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Ezra Apr 2015
A girl walked out of the thrift store,
Sporting a green leather pea coat.
She was accosted by a budding socialite,
Who complimented her garish green.

"How dare you call it 'Green'!,
Can't you see what this is?"
The socialite-turned-desperate shook her head.
"'Tis the colour of the trees after spring."

"No, silly. Beautiful."

And thus a trend was set.
Ezra Apr 2015
How much more is left?
How much more is left in me?
Only God knows the answer to one;
I am the sole possessor of the other.

Reader, I ask you this:
Which is most important?
Ezra Apr 2015
It's tough refreshing Hello Poetry ever few seconds and watching your view count stuck at 2.

But it's worth it;
We love writing.
1AM Frustrations.
Ezra Apr 2015
How many miles will you-hoo walk?
How many days will you-hoo climb?
How many tears will you-hoo shed?

To get away from-
Such great heights-

Hopefully not as many as me.
Ezra Apr 2015
Fox in the Snow, what do you do?
Through what resourcefulness can you escape the chilling winter cold?
Can you lend me some and help me escape my destructive relationship?


Keep playing, Fox in the Snow.
Destructive relationships are the least of your concern.
Ezra Apr 2015
Don't cry,
Even stars must someday part--

It's not the end of the world
~Reborn Again
Ezra Apr 2015
Every once-in-a-while
The sun parts;
Has mercy for the workers
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