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Escaped from past pain and can now explain.

The epic fall and tragedy from within humanities food chain.

I said I can explain,
as I have begun to train.

Looking towards a light that illuminates the darkest of eyes and times.

How much of such brightness can I contain and retain?

What I know is I've already lived my last dark days.

I said I can explain,
no longer connected to a ball and chain.

Freedom is now in the sunrise,
see the brightness in my eyes.
Time is tragically still
and the air is frigid.

I've now begun to settle from my past state
of pure livid,
anger I can't live with.

With the mastering of calm and meditative breathing
the stress melts away.
I'm constantly watching it slowly decay.

Control back on my side
as I suddenly feel
the odd sensation of content inside.

Coping and alive,
and somehow,
I thrive.
Long awaited you have been
Please don’t make me spin

last year had enough twists and turns
it’s certainly a time that’s been burned

into my brain and the memories of us all
As I am sure you recall

Please do me a favor
I’ll take you as my savior

do not make this year hell
I just want everything to go well

Be the opposite of last year
Let’s create a new frontier

a better future
where you are not the same abuser

2020 striped me of so much
but 2021 it is you that I trust
 Jul 2020 Agata Ewa
 Jul 2020 Agata Ewa
You are nothing more than another verse sent by the universe to be added to my book of tragedies.
So, my words,
Could not reach your heart,
Maybe then,
My silence would
She mean't that much to you

Even though you spent months


convincing me it was nothing.

I was stupid to think that maybe for once

just once

I would come first.

Because I'm different right?

Or were you always seeing her eyes

every time you looked into mine?
 Jul 2020 Agata Ewa
Jessica S
I am sorry
About us
About everything that’s changed
We were so much
But yet not enough
Did you ever imagine
That this would be our legacy
Not the laughter
Not the love
Not the California dream
But the saddest thing to happen to me
 Jul 2020 Agata Ewa
Have you ever felt so happy you could fly
Have you ever been so upset you could die

That’s what you did to me.
You broke me.

Right in two,
But I still love you.

Have you ever been so in love you could cry
Have you ever loved me so much you could try

That’s what you did to me.
Then you left me.

On my own.
All alone.
When you broke me.
Or maybe I broke myself
And you just didn’t bother to pick up the pieces
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