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Anand Jul 2016
Standing on a launchpad
I was readied for a push
Countdown had begun
The trajectory was set
And I was prepared,
For a journey unmade

The gush of fire beneath
Had ****** me up
And as the fuel burned,
I moved ahead
Against the friction
Of atmosphere
Against the Earth's
Into the

I left behind
The ball of life
Traveled beyond,
Much beyond
into the abyss of

I surpassed the red Mars
Towards the Giant.
That's where I was headed,
A journey that was
Never before made.

Through the dark of
Through the unseen
Traveling in
Traversing the
I finally touched
The ****** soil,
Of Jupiter.

A journey that was
Never before made,
Is now, a journey
Copyright: Anand
Anand Jul 2016
The oceans...
And my love for you..
There's one thing common...
Between the two:
Anand Jun 2016
I don't remember who I am
Perhaps I forgot
And I don't even care to know
For ever since I saw her
I only remember her.
I am moonstruck
Ever since she looked at me
And smiled.
Anand Jun 2016
The scorching of the sun diminished
Black clouds fluffed up the skies
Thunders and lightning hit the drums of change
New winds have traversed in
And the trees danced to their gushy choir
Pearls of rain drops fell down to earth
And the sands have welcomed them with joy
Behold! I have arrived.
The monsoon said.
Anand Jun 2016
What's life without a dream
That gives you sleepless nights
That sets your heart on fire
A burning desire

That makes you restless
Until you meet with success
With finesse
Nothing less

That which makes you chase it
That which doesn't let you quit
Your heart and soul, you submit
To live it
To be it

What's life without that dream
What's life without that dream
I know it's not good, yet I am posting it
Anand Jun 2016
He held her hand all the night
She clenched his' tight
As fears of his parting surmounted her thoughts.

Not a word they spoke,
For feelings have surpassed the words.
Together, they wished to stop the time..
If only this night could stand still..

But it was inevitable,
Dusk faded away, eclipsed by the dawn
And the words have come..
Out of him with great pain

"Have to go now", he said.

Not a word she has said
Like a mannequin, she stared.
A moment passed in silence
And then two.

His eyes couldn't meet hers
For he knew he would not be able to go
If only he looked at her eyes..
Her eyes spoke for her.

Those moments in silence,
And he felt the moist warmth on his hand..
The warmth of the teardrop that left her eye,
For him.

With great reluctance, she left his hand
'Go', she said and the only word she could say indeed.
Painfully mellow was her voice.
For she knew that she couldn't stop him..
If only she could wish.

He wished, yet he couldn't stay
For her well-being in his absence, he prayed.

'I will soon be back' he said.

Hope floated in their hearts
That grim times will fade away
Good times will be back there

It' all just a matter of time.
Anand Apr 2015
In your picture I saw
Thought you were looking at me
An infectious smile sans flaw
Is what I could still see
My lips widened mocking your smile
Tears rolled out of eyes too in the while
And then I realized
You are no more.

May your soul rest in peace, I pray.
If there is heaven, may you there, stay
I pray...I pray.
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