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Lanz Gabor Nov 2021
a simplicity that defines
which stretches to
her art on pixels

a subtlety in many ways:
she is finesse,
and a mellow soul
whose voice also eternal

to my thoughts.
and for hers,
i wish to relay from mine
this dearest affection
for t
Nylee Sep 2019
Out doing regular business
going around with the natural finesse,
forgetting all the achievements and less
starting this morning a fresh.
Jackie G Jul 2018
My heart is full
So much resides there
Memories wish to stop it from beating
Scraps & unforgiveness have tried to choke it out
My heart once ached from betrayal
To stone i thought it would turn
But through all of that
I cant seem to get rid of LOVE
LOVE still lives there
Reassuring me in life I can go on!!!!
As for me & my heart we're gonna be just fine!
To all the broken hearted, I can relate but i also realized that everything will be ok. Things happen and then purpose follows behind! You got this
Sha Sep 2017
I saw someone fall in love again.
Said his heart danced
to a different beats-per-minute than before.
It smelled of pressed jasmine and maturity
compared to cotton candy kisses and butterfly wings.

I asked why does he keep comparing?

He said
The first love's immaturity is a gate
To the next one's finesse.
talaina sorensen Sep 2016
It is only a fool whom can be finessed.
So fools, when you come.. please come correct.
This is Me! Or did you forget?
In secret you envy me.
Because you can't spell Truth without a T.
Trying to get more from me,
**** around and end up with less.
If you want to gamble,
I'll raise your bet.
I called your bluff long before I seen you sweat.
Love to see me at my worst?
Then Hate will fill your eyes when I'm at my best.
Do yourself a favor..
Stay in your lane,
And watch your step.
Anand Jun 2016
What's life without a dream
That gives you sleepless nights
That sets your heart on fire
A burning desire

That makes you restless
Until you meet with success
With finesse
Nothing less

That which makes you chase it
That which doesn't let you quit
Your heart and soul, you submit
To live it
To be it

What's life without that dream
What's life without that dream
I know it's not good, yet I am posting it

— The End —