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 Jun 2020 Agata Ewa
I Love You
 Jun 2020 Agata Ewa
didn't your heart stopped for a while
before making such a weighted declaration

didn't your lungs gasp for air
before these words could escape your mouth

didn't your voice tremble
while speaking these words out aloud

how casually you said them
like you didn't even mean to

but why am I scolding you now
'cause once it's said
it doesn't matter
it doesn't change anything

the words have been said
the blood has been drawn

and now there's no turning back
'cause mortals aren't allowed to fall in love with Gods
how can I lose you when i never had you to begin with?
 Jun 2020 Agata Ewa
Nola Leech
 Jun 2020 Agata Ewa
Nola Leech
At least I didn’t write a poem about him..
No ring, no real commitment to me
I think almost engaged must be the scariest place to be
Wondering did I fall to quickly
Or are you right here with me
 Jun 2020 Agata Ewa
A R Sylvester
A love like this isn't a love to miss
I visit my memories of happiness
Of Bliss
In my head
Painted fiction drowns out my vision.
The realization that ...
This isn't Love
Attachment at best
I fear
I fear
my dear , our love is but a game .. a shame
We hurt each other to feel love  we create to blind our pain
Last account @roccosilvestrie repost. I love this
 Jun 2020 Agata Ewa
I’ve been thinking about heartbreak
If I should call it heart take.
Because when I think of you I can’t decide
If I want you back
Or just the peice of me you kept.
 Jun 2020 Agata Ewa
She cried out loud as he pulled her heart out
Leaving a gaping hole in her chest
Not caring about the pain she felt
Breathless, she fell on her knees
Sobbing, she watched him walk away with her heart
And with that she whispered lifelessly under her breath knowing he will still hear her, "You called it love,I called it pain."
I'll never be her,
She's what you prefer.
As I walk by,
Pretend to be shy.
When you laugh,
Just to say in my behalf:
I'll look into your eyes of blue,
To say I love you.
Please don't mind,
The little guys running down my cheeks.
They've been confined
For quite some time.
But I don't dare,
Because I know you won't care
We talk in emojis
21st century style you know
Our conversation wraps
A few moments past dawn

He reports every second on the gram
Almost as if that’s his beau
Before exchanging good morning texts
He says Insta Fam hello  

And when we do get intimate
It just doesn’t feel right  
He goes on to publish
She’s my Aphrodite

Oh I want to be teleported
To the age of billet doux
Just two love birds
On a hilltop with a great view

So on a fine Monday morning
I told him what I really want
He said it much like a warning
That the Stone Age is long gone.

— The End —