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Rip Lazybones Jul 2016
To the reader scroll down to skip: I have been posting from this account since 2012, I think. It is possible that I may delete all of this in the next couple days. I have no static readers, so it won't matter much, and this is not an emotional gofundme with words to stay here. This is just an explanation of choices before me. This is the last place on the earth that I exist. If this goes away, I'm sorry, and I thank you for all the time you spent reading me. Good luck to you all in either direction the wind blows us.

A lot of stuff has been moving for me
People fading and being swept out of my life
Tectonic plates beneath me are sliding apart
Vibrations shakes my bones, then rattle my organs
Tie up as many loose ends as I can
What else can I use to hold to steady
Do I let the maelstrom of inner fire consume me
Do I let clench the earth to keep things together
Do I release my carbonic form into ash to float elsewhere
Do I slide into the depths of the sea with new shackles
Unfortunately coins only have two sides
And I have only one life
That is possibly too few or more than I deserve
Depends on who you ask
All the people I have came across
The wanderers, travelers, lovers, highway men
Minstrels, talking shadows, the shackled, growers of moss
All of them and others that need mentioning
They have no say or choice
I am starting to wander if I do
The scale will tip in one elements favour
Whatever it is, it will be greeted by my coin flip
Rot with dignity or embrace life's next trip
Best part of the result
I am the only one who can read what gravity puts in my hand
Jennifer Weiss Dec 2014
Why do we ignore all these spoken words?

We've had
and actors
tell us as
it were.

Now I, myself, have spit one or two verse
and I need to let you know
I will be heard.*

You call for a social media blackout and
there they sit thinking, " How absurd!"

But when it comes down to it
what do you do when there is
no reaction* to your tear-filled  words?

Is it because we have adapted to being so passive,
when there's ****, murders, lynchings, and theft
we just take it in passing?

Or is it because we can look the other way,
when the hands of a white man
take the life of a different ethnicity away?

Is it in relation to power?
We close our eyes
and pray.

But where is the action
for justice in this final hour?

What is it that you do to help this land?
Other than observe and comment snidely
on your fellow man?

It is no tragedy for a loss of life?
While you ponder your "newsfeed"
via social media
via your Iphone
via your wifi
Consider the point when you lost touch with real life.
let us use our love for one another.
let us try and save each other.
I really don't get
Why my poem WOAHIFOUNDAGRAPE trended
because it was so INSANELY weird...
But I mean, not to complain...
It's just a little strange
and it makes me concerned about the human race...
I have made it to 50 followers
Plus an odd (and worrisome) amount of my poems have trended
And most of them make literally NO SENSE
It was like I was high on grapes when I wrote them
That brings tears to my eyes
Just a little small-tree-adhesive-sloth like me
And I feel so accepted in the human world
And all of your likes, comments, follows and reposts mean the world to a little furry adhesified animal like me :')
So thank you for that
I love you all! <3

I am concerned about all of you who actually still read my ridiculously strange poems and accept my MASSIVELY terrifyingly odd sense of humor. BUT I LOVE YOU FOR IT THANK YOU! YOU HAVE MADE A LITTLE ADHESIVE SLOTH VERY HAPPY!

— The End —