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Jan 2015
okay so let's just spread some love
if there is a poet on this site who you think is awesome and deserves some recognition, just because, let's brighten someone's day.

So you label it "You Know Who's Awesome?"
and then in the poem section you write their name then you literally just post that. oh and if you want, include their name as a hashtag and in the notes write WHY they are awesome or if you are in a rush you don't need to include hashtags or notes, just announce to the world they are awesome and leave it at that :)

here, I'll start:

You Know Who's Awesome? (sorry, this would normally be the title)

Frank Ruland :)
because he is hilarious and a really cool and kind guy with serious talent in poetry. Deep dude, and just super awesome overall. SPREAD THE SLOTHIFIED LOVE!

-love Kollitiki Vradypodes the adhesive sloth
Kollitiki Vradypodes
Written by
Kollitiki Vradypodes  I live in a nice tree
(I live in a nice tree)   
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