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Sanjali Nov 2020
These are lazy lazy days
My eyes are half asleep
I get up from the warm bed late
And go to nap on grass green.

Even if the sun is hot
I cannot be bothered to turn
Everything is comfortable
And I make most of this run.

These are lazy lazy days
So come and wake me up
We will eat fruits and sandwiches
And nap when we are done.

If the sun gets too warm
I'll roll you into the shade
And with everything comfy here
Kittens might come out to play/

These are lazy lazy days
But they make me happy
These are the days to roll around
And make sweet lazy memories.
Poem is from some years ago but I feel a strong comeback of the lazy days.
See the illustrated version on my deviantart : puffjelly
Instagram : pufflespower
Jewel Aug 2020
The sun 
at its highest
waking up anyone
in its path
laying there 
beating heart
and a breathing chest

we were 
never tired before;
comfort hits.
A laugh
obnoxiously attractive.

Half asleep
aware of what we’re doing
yet unaware of what will 

to doze off into
a sudden yet needed
A dream to my 
sweet reality.
Matthew Sabella Jul 2020
I moved a year ago today.
I moved because I had a girl who I kissed and hugged after a nap.
It was beautiful and I was warm.
I moved a year ago today to marry that girl.
But here I am wondering why God made it work out this way?

Am I vindicated in my loneliness?
Is the hurt that laces my veins worth it?
Is it time to forge forward and dictate all of this to prior events and let it all pass?
Because I know that it will happen one day, but right now my Heaven is my past.

The warmth slowly dissipated and the negatives became the norm.
I made mistakes that I knew I was making while they left my mouth.
I took on stances just to be right.
And my vices intensified despite my soul getting closer to the light.

I have moved closer to Hell while seeing more of Heavens' eyes.
I miss the warmth and the skin that I used to snuggle up next to mine.
My eyes see this as my personal anti absolution.
Or as I like to call it my personal Hell.

I moved a year ago today.
I moved because I felt God pulling me this way.
But now I don't know if it was Him or my own personal will?
For she is gone and Heaven has been tainted.

I wanted to be one so bad that it clouded my Heaven and diverted it to this Hell.
Did I lose my will to be me because I desired something that is always going to be beyond my influence?
For it is not my will that takes precedent, but God's.
So here I am wondering if God will make it work out today?

I was a man who clung to that which he loved.
To a family that he loved, the one that he wished he was still apart of.
Now I am clinging onto hope, to God.
To insecurities, to pain, to guilt.
I was a man who only had memories connected to the family that almost was.
Now I am trying to forge my own memories that are connected to me.

I wish naps ended with the waking to my one.
I hope God sees it in him to let this happen again.
I'm sick of searching.
I'm sick of being vulnerable to those who won't last.

I want to be one, with the correct one.
I want to be vulnerable again.
But I want it to be the last time.
God, what is the desire of my heart?
God let it be this.

I moved one year ago today.
Maybe a year from now I will wake up from a nap and see my one in my arms as I lay.
It's been a year since this new journey began. What is your will God?
Naps hit like a brick wall
At cement semi truck speeds
The collision re-envisions
Clay brick to ice cube
Shattering into my reality,
As I try and get up from
My prone position
My mind fills in the cracks,
Of my name, my place, my childhood,
With the melted mixing moments
It had just shown me before,

Mr. CandyCane visiting last minute,
With exes kissing every other tooth,
Grown bamboo out of a pupil,
Who sits attent in my dog's school,
Greeted by your smiling face at home,
But his face is reflected on my head in your eyes
Forehead lines are my only check at this point,
In dreams my face refuses to show up,
But awake I cannot escape acne wrath
Travis Kroeker Mar 2020
One noon I took, I took a nap,
or did a nap take me?

Yes, I was took, could not be shook,
from slumber shaken free.

I had a dream, a dream I had
the dream was having me.

And in the me the dream did have
I could not struggle free.

When I woke up, (I think I did,
'less the waking did up me)

I found that I was tired still,
from nap I could not flee.

Oh what to do, sleep gnashed and chewed,
no hope it would cough me?

Just one withdrawal, from nap’s foul maw:
Find the nearest coffee.
Mrs Timetable Feb 2020
Pleasant nap time
Windows shining through
The filtered sun right amount
Please stand still
Like a broken clock
I wish it didn’t count
Nap time should be a freebie
Bhill Feb 2020
Hey, we take naps to
I am so comfortable
How can I help you

Brian Hill - 2020 # 39
Ansley Jul 2018
Traced her fingers along my arm
Occasionally circling freckles
For emphasis
Her eyes were closed.
There was no method,
No melody to a song she was writing
Along my arm
I almost wished she were something like mine
For she traces a blanket of stars
when she's asleep
I almost wish she were
For a blanket of stars to be mine to keep
Here have some late night (early morning?) poetry
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