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 May 21
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

Positivity provokes good empathy,
and good empathy provokes so much stability,
I suffer from a wide array of **** with my mental,
Anxiety is no joke that's why I had to pick up a pencil,
and write down what I feeling because this world is nearly ending,
Trying to detox and clear my mind while airbending,
I stay awake in meditation while I program my mind,
In my Circumstance the third eye is hard to find,
So while people sit here and make these loud noises,
I'll be finding myself through all choices,
This world will not be hard to look at if you find your soul,
Tomorrow is not promised and you will be getting old,
Perception is reality depends on how you take it,
Lives are being claimed by the vultures and they fake it.
 May 9
Star BG
I am a star
in my own right
glistering and shining
inside vast
I glow with ambers
to launch dreams.
Vibrate light
to be a living
etch my brightness
into a dark night sky.

I am a shinning star
pulsating to find
a planet sidekick
to carry my heart.
Sophia inspired this  Thanks
 Mar 6
The air is cool this morning..
Walking down a grass filled road..
One last star says goodbye..
Before the morning sun shines it away..

The morning kisses the night away..
Soon becoming the day..
Wishes of dusk skies not to far away..
The evening star resonates its goodbye to the day..

Moonlight cascades the night with borrowed light from the sun..
Memories of the day begin to run..
Night and day in love forever..
Chasing eachother but will never be together..

Dawn and Dusk...
Dawn and Dusk...
 Dec 2018
Adrian Betz
A single sober thought against a scape of memories
To simply wish for stillness upon an ever-moving sea
Silenced for the centuries as for me now to behold
Tempting not to walk away, to bide its time to come

Season only changes face twice for the human mind
Now to guess the use of being born then just to die
Elderly the woodworks, fragile beauty bitter-grown
Such it is the way of man, the seed among the sown

Savour this scarce, small moment
Deep in the wake of a weary-worn world
Silent and long forgotten
My bed underneath a shroud of snow

Cinnamon and broken toys, a songbird out of tune
Easy pride in scarlet dress romanticised to blue
Earnest words, a rarest toil to feed such cynic sight
Raising hope to see despair rewrite the dearest lines

Serenity now roams the sphere as if to call me home
Such yet little precious light, a beacon sight of old
Where the age once had a fright so readily to share
Now every night seems easier with every step to take

Savour this scarce, small moment
Deep in the wake of a weary-worn world
Silent and long forgotten
My bed underneath a shroud of snow

Come now
Enter my room
Take me back into the deep dark
The night unknown
A slave to the sunlight, kin to the moon
Within the cobweb of life all noughts become one

Savour this scarce, small moment
Deep in the wake of a weary-worn world
Silent and long forgotten
My bed underneath a shroud of snow

©2018, Adrian Betz
 Nov 2018
How were you able to steal away a piece of my soul...
Without trying to steal it..
Or were you?
I write your name in the star dust..
I see it luster in the shadow canvas...
This is where I first met you..
This is where I saw candles illuminate your face..
Your smile in the sun was beautiful...
But your smile in the candle light was bewitching...
I would do anything for that smile..
I know you are there..
On the otherside of twilight..
Mixing in with shadows and whimsical shimmers...
Holding a piece of my soul you stole from me...
While you smiled like a dark angel in the candle light...
 Nov 2018
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

At one point in time , I was apart of you.
I replaced my soul with a pile of wool.
Covered all over me, no you were a distant memory.
I wish i could stare down at that lake again and wonder.

I was a,
Teenage **** up, a social pariah,
I was a,
Force to be reckoned, and sensual liar,
I was a,
Little boy to you when you were a woman,
I had no,
Time to be around a girl calling me her man,
See I had,
So much nervousness, I could barely breathe,
There was too,
Much in this world to endure for me,
I ain't no,
Scared little kitten, I'm too much of a Liger,
There is no,
Time nowadays to change the past , inspire.
 Sep 2018
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

Many people come with many different
Some are savages , and some claim to be,
But what you say is distant memory, to
encourage the capacity of idiocy in these
human beings , listening to what they hear,
Are you kidding me?
For example , the white and self-proclaimed
wholesome american could go and blame
the black man with anything they're handling,
Which is why I don't go interracial anymore,
***** that's how I'm feeling,
I'm a anxious 21 year old with no censorship
but I'm surviving,
To get out my words is what I struggle with
on arriving, I'm telling.
 Aug 2018
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

So done with this algorithm ,of humans
beings and, their cruel intentions,
I pour a drink out ,for all the dead ones, that
won't have kids , or make it to 21,
I could make it here , or get my harmony in
a little town, that I could call home,
Trials and tributes , they follow me, in any
of these places or where ever I go alone,
These little kids that call themselves men,
Raised up off taxes and food stamp bends,
They grew up with homies , don't mean those
your friends,
Impressing them is more believable than
They pick on you to expect a reaction.
 Aug 2018
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

Don't let your sunshine go away.
I got a remedy for better days in store for
us to deal.

Don't let your sunshine go away.
Got some things to tell you even if their
wrong to say out loud.

Don't let your sunshine go away.
I had a darker part of me that I got rid of
for you in this life.

Don't let your sunshine go away.
Put insecurities aside for me to prosper as
a human being.

Bringing out the best in me when nobody
Covering my every flaw just so you could
love it,
Brushing my face with your hand is lovely
In its own prime,
The beauty of you will never go unmissed
in this life.
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