I'm so tired
Ansley Jul 2018
Traced her fingers along my arm
Occasionally circling freckles
For emphasis
Her eyes were closed.
There was no method,
No melody to a song she was writing
Along my arm
I almost wished she were something like mine
For she traces a blanket of stars
when she's asleep
I almost wish she were
For a blanket of stars to be mine to keep
Here have some late night (early morning?) poetry
Gray Jun 2018
Isn’t it weird that you can take a nap and still wake up tired?
What’s the point of napping if it just makes me feel worse than before?

Isn’t it weird that people drink decaf coffee?
What’s the point of drinking coffee if it isn’t going to be caffeinated?

Isn’t it weird that i think these are weird?
What’s the point of me complaining?
Elizabeth May 2018
Before my mum died, I never really took naps.

Couldn’t really understand it,
there was so much else you could do.

But then she died,
and it was just before midday
and I realised -
there’s so much day left.

It stretched on and on in front of me,
hours and hours of this same day,
still waiting.

So I went upstairs,
I told the people that needed to know,
and I went away for a while.

I woke back up in time for an evening meal
with an extended family filled with love
and a sister returned from work
and a phone beeped full of support.

And it’s been two years,
and the days stretch on
and still, almost every day now, I go away for a wee while.
Skip just a little bit,
every day.

I wonder if I should stop
Would my mum approve?
Probably not.

Maybe I’ll try tomorrow,
but still,
it’s late in the evening now.
Time to go to sleep,
Alex Gifford Feb 2018
I'm tired.
My half hour nap
lasts half a day.
Now i'm more tired.
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