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Cara Marshall Jun 2014
has finally dropped.
Just like I knew it would.
Thank you Gravity, for never failing to bring me down.
Cara Marshall May 2014
God blessed the soul that gave me the courage
To write what I feel
To feel
God blessed the soul that paved a way
For people like me
For the woman who taught
That there is no one like me
God blessed the soul that opened the minds
Of more than can count
The soul that opened the eyes
Of the blind who felt
But could not see the way
To this world
This world of emotion
God blessed the soul that paved the way
God named her Maya Angelou
And she paved the way
Rest in paradise, Ms. Maya Angelou. You gave hope with your words, and I can only try to do the same as well as you one day.
Cara Marshall May 2014
You said you'd come back, but
where are you now?
I can't help, but wait...
  May 2014 Cara Marshall
Is that the lowest moment?
When you don't dare to wear shorts because of the scars that cover your legs.
And then you're sitting there at the dinner table with your family,
And they keep on telling you to eat,
But all you mutter is "I'm not hungry",
When you actually are.
You're starving but your image is worth more than a meal.
You eat a few bites just to shut them up,
And then run to the bathroom to rid yourself of it,
To make sure you can fit into those jeans,
The ones that could stand you losing another 5 pounds.
You get used to the lies of:
"I'm not hungry"
"I ate before I came"
And "oh yeah I'm fine, just tired".
Is that your lowest point,
When the only food you're feeding yourself is lies?
Cara Marshall May 2014
You say you want happiness.
What are you waiting for?
A question I find myself asking a lot.
Cara Marshall May 2014
It bugs me that the way things play out in my head are never how they go in reality. I guess that's just the reality of life. Things may not go according to plan, or anyway close. So, why do I keep planning? Why do I keep expecting? I guess that's just a habit that needs breaking. What's worse, constantly biting your nails or constantly biting  onto the hopes of a lost dream being found and coming true? They never do...for me at least. But I'll keep this brief. I just needed some..relief...
Things never go they way I plan or even hope they will, but I guess after bein hurt so many times it'll all make more sense.
  May 2014 Cara Marshall
Today is the yesterday that you'll regret throwing away tomorrow.
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