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Dec 2015 · 2.6k
Graffiti lover
IoneH Dec 2015
These grey walls

That lost their souls

Are soon to be resurrected

By a new kind of art that’s been neglected.

Bring in the color,

Let’s have fun

Change the mural,

Make is shine!

Many might be against it,

Call it fake,

Or even junk,

But for me guys,

This is… art.
Oct 2015 · 351
Addictive Screen
IoneH Oct 2015
My eyes are in pain,
Can’t take them away from you
Keep staring in vain.
Day 1 University Blogging Assignement
Sep 2015 · 350
IoneH Sep 2015
If I stay,
You'll fly away
If I go,
You'll never know.
Aug 2015 · 361
Can you hear it ticking?
IoneH Aug 2015
Tick-tock, Tick-tock

It doesn’t stop, will never stop.

It goes like this for ages

Centuries and eras,

It’s never too eager or too proud

Never too bold or to loud.

Our bare eyes can’t see it through

We just feel it and mirrors will show,

Its signs are visible after a while

But you can’t blame it ’cause it flies.

Yes, it’s the precious time I’m talking about

Which we never have enough, always wanting more

Not really figuring out what for.

We try to hold onto it for longer,

But moments go by, memories linger.

It is either an enemy or a cruel friend

Which doesn’t bother near our end.

It has no limits and can’t be stopped,

By me or you, science or art.

It has its course

It needs to follow,

So we surrender in the hollow

Of the Tick-tock, Tick-tock

That doesn’t stop, will never stop.
Aug 2015 · 615
Our souls
IoneH Aug 2015
Time passes really quickly and marks will show on our bodies but our souls,

Our timeless souls will stay the same.

They will smile at every nice memory

An remember all the good times but also the dark,

Dark memories that changed us deep inside,

Shook our world and crushed our beautiful hearts.

But they won’t be tamed, because they know

That everything passes and problems will go,

Only leaving some scars that in time might grow,

But the scars are important in our passing life,

They show imperfections and struggles and cries.

They teach you a lesson and show you the way

You have to fallow to have a better day.
Aug 2015 · 1.2k
Velvet roses
IoneH Aug 2015
Those roses are there
For a long time now.
Their color is still bright,
But soon they'll rotten in the light.

Too bad...

Because they remind me of the velvet dress
You wore on the night we met.
Same color, same intensity
An image for infinity.
Aug 2015 · 360
IoneH Aug 2015
Life’s strange and there’s no way of understanding it.
We usually complain about things
And hope that our happiness lies somewhere else
Maybe in another time or space.
We dread for that particular moment to come,
The one that can change your life on a dime,
But, more than ever, that moment will never shine.
I don’t want to upset any optimistic
Or encourage any pessimistic
But that’s only realistic.
In our twenties we wait for our thirties to be all figured out.
In our thirties we hope that at forties will bring the best out,
But life doesn’t work this way.
One day you’ll be hit by something from your right just to be knocked down by something from your left
And there on the pavement you’ll look at the world and see it’s scary face.
And you’ll feel so small
With no intention and no strength to move on.
But in your torments and anguish you might feel an invisible hand
Trying to help.
And that is the moment you realize it’s not over.
If you’re conscious while lying down
It’s a sign you have to stand up and go on.  
So stand up straight and face the facts.
There’s always a lesson behind all acts.
Jul 2015 · 690
Moving on
IoneH Jul 2015
The nuclear bomb is ticking

My love for you is leaking

There’s no time left to think

Or assess the thing

It’s nearly over now

It needed to end somehow.

You would have made a good politician

Too bad you were just a mathematician

You rest your case so good

You thought you’d change my mood.

But lies were never in you favor

And truth came out to shatter

The made-up world you built

That’s turning into guilt.

I’m glad it’s nearly over

So I can move further.
Jul 2015 · 272
IoneH Jul 2015
When all your dreams are  rushed

And all your hope is gone

When nothing excites you

And love is hard to find,

Remember that at times,

Life has to be this way

So we can cherish more

The good things when they're there.
Jul 2015 · 1.9k
A train called life
IoneH Jul 2015
I got on this train,

It’s nice and cozy,

but I don’t understand

Why sometimes goes too fast

And then too slow instead.

People come on board and smile.

We start to talk

And get on for a while.

Then all of a sudden they are gone.

I get upset and wonder why

Did I do something wrong?

Was it my fault

Or their journey was only for so long?

The answer…well,

It’s not in this train, but other

In another Galaxy much further

Where trains are just concepts

And people just light,

Where things last forever,

As time doesn’t mind.
Jul 2015 · 754
Lover's Leap
IoneH Jul 2015
You came into my life all of a sudden
Like a rainbow after a storm
And all these feelings make me wonder
If love is ready to be born.
Your eyes remind me of a place
So dear, I used to call it home
And every time I see your face
I feel as safe as in a dome.
I can’t wait to see you again
To stumble on my words and be a fool
Your beautiful smile can stop the pain
That’s making my life so dull.
This pain will stop me for asking the words
And continue hiding behind my boring clothes.
Jul 2015 · 840
IoneH Jul 2015
Couldn’t happen any better than this
Anywhere I go, I see your disgusting face
Never did I thought I had to spend more time with you
Nor being stuck on a desert island out of the blue
I could eat you now, and get over with
But I don’t fancy any of your meat
Around the island, I might find a snake
Lonely and desperate that could be my mate.
I have been shipwrecked on a desert island with my worst enemy and I'm  very hungry. This is an acrostic poem where each line begins with the letters C-A-N-N-I-B-A-L.
Jul 2015 · 384
IoneH Jul 2015
The beginning and the end,

Alpha and Omega,

The chaos and the silence.

I am you and you are me

We are the same but totally different.

We all have in ourselves the power to change the world

The power to do good and at the same time bad.

You can help or destroy,

Protect or attack

Understand or blame

Love or hate.

The choice is yours,

But the consequences you'll have to endure.

Time and place will make you choose;

The game is yours to win or lose.
Jul 2015 · 3.1k
Dinner Haiku
IoneH Jul 2015
I had my dinner just now
It was the chocolate
You left on the chair somehow.
Jul 2015 · 721
Thank you for you
IoneH Jul 2015
I love you for you,

For all the love you give me

And for your kindness which protects me.

I admire you,

For the braveness and kindness

That keep me safe no matter what's around us.

You inspire me,

Every day and night

To create more and never give up a fight.

I’m attracted to you,

In all aspects and forms

And will always be thankful to the odds.

Thank you for you,

As I feel so blessed

For the love and joy you made me possess.

We are one with the Soul

One with the Universe

One in our love that shines in the darkness.
Jun 2015 · 975
IoneH Jun 2015
Let your tears be one with the rain
Let the rain turn them into grain
Cry the last tear today
As from tomorrow girl, you’ll have a better day.

Rain purifies the soil and washes away the dirt
Same way it does to your soul which is used to flirt
With negative feelings you find outside your shell
Feelings that sometimes make your own life a living ****.

But rain is over now, problems are all gone
Your beautiful smile and lovely self are back in one
One simple creature that at times
It’s so versatile it changes with the rhymes.
Jun 2015 · 362
The light
IoneH Jun 2015
Feeling the cold pavement, you wonder
If it’s a dream or reality
If this is the end or you have to get up
But the pavement is holding you back.

You wonder what’s next, what’s coming after
And you can see the answers in the gleaming laughter
Of the other souls who are waiting,
Waiting for you to join them in light
Moving closer towards the beginnings
And the meaning of your true life.

But you stop, you’re not ready
You want to run back to the life you had,
Complete the puzzle and share it with others
And let them know what lies in the light.

You succeeded, you’ve come back, but always remember
You’re here to complete a plan
Designed to enlighten and take you back
To your other life that waits ahead.
Jun 2015 · 545
Just breathe
IoneH Jun 2015
When the world has no meaning
When everything you believe in is fake
When love and hope have left you
And you feel all alone
The only thing to do is stop and


Let the air clean you
Let all your thoughts go
Let all the bad things vanish
And be one with your soul.

Breathe when you have no answer
Breathe when you want to cry
Breathe when everything seems senseless
Because the air is there for you
Giving you strength to survive.
Jun 2015 · 589
Into the night
IoneH Jun 2015
The night has fallen,

The darkness surrounds you

You seem scared

By the shadows around you.

You try to run,

But something holds you back

You turn around

To face the act.

All seems so thin

In the darkness ahead

Reminds you of a nightmare

You lived beforehand.

It’s time to face the demons

To let them explain

Why they like to haunt you

When the day is dead.
Jun 2015 · 256
IoneH Jun 2015
That shouldn't have to happen

I don't know why it did

I try to understand it

And picture it in mind

But memories are painful

They linger long and dreadful...

I start to cry.

Tears are falling down

In the mourning sun

Tears that can't bring you back

Or ever change the past

Tears for all the sorrow

And all the love you offered

These tears become my pain

The pain I have to suffer,

I still love you today

Much more than then

And miss you everyday

More than words can say.

Years have come and gone

Life is moving on

But in my heart

You're still my number one.
Jun 2015 · 546
IoneH Jun 2015
Blue in the distance and blue at shore

I hold secrets I will never tore.

My calmness relaxes

And my torments enchant.

My long time beauty always adorn

Forever a mystery that lives on its own.

I've seen enough, I've lived for so long,

My waves tell a story that never gets old.

A story you like it by now, I know

I've seen you before

And I know you'll always come back for more.
Jun 2015 · 339
IoneH Jun 2015
Let your tears be one with the rain

Let the rain turn them into grain

Cry the last tear with this rain today

As from tomorrow girl, you’ll have a better day.

Rain purifies the soil and washes away the dirt

Same way it does to your soul which is used to flirt

With negative feelings you find outside your shell

Feelings that sometimes make your own life a living ****.

But rain is over now, problems are all gone

Your beautiful smile and lovely self are back in one

One simple creature that at times

It’s so versatile it changes with the rhymes.
Jun 2015 · 173
When will it be?
IoneH Jun 2015
I met you before,
You were by my bed
The pain was agonizing
And I wished to be dead...
Then, like coming from another world
Your deep voice said
"Not now,
Your time here is not done,
But don't worry girl,
We'll meet again another time."
Jun 2015 · 334
What if?
IoneH Jun 2015
So many days, so many weeks gone by,

Without any sign,

Without any whisper

The silence once fallen

The only thing left is despair.

Do you even care?

Have you ever cared?

I would know it, if you only dared

To say something, do something

But in the end there’s nothing.

You’re gone.

I’m done

Listening to my beating heart

And my last breaths;

As I say goodbye.

— The End —